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Aires Car Rental Perth – Price is one of the most important considerations when renting a car in Perth. While transportation is essential for a comfortable urban commute, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to get around. If you can find a cheap rental car in Perth, paying for an expensive rental car is like watching your money run out. You can’t just choose any cheap car supplier because you can drive a car you can’t trust.

At Aries Perth Car Rentals, we strongly believe that great prices and quality rental cars do not always go hand in hand. We know you’re on a limited travel budget and we want to dispel the idea that you have to spend a fortune to drive reliably – hire a cheap car in Perth.

Aires Car Rental Perth

Our car rentals start at $23 per day! Here are some of our guarantees to give you peace of mind:

Book A Rental Car In Seconds

One of the reasons we have built a solid reputation as the leading source for cheap car rentals in Perth is the quality and reliability of our rental cars. Our prices are unbeatable because we buy all our vehicles in bulk, which in turn reduces our overall cost and the amount we pass on to our customers. If you are a First In First Out (FIFO) employee, please contact us for a special discount!

We can book our Perth car rentals at affordable prices and we guarantee you will not be charged anything. Before we give you the keys, we will inform you of all the fees you need to pay.

Our affordable car rental deals cover usage within a 100km radius of Perth, plus reduced fees within a 500km radius. If you want to travel to Kalbarri, Kalgoorlie, Monkey Mia, Carnarvon, Exmouth, Esperance or Meekatarra, there is an additional $100 fee. If you would like more information about fees, you can call our office.

We are a Perth based company offering excellent customer service, the latest vehicles and the best prices. We also promise not to charge any hidden fees.

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Unlike other car rental companies, our published rates include GST. Once the best 7-day rate is obtained, the same rate applies to any extension. For example, a 7-day ride costs $23 per day, and the 8th day (and so on) costs $23 per day.

Drivers must be at least 22 years old and hold a full, valid driver’s license. Temporary or trial licenses are not accepted. You must get a copy of your actual driver’s license.

You will receive an automatic response notifying you that the reservation has been received and that it has been processed. Return confirmation will be emailed and a non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve the vehicle for one day. All paid reservations come with a transportation guarantee.

We recommend that you book online. This way you will get a quick quote for the car of your choice.

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However, if you need further clarification and need immediate assistance, you can call or email us. Call instead of booking online.

If the vehicle is not available at the time of booking, no booking fee or rental fee will be charged. A non-refundable deposit is required for one-day car reservations. If blocked, it will be disabled.

We prefer to pay by credit card. We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express. We also accept debit cards (Mastercard or Visa only), but must have the driver’s name.

If not, we need proof of ownership of the card, such as their name and card details, and a copy of your passport or ID. We understand that some countries do not have names on their debit cards. We also accept cash, but only for rent. A valid credit or debit card requires a deposit (guarantee). If you come to Western Australia, renting a car is more convenient than taking public transport. For my trip, my sister decided to choose ARIES CAR RENTAL because it is the cheapest compared to other car rentals. Also, Aries seems to be very popular among Malaysians.

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I whatsaped mr joe and compared his price with the website price, they have a lower price on their website. I don’t know why, I didn’t ask because I prefer to book through the website.

Rejected; this is my booking process. Dealing with other Aries car rental agents can be different than others.

2- Select the car you want. For me, we choose the cheapest car they offer. The dates in the image below are for this post only.

We chose Infinite Kilometers as we will be heading to Pinnacles and Margaret River. Note that Aries Car Rental will ask you where to travel, if your trip is too far from Perth, Albany may not offer you a Nissan Micra as the car is small and not suitable for longer trips. They will provide you with another car.

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*Extra driver means you will have another driver on the road. Another case is you book a car = you are the driver but you pay with someone else’s credit card. The credit card holder must also declare WALAUPON dia tidak buda as an additional driver.

To save money, please pay with your credit/debit card to avoid the AUD20 surcharge.

Boleh sahaja untuk sama tidak jujur ​​dan pakai card orang lain untuk bayar, but.. I am such a jujur ​​person lol.

We don’t know this because you can buy a local sim + internet and use google maps/waze.

Flights From Perth (per) To Seattle (sea)

4- Check your reservation, fill out the form and enter credit/debit card payment. Note that they warn you on their website…

5- Aries Car Rental contacted me from Perth within 24 hours to confirm my booking. But the small problem with the payment.

They called me at 7:00 in the morning haha. They can’t deposit on my debit card.

I have to take a photo of the front and back of my debit card. and whatsapp. It’s okay to do this, but I’m not sure. After that, again. They paid a $37 deposit.

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Diy Vehicle Branding

1- Di Perth, you will be required to pay a security deposit of AUD 200. They will refund the deposit when you return the car.

2- Balance payment. You can pay by credit/debit card or cash, no problem. I’ll pay cash. sebab duit dalam bank tidak semperkeit, hi!

3- You will get 2 forms. 1 is the booking form and the other is the terms and conditions in case something goes wrong with the car. They will explain to you that you can ask for anything in return.

4- They will show you these two important things, which I will report below.

Northside Rentals Perth Airport

*Infraction handling fee is $38.50 per handling. In other words, if you stay there, you feel like you’re paying for it, and they’re going to pay you for every straw.

I had 1 straw parking space and the car was towed away lol. You can read it here! They didn’t ask me to pay anything, maybe that’s the straw I paid to the city of Perth.

*** Car fuel should be at the same level as yours. Below that, they will charge you more than the gas station for fuel. The better smelling minyak siap-siap sebelum is dusted.

* On the way to Pinnacle, people bumped into a wild kangaroo! Please avoid driving at night.

Carina Bay Faq

*If you are from Pinnacle and need to drop your car that evening, you will need to drive from Pinnacle at 3pm so their Perth office closes at 6pm.

* If you go to Blue Boat House, the staff will recommend seorang jaga kereta, then bergambar. Then merge. Sebab Blue Houseboat Paling Banak Hull Peka!

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