Aastro Dish Motor Inn

Aastro Dish Motor InnAastro Dish Motor Inn is a modern motel right in the heart of Parkes with friendly staff, nice modern decor and great facilities. This motel is a short distance from clubs,…

Aastro Dish Motor Inn is a modern motel right in the heart of Parkes with friendly staff, nice modern decor and great facilities.

Aastro Dish Motor Inn

Pure joy waking up to the sunrise. You will be surprised when you reach the snowy peak. A sense of adventure as you cross the red plains. A rejuvenating relief when you step into an alpine stream. Get in touch when you taste natural, fragrant leaves. A sense of belonging when you return to your favorite vacation home. Freedom by jumping into the waves. Discover the endless sensations that a visit to NSW can inspire.

Bushmans Motor Inn (parkes, Aus)

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Destination NSW acknowledges and respects the Aboriginal First Peoples and Nations of the state and acknowledges Aboriginal people as the traditional owners and inhabitants of the lands and waters of New South Wales.

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