Afl Grand Final Odds 2015

Afl Grand Final Odds 2015 – West Coast should rightfully be favorites in the AFL Grand Final, but somehow in an era of wage cap, draft and national expansion, the good money is on the Hawthorn three-pit, writes Jack Kerr.

The AFL is in a very unlikely situation at the moment. In an era of wage restraint, elections, redistribution of wealth, and national expansion, we could have a nine-year three-peat window.

Afl Grand Final Odds 2015

Good money is on Hawthorn when they finish at the MCG tomorrow afternoon. Not even Michael Tuck’s Hawks could pull off such a heist and have played eight of their nine grand finals at the same stadium.

Afl Grand Final 2015: Hawthorn V West Coast At The Mcg

It just goes to show you how rare such sustained success is. The VFL has had no shortage of back-to-back premierships, but only a select few have managed to add a third (and in one case, a fourth) premiership to their streak.

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And all this was under the leadership of people like Alfred Deakin, Robert Menzies and James Scullin (no, I’ve never heard of him) when there were only 12 teams competing and KPMG was something you’d find in alphabet soup, and not football sections.

In 2003, the Brisbane Lions won their first treble since rock ‘n’ roll arrived on these shores. The fledgling club had some smart and well-deserved help from league headquarters to help them establish themselves, and they made the most of it. (They got a lot of help from Port Adelaide, as well as their suffocating opponents.)

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Afl Grand Final 2015: Adam Simpson Says West Coast Let Opportunity Slip

Hawthorn did not have such legs. There’s not a whiff of funny money wafting through Glenferrie Oval and we haven’t heard a word from ASADA. No, Hawthorn was able to make the most of a high membership and good management, turning big profits into big success. Fight Club don’t need a priority pick: they need to spend some time at Glenferrie Oval.

There’s a resourceful, motivational and, ahem, enthusiastic manager in the person of Alastair Clarkson. And take it easy on the teacher, given the number of opposing coaches he’s taken out. already. They all look so good.

If the Hawthorns win tomorrow, there’s no doubt they’ll be seen as a better team than Brisbane were at the start of the last decade. After all, this team also has the 2008 flag on its name. And they could add more. There may be a few gray hairs, but there’s no reason to think they can’t win the pennant again next year. And then, who knows.

Another thing to admire about the Hawks is their efficiency. Not in front of the goal, but on the big stage. Of the 18 grand finals they have reached to this point, they have won all but six. Compare that to Collingwood, who needed 45 grand final appearances (including replays) to win 15 flags.

Afl Grand Final 2015: Hawthorn Captain Luke Hodge Proud Of His History Making Teammates

Of course, the Hawks still need to get past West Coast tomorrow for any of this to matter.

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Yes, the Eagles really should be the favorites (and not just in the western half of the country). They have only lost twice in more than half a football season and most of those games have been against other finalists. That’s a comparable record to the Hawks, and it’s no coincidence the Eagles finished higher than them on the ladder.

The most worrying blemish on the Eagles’ recent record is a home loss to the Hawks, although they avenged that in dire and ferocious style when the final arrived. That a 32-point lead flatters the Hawks is a testament to how dominant the Eagles have been.

(And for those who say you can’t win a grand final without being there before, explain: Brisbane in 2001, Port Adelaide in 2004, Sydney in 2005, Geelong in 2007 and the Hawthorn side in 2008.)

Devoted To The Bull Sharks

Of course, playing at the MCG is very different to playing at Subiaco. Just ask Jordan Lewis, who said his team was “a bit scared” playing there in the first week of the finals.

And if there will be an asterisk above the three-peat plant “Hawthorn”, that’s it. Justice dictates that the Hawks travel to Perth this week, as they had to travel to Sydney for the grand final last year. History might have been very different if that had been the case.

But as long as Hawthorn’s win with the AFL’s integrity unit tomorrow is quiet, so should we. Even if it’s just awful.

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