Asus Gaming Desktop Australia

Asus Gaming Desktop Australia – ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN is the fastest gaming monitor on the market. Once you get past the refresh rate, the monitor is even better. ASUS has shown that they understand their target market well with the Esp25 and PG259QN.

ASUS has been making Republic of Gamers (ROG) monitors for a while now, and they always command high prices and high performance with extra features that are not available in regular monitors.

Asus Gaming Desktop Australia

The ROG Swift PG259QN is the best definition of a gaming monitor in 2020. ASUS created a 24.5-inch Full HD monitor with a 360Hz refresh rate – but this was achieved on an IPS panel instead of a TN display. common. IPS panels offer better colors and viewing angles, but we have not seen them at this speed before. A 1ms (Gray To Gray) response time reduces motion blur and motion blur to the point where it’s barely noticeable. From these we can see that the pictures are fast and good – a good start, but it doesn’t stop there.

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The PG259QN also has NVIDIA G-SYNC for anti-tearing and HDR with HDR10 color matching and brightness. The G-SYNC processor is optimized with an integrated processor for a large part of the surface, eliminating the need for a fan and running quietly.

There’s also NVIDIA Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) – note that it runs at 240Hz and requires G-SYNC to turn it off. The ULMB will be against chaos and chaos, but it is not for everyone. I personally tested it and turned it off for 360Hz and G-SYNC.

ASUS has also included a USB 3.0 Hub and a 2-port headphone jack for peripherals or a 3.5mm audio jack for external speakers.

As you would expect, ASUS has ensured that anyone looking at the monitor will easily recognize the ROG branding, especially on the back with its large ROG Eye RGB logo. Other elements that are similar to the ROG brand include quality construction and high attention to detail.

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It should be noted that the target market is the professional Esports player or amateur, not the average enthusiast; The AUD$1299 price tag of the first-generation monitor is something special. ASUS has met the specific needs of the serious gamer, but also catered to the thinker.

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After 3 weeks of testing, I believe that the features and technology built into the PG259QN will give professional Esports players a slight edge over competing titles such as Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and Double Six: War. I will explain why later in more detail.

The position has tilt (+ 20 ° ~ -5 °), swivel (+ 25 ° / -25 °), landscape in pictures (0-90 °) and a maximum height of up to 120mm. It is also very stable thanks to the weight that remains. Jumping on the table doesn’t bother you, and the stand on the PG259QN is one of the strongest I’ve seen. I’m 6’2″ and use almost all of my monitors on a stand or VESA stand for convenience – while I own the PG259QN, I also need a stand for extended use. After 3 weeks of testing and just putting it together, I didn’t experience any positioning or neck issues. This isn’t a problem with the PG259QN, it’s something you should be aware of if you a long player.

GamePlus – PG259QN provides console tools, timer, pause, FPS counter and screen calibration tools. The frame rate chart can be displayed as a simple diagram or a bar graph to show the change. The screen is covered by the device and can be turned off using a switch on the back of the monitor, under the menu hood. A “good thing” is built into the device, although there are some plugins that can be used at the level of software.

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Game Display – A list of settings to adjust the display for different types. For most of my tests, I left G-SYNC in Esports mode.

ASUS has implemented features such as flicker-free and adjustable blue light to reduce eye strain and improve comfort during long gaming sessions. It’s nice to see, but it’s a public announcement – it’s also a good idea to get up and take regular breaks.

On the PG259QN, we see only a small result that has not been shown. I have used letters in the past that have a glossy finish inside that reflects light and can create 2-3mm of the light/reflection around the edge of the monitor is distracting. The PG259QN has no problem or chance of that phenomenon occurring. There are no defects in/around the monitor. The power/status LED is on the front right and isn’t very bright, so it’s noticeable when you look for it, but it doesn’t bother you. I could barely feel it.

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The 24.5″ panel itself is excellent with no dead pixels, glare or visible defects. The matte anti-glossy finish does not impair clarity or distort the image. According to in the picture below you will get a sudden error when looking at a monitor with a light source behind you, but I used this in a normal window and there was no problem. When running with The screen is bright, the gloss is good.

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The PG259QN’s IPS screen looks vibrant and maintains visual clarity, so anyone sitting next to you won’t have to worry about playing with the color shift.

The PG259QN has the heaviest, most powerful features I’ve ever seen. I rocked the table a few times and was amazed and amazed at how stable it was. There are two tool-less screws on the base that connect the rear arm of the monitor to the stand. Another special note is that although the legs extend forward to provide stability, they do not extend further than the monitor. The cable management has ensured the most generous access to the situation, the ASUS design team can find strong construction materials.

There’s a Kensington lock on the back, though most people won’t need it. This will be useful for tournament organizers or personal assurance in LAN incidents – when we get back to normal, we can all be together. .

With a plastic back, the city back is easy to remove and blends well with the back decoration. If my desks and letters weren’t mounted on the wall – that would be a complete waste of information to me, but I can’t deny that it looks good and well done.

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In order to avoid the use of fans to cool the G-SYNC chip, ASUS used a standard cooler with a large heat and well-fitted for the PG259QN to breathe. These are mixed with accessories for that “gamer” look.

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Retail sales are flexible but stable. Our review team noticed additional pieces of duct tape inside the box, but the inner Styrofoam box was not damaged or had any integrity issues. the box.

The menu is reasonable and easy to follow – unfortunately the photography is not very good, but the joystick at the top makes it easy to navigate through the menu and you don’t have to fumble around trying to find it. Anyone with larger hands should have quick access to the hood/stick, with the lower mounting brackets at normal distances.

When playing, you don’t see the RGB logo on the back, and although it looks cool, I can take it or leave it. This adds a high level of exclusivity to the product – I can’t fault ASIT for ensuring that those looking at this monitor don’t manufacturing defects. If you don’t like RGB, you can easily turn it off via the OSD menu.

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The i9-10900K is the fastest CPU available at the time of testing, and the Maximus XII Extreme is a beast of a set. I went with a 5GHz core clock and an ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti OC graphics card to get the best FPS.

I was able to test this display with the most powerful gaming components available (I tested this before the RTX 3080 came out). Unfortunately, I didn’t test the PG259QN with a top-end player – it was due to Melbourne’s lockdown rules, so I took one for the team and tried some of the best FPS games. Nicely done.

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