400w Metal Halide High Bay

400w Metal Halide High Bay – Should you replace a 400 watt metal halide LED? One of our new customers is A customer contacted us for advice on using LED high bays to replace 400 watt metal halide high bays in a 100′ x 200′ shipping warehouse. The customer’s lights are now old and many lights are not working. Customers have contacted us to purchase new lamps that are more efficient than previous lamps. Access Fixtures can log in, provide photometric data and provide customers with new LED fixtures at a lower rate and more efficiently than ever before. Read on to find out how we do it!

One of the biggest problems is constant ballast failure. If there is a ballast failure, the customer should call an electrician to fix it. There are 25′ ceilings in the warehouse, so this quickly became time consuming and expensive.

400w Metal Halide High Bay

Another major problem is the lack of efficiency and cost of equipment. These lamps use a lot of electricity, up to 460 watts per lamp. Efficiency also increases with short periods when metal halides weaken or become less bright.

Ufo Led High Bay Light 100w High Bay Led Light With Ul Approved 6’cable & Plug 15000lm 5000k 400w Mh/hps Replacement Commercial Warehouse Garage Barn Factory Shop Light

The last major issue that customers worry about is the risk of non-passive failure. Non-passive failure is a spontaneous explosion that can occur in metal halide lamps. It rains hot glass all around and the risk of this happening is far too high for customers.

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One of the biggest concerns from customers is the lack of inefficient lighting. A 400 watt metal halide lamp emits about 36,000 lumens first and 24,000 lumens at mid (average). As mentioned earlier, the client’s 400 watt metal halide system currently uses approximately 460 system watts per fixture, which uses a lot of power!

The lighting experts at Access Fixtures determined that the cheapest and most efficient fixture to suit this customer’s application was the HIIO 240.

The IP65 rating means it is suitable for warehouses. The IP65 classification means that the lamp is protected against multidirectional low-pressure water jets. In other words, if necessary, the customer can blow or blow away the dust with an air compressor.

A Shopper’s Guide To Led High Bay Lighting

HIIO, being an LED, does not suffer from the risk of non-passive failure. No need to worry about the rain glass breaking!

HIIO is also brighter and has better color reproduction than traditional metal halide lamps. The beam spread of the HIIO 240 is 120 degrees, which spreads the light in a more balanced pattern.

Unlike traditional metal halide lamps, the HIIO 240 can handle infinite on and off cycles. Metal halides take some time to warm up to full brightness, and ballasts are damaged when turned on and off too much. LED drivers are digital and not fuel-based, so they can be turned on and off without damage.

To do this photometry, we used 16 HIIO 240s in two 8 rows on the ceiling. You can download the full photometric analysis from the link on the right. The end result is more satisfied customers with more efficient lighting that saves money in the long run.

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Led High Bay Premium

Are you interested in replacing your old metal halide with a new LED model? Looking for a 400 watt metal halide LED replacement? Not sure how much to buy and which lights are right for you? It is recommended that photometric analysis. Photometric analysis is a computerized simulation of the area to be illuminated, supported by equipment manufactured and sold by Access Fixtures. This simulation is sent to you as a report that can help you choose the lighting for your next project. For general questions, call 800-468-9925 or email [email protected]

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