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Illustration by Juliet Thoma for The Times. What a piece on the Foley artists. In a series of stories about how to make it in Hollywood.

Artist Assistant Jobs Los Angeles

When silent films gave way to talkies, filmmakers found that the microphones on their sets would not pick up much more than the actors’ dialogue. Without a secondary soundtrack, their films reveal an eerily quiet world with hidden figures who can only be heard when they open their mouths.

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The solution proposed by Universal Studios writer and director Jack Foley was to project the film onto a screen and create a soundtrack of sounds that imitated the movements and actions of the actors. For example, he would walk in time with the artists, cover the floor with the right sound-emitting material, and take a pattern of footprints. In the same way, he would record the jingle of keys taken out of a pocket, the opening and closing of doors, the creaking and creaking of a chair cushion under the actor’s weight.

His technique was so influential that the entertainment industry named the practice after him. Today, Foley artists work on Foley stages and Foley studios, recorded by Foley tape recorders and Foley mixers, and polished by Foley editors.

These artists can now be found almost anywhere movies, TV shows, or video games are filmed. Despite this vast improvement in microphone technology, Foley first imitated an actor walking down the sidewalk. Unlike Adam himself, the names of Foley’s contemporaries often appear in the credits.

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Join Foley artist Ellen Heyer, The Times’ John Healy and others in Clubhouse for a live discussion about the sounds you hear in movies, TV shows and video games.

It should be noted in advance that there are not so many of them, although the field is much larger than it was a few decades ago. A popular Facebook group about Foley has about 6,000 members internationally, but the number of people who make a living like a Foley artist is much smaller.

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Vanessa Tema Ament, author of Foley Grail: The Art of Sound Performance for Film, Games and Animation and a veteran foley artist, estimates that there are 40 to 50 “advanced” foley artists in the United States, and at least 100 or 200 are in the field or just starting out. .

“It’s like professional dancers or professional harpists,” says UK Emmy Award-winner Peter Burgis, who has 330 film and video game credits, according to “Not many of them.”

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Although Foley artists were often actors or musicians, the field attracted people with diverse backgrounds. Ament, who has taught art for years at Ball State University in Indiana and elsewhere, said his students have been people with backgrounds in architecture, engineering and the visual arts.

Different disciplines inform Foley artists in different ways. Those who are dancers say it helps them imitate the movements of the characters on screen. Background in music, Ament says, provides a comfortable sense of rhythm. And former actors say it helps them understand the emotions they need to convey through sound, which is an important aspect of the job.

Beyond that, Ament said, “If you’re doing something athletic and naturally coordinated, it helps.” In fact, adds Emmy-winning Foley artist Ellen Hoer, who has credits on more than 300 features, TV shows and video games, the work is “incredibly physical. He’s got athleticism that’s unmatched.”

Another useful trait, says Heyer, is “being a little bit obsessive.” A good foley artist, he says, “worries about details that other people don’t care about.”

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Since this is an entertainment industry, industry professionals say it’s important to start building a relationship with a working foley artist.

Ament said Foley, with the help of an artist acquaintance, was auditioning for a dialogue dubbing gig when Foley got a spot at Gomillion Studios, a post-production house. “It was something I did between acting and singing,” Ament said. But it did well enough that he was soon working regularly on TV shows and feature films, freelancing and working for post-production sound companies.

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Cathy Waters, foley artist at Chicago’s NoiseFloor sound house, grew up with a love of acting, music and filmmaking, which led her to study post-production sound work at Columbia College in Chicago. Among his courses was Foley’s Arts and Crafts, taught by Ament.

Inner City Arts

However, it took years for Watts to find steady work. An internship at NoiseFloor helped him make connections there, and he shot a few films as a freelancer before being hired by the company—an office manager, his only job. He was eventually promoted to producer for the company, doing foleys when called upon. He is currently a NoiseFloor producer and in-house foley artist.

He advised people learning the craft to “meet as many directors as possible in school and do as many things as possible. And stay in touch with those people. … The more you do it, the more people know you’re doing it, and then you get more work.”

There are a number of film and trade schools that offer classes at Foley as part of a broader film or sound-related program. It is not a prerequisite to working as a foley artist or a guarantee of a career in the industry. But Andreina Gómez, a Venezuelan foley artist and sound editor who studied at the University of Hertfordshire in England, says: “The degree allows you to connect with other people. And to improve your technical skills. But the most important thing is contact with people.”

Burgis moved from a BBC TV presenting gig to work as a sound studio assistant, where he had the chance to work on feet with the well-known Foley artist, who said he was a natural. It was around 1991, he says, and when the country was in a deep recession, he had to make a choice: “I could be a simple helper or an unemployed foley artist. And so I became an unemployed foley artist.”

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He spent about five years at Foley for commercials and other small-budget projects before making his first feature film. According to Burgis, it takes a lot of time to develop “a good sound library in your head,” the knowledge needed to identify the sound a scene requires. He spent days listening to people on the beach and in the subway—listening not to what they said, but to the sounds they made when they moved and how the things they carried affected him.

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There’s a lot of work involved with the Foley process, which in itself is only part of the work done on sound for a movie, TV series, or game. But as Heuer points out, the skills required to be a foley mixer or editor are very different from those required by a foley artist.

“One is about the machine,” he said, referring to computers used for digital recording and editing, “and the other is just productivity.”

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In other words, doing well as a foley artist will not naturally lead you to become a sound designer or sound editor. But it will help you make the connections you need to land more work, and maybe even launch your own foley studio.

Foley artists are either freelancers, working for a studio (Ament noted that some major Hollywood studios have in-house foley artists), a post-production audio company or, increasingly, video game developers. The pay scale in the United States is set by the Motion Picture Editors Guild, whose contracts range from $47 to $95 an hour and $1,884 to $3,032 a week, depending on production volume and location.

Keep in mind that this salary only applies to unionized jobs, and it can be a bit of a hassle for newcomers to the industry. The advent of streaming video has increased the number of programs produced, but it has also shortened seasons and tightened production budgets.

In addition, there is a demand for Losta folie

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