Bal 40 Fire Shutters

Bal 40 Fire Shutters – Fires cause significant damage to homes and businesses. Australia is prone to fires, so all you can do to protect your family and property from danger is peace of mind. Fortunately, there are safeguards and there are ways to reduce the chances of a fire entering the premises.

Our bal 40 fire protection shutters exceed the Australian standard AS 3959-2009. The Australian building code was introduced in 2011 and covers ‘buildings in fire prone areas’.

Bal 40 Fire Shutters

This highly reliable roller shutter is available in black, white, sand, cream, anodized and forest gray to easily blend in with your existing aesthetic. Depending on the shutter size, the pellet size is 165mm-250mm. Shutter can be controlled by manual override function in case of power failure.

Fz Manual Shutter

Controlling the shutter couldn’t be easier with an additional control system that works on smartphone controls.

Maverick Roller Products Pty Ltd has over 20 years experience as a leading manufacturer of aluminum roller shutters, grills and roll up enclosures in Australia. Our national network of installers, service professionals and distributors allows us to offer many products anywhere.

Daycare/Nursery ShutterKeep Kids Inside, extra play space at the push of a button, cold wind protection

Domestic Window Roller Shutters Maverick Roller Shutters do more than protect your home, they actually give you a way to control the environment. Your home needs BAL-FZ fire shutters when you need maximum protection for your windows and doors from the raging Australian bushfires.

Fire Attenuation Screens And Shutters

Offers different levels of wildfire insulation to protect your home, depending on where your home is located. For homes in high risk areas, a Wildfire Attack Level – Fire Zone (BAL-FZ) is required.

The BAL-FZ fireplace insulation system is full of great benefits for your living space. We are at the forefront of innovation in shutters, and are pleased to offer BAL-FZ fire extinguishers that meet Australia’s highest standards and protect homes from Sydney NSW to the Gold Coast to QLD in the event of a bushfire.

This is the highest risk rating that can be assigned to an area in relation to wildfire. This also means that the element has the ability to be exposed to flames directly from the fire and is permeable to coal. In addition, thermal energy of more than 40 kW/m2 is expected.

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Installing fire shutters is the only way for buildings with standard windows to meet BAL-FZ standards.

Bushfire Protection: How Roller Shutters Can Keep You Safe

BAL rates can vary from house to house and can vary for different aspects of your home.

These shutters are suitable for new and old buildings and are available in customizable colours, allowing you to beautifully match your new shutters to your building. If you need help with styling, choose a professional shutter color.

When these shutters are fully closed, they meet the Australian AS 1530.8.2:2007 standard for Australian bushfire protection. And the shutters are from German engineering but manufactured here in Australia. The system has been completely designed to reduce the size of the box and provide the best protection in the industry.

The test standards for BAL-40 and BAL-FZ shutters are different. Meeting the BAL-40 standard is easier than meeting the BAL-FZ standard because BAL-FZ fire dampers are designed to withstand more severe fire conditions than BAL-40 dampers.

We Can Build Homes To Survive Bushfires, So Why Don’t We?

Windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of the home. This is especially true when wildfires are being swept. Structurally, windows are prone to cracking and brittleness in these conditions. Broken glass windows can be a gateway for sparks and embers to ignite the interior of your home or commercial building.

Our stainless steel shutters protect your home from wildfires while adding additional protection from prying eyes, noise and sunlight/heat.

Of course, BAL-FZ fire hoods are designed to have all the standard features of a standard hood with added protection against wildfires. In addition to providing good protection, shutters act as roller shutters, provide thermal insulation, reduce noise, and save money on both window furniture and energy costs.

Uses industry-leading security to give our customers peace of mind knowing their assets are safe and secure. BAL-FZ shutters are tested and certified to Australian standards. And, too

Bushfire Shutters In Sydney, Nsw & Gold Coast, Qld

Installers are great at what they do, but we know our customers need more than just a job well done. A 5-year warranty is available on parts, including engines. You can also get a 10-year warranty on your paint, including powder coating.

Absolutely! We know how important it is that your home is insured and meets certain standards when you are on the way to bushfires. Once the installation has been completed and the closing fee has been paid, the customer will receive a letter of acceptance of the record.

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Thanks to advanced materials and superior construction, flame zone roller shutters will last for years with minimal maintenance. The surface is finished with durable materials and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or by spraying water directly on the surface as needed.

Yes of course! They are one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This can reduce overall electricity consumption by reducing the use of heating or air conditioning. Roller shutters are the shutters you need to lower your electric and utility bills, while effectively helping to reduce emissions.

Bal Fz Bushfire Tested Insulated Roller Shutter Systems For Thermal Benefits And Noise Suppression

Benefit from the knowledge of our BAL-FZ fire shutter installation team to protect your property in many ways.

We track safety and innovation trends across Australia. Our Sydney and Gold Coast offices effectively protect our clients’ homes with smart, green solutions. BAL-FZ fire shutters for windows and doors are an important part of keeping your family safe during the hot, dry and unpredictable summer months, when wildfires are common.

Ready to get a free estimate? Contact us by phone or online today to schedule an estimate for your wildfire shutters!

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