5 Second Fix Instructions

5 Second Fix Instructions – Before you start troubleshooting, make sure you’re reading the right page. To identify your True Wireless product, the product name will be printed either inside the charging case on the underside of the lid OR on the back of the charging case .

Push Active has updated firmware available! IMPORTANT! Making sure your Push Active headset has the latest firmware will solve most troubleshooting problems.

5 Second Fix Instructions

Updated firmware may be available for Push Active. The Push Active firmware can be updated via the Skullcandy app. For more information, see the Skullcandy App help page HERE

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Important* In some cases, you will see two product names in the list of available devices, be sure to select the product name that matches the headset icon as shown below. The other option will not connect your headphones, it is your BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) signal that is used to connect to the Tile™ APP and sync your Tile™ Finding technology.

PUSH ACTIVE’s automatic media controls are ready to stay connected and control your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

We have also included a simple feature that allows the user to listen every time he presses a button on the headset, and when pressed several times in a row, you will hear rising tones for better media control. They are very subtle and do not interfere with hearing, they are easy to hear even when playing music, and the button feedback tone helps you quickly learn the controls of the device.

We’ve partnered with Spotify to create an instant path to your music at the push of a button right out of the box.

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After connecting the headphones to your device, press and hold the left earbud for a second, you will hear a rising tone and immediate playback through the Spotify app.

Once you’re connected to the Skullcandy APP and hands-free voice control is enabled, you’ll also be able to launch Spotify and instantly start streaming by saying, “Hey Skullcandy, Spotify.”

Easily share your music or media with a friend anytime, anywhere with our new audio sharing feature.

To share audio, both users must have SKULLiQ-enabled products, be in stereo mode (using both headphones), and be in Bluetooth range. For best results, it is recommended that both users be 5 meters (about 15 feet) apart during an audio sharing session. Please also note that audio sharing between users may take up to 5 seconds to sync.

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The person who wants to share their audio must have headphones connected to the device. They will press and hold the button on the right ear for 3 seconds. A voice prompt will inform the user that they are now “Audio Sharing”. Only users sharing audio will still be able to use their hands-free voice control functionality and recording controls.

The person who wants to join will press the button on the Left ear for 3 seconds and can be connected or not connected. A voice prompt will inform the user that they are now “Joining Audio”. Once connected, the joining user does not have voice control or track control functionality.

Once the sharing is complete, the audio will automatically be broadcast and each user will be able to independently adjust the volume using their headphones.

Any party can disconnect from audio sharing by placing the headphones in the case and closing the lid, manually turning off the headphones, or repeating the 3-second hold you used to share or join the stream.

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To unlock all the incredible features of Skull-iQ, scan the QR code on the front of the package or the Quick Start Guide to quickly download the Skullcandy APP.

Once you have paired your headphones with your device, open the Skullcandy APP and they will be automatically paired. You now have the ability to enable hands-free voice control, customize control settings, access user guides, and update new features as they become available.

It is very important to make sure you update your headset to the latest firmware version for the best performance and user experience. You will be notified when an update is available, but please remember to take the time to update your product with the latest updates and features.

Once your headphones are connected to the Skullcandy APP, hands-free voice control will be enabled every time you turn on the device and pair. You can also disable this feature in the APP at any time if you want.

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Voice controls will continue to work if the APP is running in the background, even if the phone is locked. Generally, iOS users will only need to connect the app once and let it run in the background, while Android users can connect the APP and use voice controls with or without it running in the background. background.

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For iOS users, voice controls will work as long as the app is running in the background (also works with Tile, Google Assistant, and Alexa on iOS). If the app is closed while headphones are connected, voice controls will no longer work after installation. However, when the user disconnects and then reconnects the headphones (such as putting them in the charging case and then removing them later), the app will launch automatically. when the headset is connected again and the voice controls will work as expected. Only if the app crashes or the user closes the app while the headset is connected will the voice controls stop working until the user manually restarts the app or disconnects/recaptures the -headset.

For Android users, once the app is installed and launched at least once, voice controls will continue to work even if the user closes the app. If the phone restarts, the user will need to restart the app to re-enable voice control.

Once you activate this feature in the SKDY APP, these simple commands activate your hands-free voice control.

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The user first says “Hey Skullcandy” and receives a sound to indicate that the Skull-iQ system is listening and quickly follows this with one of the following commands. When the headset recognizes the command, you will also receive a sound to confirm this action. (You will be able to say the word wake + command together normally or with a short pause in between.)

Also, when there is an incoming call, there is no need to use the wake-up words “Hey Skullcandy,” you can simply say “Accept” or “Reject.”

This is a huge feature gain that allows the user to activate the device’s default assistant (such as Siri, Google, Alexa) to send a text, make a call, set a timer or confirm the speed of light, anything, the – the hand. -free while the phone is in your pocket or backpack.

Voice control is an amazing and liberating experience. Imagine putting your phone in your backpack and then controlling your music and answering a call without taking your hands off the handlebars of your bike. As with any technology, it has some limitations and will work better in certain circumstances than others. )

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For example, voice control generally works very well in quieter situations, such as a home office or when running, walking, or driving on quieter roads or trails. Even the noise of a passing car or average office noise is usually a problem. Some test subjects reported that even while cycling through the busy streets of Munich, the voice control worked surprisingly well. Your mileage may vary. )

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In general, walking or running on very noisy streets or sitting in a busy coffee shop reduces the headset’s ability to “hear” when you speak, and can reduce the accuracy of commands – voice. More frequent “false activations” may also occur. where voice control triggers even though you didn’t say the wake-up words “Hey Skullcandy”.​

In noisy environments, you may need to speak your voice commands louder or repeat them. If your environment gets loud enough, the voice controls may not respond to how loudly you speak. How high is too high? Most likely if you have trouble hearing someone else talking to you, it may be difficult for the headphones to hear you as well.

The wind also creates intense aerodynamic turbulence that can overload the microphones needed to pick up your voice. Voice control generally works in winds up to 8 MPH, but you may need to raise your voice. The success of voice control in winds greater than 8 mph depends on the direction of the wind. and other factors such as which earpiece is used as the microphone for voice control.

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For example, running an 8-minute mile in calm conditions produces the equivalent of 8 mph in a headwind. The descent of a racing mountain bike is much higher and the voice control may not work in such cases or in windy conditions.

All you need to do is set one of the custom button actions to the Take Photo function of the SKDY APP, and then open the camera on your device. As long as your headset is paired with the device and connected to the SKDY APP, your custom button action will take the picture on command.

For best results, use the headset as a handheld remote control or leave it and

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