2016 Kia Sorento Review Australia

2016 Kia Sorento Review Australia – After checking out all the new 7-seat SUVs available, we’ve narrowed it down to the Sorento and the Mazda CX-9. We decided to go with the Sorento because we didn’t want to wait for the Mazda and given the price point, couldn’t be happier with our decision.

What’s important about the Sorento is the value for money equation you get when you look deeper into all the objective criteria. It’s efficient but economical, smooth and quiet, simple but stylish, spacious but compact (entering our garage and still leaving the boot open is a plus) and the seven-year warranty is just the icing on the cake.

2016 Kia Sorento Review Australia

This has to be the most emotional family SUV on the market. I haven’t even touched on all the features you get which are many. Anyone looking for a seven-seat family SUV would be unwise to give this car a test drive. It’s a smart choice for families.

Kia Sorento Gt Line Option Pack On The Way For Australia

We have done about 5000 km and have had no problems with the engine or transmission. A couple of things we noticed was that the leather started to get a little slippery and the infotainment system froze several times so we took it to the dealer and they installed a new one without question and everything was fixed.

We would like to see Apple CarPlay and Google Android as part of the infotainment system for new models or allow the current system to be upgraded. Good money spent here. SUVs come in all shapes and sizes, and the spacious new Kia Sorento Petrol SUV has room to seat seven passengers. Five people plus all the luggage is another popular way to get around the Sorento 2016. Whether you need five or seven seats, the new Kia Sorento Petrol SUV is complete, offering a lot of comfort, safety and performance. When I say the new Kia Sorento is a great vehicle, I have some backing as the Sorento SUV was awarded Australia’s Best AWD SUV and Best Family Wagon by ‘Australia’s Best Cars’. The good thing about the new Kia Sorento SUV is that it excels in many different areas. Look closely.

Five-star safety is what the new Kia Sorento Petrol SUV offers its passengers. Safety features include: ABS, EBD, BA, ESC, TCS, VSM (vehicle stability management), HAC (Hill-start Assist Control), ESS (emergency stop signal), front and rear parking sensors with dash, rear view. View Camera with A-Audio Screen Display, LED Daytime LoadLams, BSD, LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System), Speed ​​Sensing Automatic Door Locks, Driver and Front Passenger SRS Airbags, SRS Airbags (Row 1 and Row 2), Front Seats with Belts Load Limits, Side Door Impact Beds (Front and Rear), Impact Sensing Automatic Door Unlock, Anti-Theft Immobilizer, hazard warning lights, remote central locking with tailgate entry and release, smart key with push button start and headlamp companion function to name a few some. There are many additional features provided to keep the occupants of the new Kia Sorento Petrol safe and secure.

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Out and about, Kia Sorento Petrol has many people wake up and find a refined and fun driving experience. Body roll is also kept in check, and the level of grip is predictable when pushed beyond normal driving speed, especially when cornering. Equipped with 2WD as standard, Sorento feels safe, and solid, in speed and ride quality and comfort is excellent. It’s the Kia Sorento Si and SLi models that come with a choice of V6 diesel power plants; The Platinum model comes standard with a diesel unit. So how is the V6? Aggressive performance can be obtained when needed, because the V6 is 3.3 liters that contains 199 kW at 6400 rpm and a torque of 318 Nm at 5300 rpm. When you search for more revs, the Sorento Petrol model can really move, more than some of the alternative engines in the same class. It feels fast, and the 0-100 km/h run can be completed in less than nine seconds. The maximum speed, if necessary, is more than 220 kilometers per hour. Big wagons can get a little hungry when pushed hard, though. That after the traction of AWD, you should look at buying a diesel version. Perhaps, this is my gripe about the new Sorento – that AWD traction is not available with the gasoline version.

Kia Sorento Platinum Awd Review: Long Term Report Three And Farewell

The interior design and layout is good. Simple is good in the case of Sorento, and the large high-resolution touchscreen in the middle of the dash is clear and easy to understand. This controls the selection of features on board such as music, satellite navigation and smartphone App connection. Car materials and trim are used more; However, they appear to be intelligent, coordinated and practical. It is easy to get comfortable in the first and second rows, while the third row seats, while quite spacious, are less comfortable. All in all, the update and feature list are top notch. Platinum leather is standard on the SLi model, which follows Kia’s large SUV styling. The Kia Sorento is very well equipped, and even in the standard Si model, the list of features is long.

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Externally, the exterior of the new Kia Sorento Gasoline SUV is attractive and beautiful to look at. This is an area where I think the vehicle scores very well. The main lines of the shape of the large SUV have been kept trim and sporty, while the details are very modern. There are even roof rails and a rear spoiler as part of the stylish new package.

With five-star safety and a 7-year new car warranty, the spacious Kia Sorento Petrol SUV isn’t easy to miss. It is a recommended view.

For more information on the Kia Sorento model or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly advisors on 1300 303 181. If you need a fleet discount (even for private buyers!), we can send you a car request. out to the national network. Kia dealer and get back with a price within 24 hours. Private Fleet – Buying a car is easy! Having worked for Audi for eight years, it was the biggest surprise to find out how much I love this car. It feels like an Audi inside and too.

Kia Sorento Values & Cars For Sale

I look at all the cars on the market and I mean all of them. This car can cost $10,000 more and still show better value than the pair.

Yes, the tow ball rating is pretty loose, but that’s a lot to consider as the ultimate family car. We can tow it to another if needed.

Kluger: Made in the USA, no diesel and high price. Pathfinder: CVT, drill and no diesel. Outlander: very small, bad quality and Mitsi badsmell. Discovery Sport: poor price and quality. Pajero Sport: not good and not true seven seats. Santa Fe: Poor interior seats and backs are the afterthoughts. Prado: Too big and ordinary for a city car, plus the price is too high to pick up. Fortuner: Just laugh. Region: The last 10 years are definitely worth it. CX-9: Enjoy it, but prefer the diesel and the seven-year warranty.

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But in the end, I just love the look and feel of this car. Anyone who has discovered how good the Sorento is feels like they are in a secret ‘in the know’ group.

Kia Sorento Review: We Test Drive New £48,000 High Spec 4wd Hybrid Suv

I have owned it for 14,000 miles and it has never changed my opinion of how great the car is or how happy our family is in everyday life. After driving over 3000km, the CarAdvice WA team offers a quote. Say goodbye to the long-term Kia Sorento Platinum 2016 …

Team WA says goodbye to the 2016 Kia Sorento Platinum – the first official long-distance vehicle for

The last four months with the 7-seat all-wheel-drive Kia Sorento Platinum diesel has been a joy. But it’s not a smooth ride.

Despite the maximum capacity of the KiaSUV of 2,000 kg from the towing wheel, due to the weight of the towing ball up to 100 kg – highlighted in two of our long-term reports – there are large South Korean boats that can be towed but not pressed by law.

Kia Sorento (2016 2020) Slimline Ii Roof Rack Kit

After two months of a trouble free engine, the last few months have been a bit tainted by a little electrical gremlin. The fuel gauge broke.

A visit to the nearest Kia dealer revealed the cause was a faulty transmission unit. The damaged component was replaced in a week, and while the problem did not cause any major problems for us, other than not knowing how much fuel was in the tank, Kia Australia said that only a few cars were affected locally.

Regardless, the minor issues we’ve had with the Sorento aren’t enough to dampen our enthusiasm for the car.

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