America To Delhi Flight Time

America To Delhi Flight Time – American Airlines recently started flying to India. The airline has some unique problems with this route, leading to very long flight times. One of these problems contributed to the flight having to be diverted to Gander today, so let’s go into the details.

American Airlines recently launched a route between New York (JFK) and Delhi (DEL) with a Boeing 777-300ER. At ~7,320 miles, this is a long flight to begin with, but it is even longer because American Airlines does not have the right to use Russian airspace on this route.

America To Delhi Flight Time

The always informed @xJonNYC reports that this is because there are only certain periods when the Russian government accepts requests for the use of airspace, and I guess that the American did not make the request at the right time. This is strange, because this route has been in the works for a long time. Apparently, US management thought it would be easy to get these airspace rights since the carrier uses Russian airspace for other routes, but not so easy.

American Airlines’ Very Long India Flights

American’s inability to use Russian airspace caused flight times to and from India to be about 90 minutes longer than necessary. For instance:

There is a certain application period from the Russian government and it is currently an off-cycle permit application period* and there is no doubt that AA will be in the process of seeking such approval. * regarding the inevitable question; they planned this flight for several months, etc. I’m not – ˜”*° JonNYC °*”˜ (@xJonNYC) November 15, 2021

American Airlines pilots are not satisfied with this new flight to India. Eric Ferguson, the president of the Allied Pilots Association (APA), recently wrote a letter to his fellow pilots about how management is again “trying to fix their faults on the backs of our pilots”. How the letter begins:

Ferguson claims the new route caused a series of contract violations and “flagrant abuse” by the flight crew. These failures are largely due to the carrier’s inability to obtain Russian overflight clearance.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Flights of this length have four pilots, but the American contract requires flights over 16 hours to have two captains and two first officers (instead of one captain and three first officers). All pilots are fully trained to fly planes, so it’s all about money: captains earn more than first officers, so the more captains there are, the more money union members are paid.

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Presumably, the American was in charge of this flight with a captain and three first officers, stating that the flight lasts less than 16 hours. The union argues that this is not fair, as the flight usually takes more than 16 hours due to the lack of rights in Russian airspace.

“To make up for these glaring errors, just this morning, Crew Scheduling called in an entire rescue crew (pilots and flight attendants) and assigned them to Deadhead in Bangor, Maine, to sit in the middle of the night for days and days. just in case the flight from Delhi had departure delays and had to stop in Bangor for re-dispatch to continue to JFK. Our contract does not allow the airport reservation, and also the reservation of the ‘airport outside the base, the period, remains.

For those who have no idea what this refers to, essentially if there is a delay beyond a certain threshold, the crew would not be able to operate a flight for that time. This means that the flight would have to be canceled or would have to operate to a closer destination, where there could be a change of crew. The latter is usually the most preferred solution.

Distance Between India And America Is 12053 Km / 7489.5 Miles

Today’s American Airlines flight from Delhi to New York (AA293) was quite an adventure. The flight was originally scheduled to depart at 00:55 a.m., but was delayed by approximately four hours upon departure. As a result, the crew could not operate the flight to New York and, of course, it was aggravated by the route that was longer than necessary due to the lack of Russian airspace rights.

The choice at the time was to cancel the flight or reschedule, so the decision was made to have the flight diverted to the (normally quiet) Gander airport…not to be confused with Bangor. The plane landed there at 10:24 a.m. m. local time and is scheduled to continue to New York with a new crew.

It appears that the relief crew will arrive on AA9783 from New York, a flight operated by an Airbus A321T (at least the crew will be comfortable, as the plane has 30 flat beds). That flight was only supposed to arrive at 12:15 p.m. m., so it looks like Gander’s flight to New York will be delayed even more.

Speaking of a costly diversion: American will fly an A321 back and forth to Gander just to transport the crew that will work the last hours of the flight to New York. Presumably, the crew who worked on the flight from Delhi will board the A321 and head straight to New York.

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Kolkata Flights: Flights To Kolkata From Delhi And Mumbai To Operate Three Times In A Week

The American Airlines flight from Delhi to New York was diverted to Gander today. A significant departure delay meant that the crew would expire, so the option was to cancel the flight or divert somewhere in between and change crew. American chose the last option.

The problem is only exacerbated by America’s inability to use Russian airspace, which makes flights significantly longer than usual. And this also puts the pilots in a bad mood.

These ultra-long-long flights are certainly challenging, because any kind of significant delay in departure can have serious implications for the crew’s ability to work throughout the flight. Pakistan closed all its airspace on February 27, 2019. Since then, they have opened the airspace. for a few flights. Every day, they delay the opening of their airspace to accommodate flights, and there is no timetable at this time for when the international aviation community will be able to use Pakistan’s airspace again.

The prolonged closure has significant implications for many airlines flying over Pakistan to fly west, particularly Air India. Air India operates more than 100 weekly flights to the United States and Europe combined, all of which fly over Pakistan. Since the airspace was closed, all these flights were affected. Flights to the US have become one-stop, initially via Sharjah (for refuelling), then via Vienna recently.

New York Delhi Direct Flight Gets Stuck In London

According to Business Standard, Air India was incurring a daily loss of INR 3 crore due to the longer flight route as well as technical disruption. But with the opening of airspace now a moving target, Air India has modified its previous strategy to minimize the financial impact.

Air India flights to Europe from Delhi travel to the Mumbai waypoint and continue over the United Arab Emirates to Europe to avoid Pakistani airspace. This increased the travel time by more than an hour each way.

Flights to the United States are even more affected, as almost all outbound flights have to stop for refueling. In the early days of the airspace closure, all outbound flights to the United States had a technical stopover in Sharjah instead of operating non-stop. The return journey will operate non-stop.

Air India operates 9 weekly flights on the Delhi-San Francisco route split between 6 weekly AI 173/174 and 3 weekly AI 183/184. Air India had anyway the departing flight to San Francisco over the Pacific.

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Delhi To London—world’s Longest Bus Voyage To Start In 2021

But inbound flights to Delhi from San Francisco use a longer route as they fly over the UAE, enter India through Mumbai airspace and then head north to Delhi. The diversion increased the flight time to ~18 hours. Air India usually operates the route with a Boeing 777-200LR, which is intended for ultra-long haul routes.

But sometimes a Boeing 777-300ER is included and has to make a technical stop in Sharjah for refueling.

Air India, during the first days of the closure of Pakistan’s airspace, used Sharjah as a technical stop for AI 127 to Chicago and AI 101 to New York JFK from Delhi. But as Sharjah proved expensive and inconvenient for Air India, Air India has shifted the stopover to Vienna till at least 30th April 2019.

There will also be a crew change in Vienna which will then operate the second leg of the trip, Vienna-Chicago/JFK the following day.

Nonstop Flights Between Usa To India Updated List 2022

Air India operates a Boeing 777-300ER service three times a week between Delhi and Washington DC. Due to the closure of Pakistani airspace, AI 103 to Washington DC will now have a stopover in Mumbai instead of Sharjah, while AI 104 will operate non-stop to Delhi, but will take a longer route as all inbound flights to the United States. USA / Europe to Delhi.

Air India will operate the Mumbai – New York Newark route non-stop, but with payload restrictions to compensate for the longer route. The schedule is as follows:

Air India had launched a three times weekly Mumbai – New York JFK route in December 2018. But due to the closure, Air India seems unable to operate the route due to restrictions and has merged it with AI191/AI144 between May 16 and 30. 2019.

Booking for non-stop Mumbai-New York JFK route on AI 105/106 is open from June only

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