Bakers Delight Franchise Review

Bakers Delight Franchise Review – We recently had the opportunity to interview Gaby Kelly from Bakers Delight as the Australian franchise company’s General Manager of Growth. We were delighted to be able to pick his brain on the challenges facing the retail sector today. and international expansion compared to franchise growth in domestic markets

Becoming a baker takes years of training through an apprenticeship How does this affect Baker’s Delight’s franchisee recruitment strategy? And what tips do you have for other industries? which requires minimum qualification

Bakers Delight Franchise Review

Although becoming a baker requires formal training You don’t need any baking experience to become a Baker’s Delight franchisee, regardless of your background or financial situation. Drive and ambition are the main criteria we look for in a successful franchise

Bakers Delight Ocean Grove Marketplace, Ocean Grove Marketplace 10/2, 20 Kingston Downs Dr In Ocean Grove

All of our prospective franchisees receive extensive Baker’s Delight franchise training to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to run a bakery. 16 20-week skill-based training includes extensive hands-on training from baking to baking. Production, Marketing, Purchasing and Inventory Management Accounting and management practices

We are not in a position to advise other industries which requires minimum qualification Because it doesn’t have to be a Baker’s Delight franchise

Finding the right location is essential to the success of a retail store What advice can you give to franchisees looking for multiple locations?

Baker’s Delight’s experienced real estate team uses their real estate selection experience to find potential retail neighborhoods. It also negotiates lease agreements directly with landlords on behalf of the franchise network

Bakers Delight Greenwood

Making your franchisee happy is important to your business What advice can you give franchise owners and franchisees to deal with the occasional conflict?

Area managers are assigned to each bakery to act as business partners and provide business advice, conferences, marketing forums, baking competitions. and local assemblies It also allows franchisees to share their successes and discuss challenges with like-minded entrepreneurs and headquarters. This ongoing support is a key driver in maintaining our mutually beneficial relationships with our franchisees

Opportunity to network with other franchisees And the comparative results provide an invaluable support system to the over 700 strong bakery network

Many businesses in the retail sector have also been affected since the GFC, but Baker’s Delight is going from strength to strength and expanding its operations globally. Looking back when the GFC first made the news, how did Bakers Delight respond to protect themselves and their franchise? And would you do the same thing again?

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Bakers Delight In Australia

Bread is a staple and with consumer demand for freshly baked bread, Bakers Delight has stood up to tough times. Strengthen this position

Bakers Delight continues to expand despite retail slump Forecast strong financial results for fiscal 2012 with global sales of $587 million.

On your website, you indicate that 10% of your store is owned by a company What are the benefits of having a company-owned store versus opening a franchise at all?

The bakery owned by the company is an important asset That’s because it’s not only a profitable resource for the Baker’s Delight network (and COBS Bread in Canada), but also a great training environment for our new employees and franchisees.

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In the old days people were very particular about their bread It is a personal choice How do you build a national franchise without losing its roots? “Local Baker”?

Despite being Australia’s largest bakery franchise, Bakers Delight maintains strong community connections. Its connection to the local community reinforces that Baker’s Delight is not just a faceless bakery brand run by real people from real communities.

Community involvement means that our franchisees can build meaningful relationships with customers Personal service makes a big difference Bakery employees also greatly appreciate giving back to the local community they serve Many have a desire to make a real difference in their lives and create employees Our network brings franchisees, customers and communities closer together

Community, social and environmental initiatives demonstrate Baker’s Delight’s commitment to the triple bottom line. This commitment contributes to the long-term sustainability of the organization Baker’s Delight has developed several initiatives over the years Joining the industry leadership is Bundraiser Day at Easter, a long-standing supporter of Breast Cancer Network Australia, which has raised $5.5 million and includes local community support.

No Experience Necessary Franchise Opportunities

Baker’s Delight has expanded its operations into Canada and New Zealand What challenges do you have to overcome to set up an operation abroad?

Global expansion does not come without challenges International market research is thorough by knowing and learning about the attitudes of government, industry and culture.

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Baker’s Delight prides itself on baking everything fresh in every store Does it pose any challenges in meeting customer expectations regarding product quality and availability?

Bakers bread is made fresh daily using real ingredients And this is why customers love our products This is the main point of difference from many prepackaged supermarket breads that can be kept on the shelf for days before eating.

Bakers Delight Bateau Bay, Shop 82, Bateau Bay Square, The Entrance Road In Bateau Bay

At Baker’s Delight, we are always on the lookout for consumer trends To ensure that we provide the best product quality to our customers With this growing consumer demand for healthier options, Baker’s Delight has a range of products that support this trend, including a healthy traditional White Block Roof. To our whole grain range including the popular Cape Seed Bread with 9 grains and seeds, high fiber chia bread and good source of omega 3 ALA and high fiber high-fibre low-GI white bread. Among freshly baked white breads in Australia and low GI

As part of the company’s commitment to health Bakers Delight’s traditional and continental breads are made with unbleached flour They contain no preservatives, added sugars, or artificial colors or flavors. Baker’s Delight has released 25 whole or wholegrain products in the past 10 years, and sales have grown significantly due to consumer demand. .

Baker’s Delight’s TV ad has become an Au icon What are the challenges facing the national market for “local” stores?

Bakers Delight has a strong brand The key to local connections is being active in the local community

Reviews Of Bakers Delight, Carlton, Melbourne

Local marketing support is available to the bakery through local in-store initiatives Media Advertising Public relations in the region Community support, etc

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Tell Us Your Story Episode 4: Roger & Lesley Gillespie Of Bakers Delight

With many franchisees looking to expand their franchise business overseas We thought it was time to review Franchise in Asia… read more It is a national brand with around 600 branches across the country But there was a time when Baker’s Delight was a neighborhood bakery, and Brad Petling remembers those days.

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Once an apprentice working with brand founders Roger and Lesley Gillespie at the original store in Hawthorne, Melbourne, he has been with the company for 34 years and as a franchisee for two decades.

The Gillespies are heavily involved in the running of both their stores – they remain and visit the store despite stepping out of business last year to allow daughter Elise and son-in-law David Christie to take over.

What was it like working with the founder? “You know where you stand, they always have direction,” Petaling said. They love bread, pie, pie, only bread. They are really interested in it. “

Pdf) Working For The Brand: The Regulation Of Employment In Franchise Systems In Australia

By the time it completed three-and-a-half years of petting Hawthorne, Bakers Delight had grown into a 35-strong bakery network with extensive expansion plans.

When Gillespie moved to America, he opened a bakery in San Francisco He is responsible for staffing the chain. was given

“I had to make sure every shop had a baker at 2am,” he said.

Over the years of running the bakery, Pittling has applied one of the skills learned to managing the company’s 18 stores.

Anyone Ever Noticed Bakers Delight Only Hires Females For Their Shop Front Service?

“What it has taught me is how to manage people Now my greatest strength is people I can turn the negative I love seeing people succeed. “

He is a regular mentor to new franchisees and recently helped a 50-year-old IT professional acquire a Baker’s Delight franchise and is about to open the doors for his own business.

“To do the whole thing in hand Full customer service Saw this guy with no experience Don’t understand that the business has changed

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