Bay Of Islands Weather

Bay Of Islands Weather – In 2022 October 5: Good morning Roatan! I made another video update about Invest 91L. The big concern is the rain we expect to get, especially starting tomorrow. We have a very good chance of a lot of rain Thursday through Saturday, and that’s before the 91L hit here. If you continue reading “October in 2022 March 5

In 2022 October 4 tropical update video: Good morning Roatan. Models have come together to predict that Capital 91L will be a concern, with effects on the Gulf Islands appearing Monday through Wednesday. Sorry my photo box is full of storm photos Continue reading “Updated 2022 October 4.”

Bay Of Islands Weather

In 2022 October 3: Good morning Roatan! Our satellite images from 7 am today. we look in two areas. First, the black circle is a conflicting area of ​​rain and storms that should bring more rain Wednesday through Friday. Today and tomorrow we will have up to 40 percent. Continue reading “2022 October 3

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In 2022 October 2: Good morning, Roatan. Yesterday around 5:30 or 6 p.m. the rain wave brought at most an inch and a half of rain. Today we start the week of cold weather and sea. Westerly winds 5-10 mph today with 2 foot seas. Continue reading “2022 October 2 “The sky is beautiful and more than 144 islands allow you to enjoy water sports like sailing, fishing. , sailing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking… the list goes on.

There is also more to this area than meets the eye as the area has history and culture. Many important moments in the history of Aotearoa New Zealand took place here, including the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi), the founding document of the nation, which is the basis of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Beautiful coastal towns like Russell have a lot of history, from the nation’s first capital to the nation’s oldest. The Bay of Islands region extends beyond the coast, with inland villages such as Kerikeri and Kawakawa to explore, with waterfalls, history and culture, and unique attractions such as the hot springs of Ngawha Springs.

These towns are the base for visitors to the Bay of Islands and are great places to explore the wider area. Lots of activities from Paihia and Russell including most cruises, cruises, cruises, adventures and more. There are also plenty of dining options, ranging from waterfront restaurants, historic hotels and restaurants, and mountain resorts. Russell has a beautiful history and you can spend hours walking around town, following the history and exploring the shops. Ōpua is an attractive port with convenient facilities and for those coming to Aotearoa New Zealand by sea, Opua is the easiest and first port of entry. A car ferry crosses here to Okiato, connecting Russell to State Highway 1.

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Urupukapuka is the largest island in the bay and a recreation center. In the summer, the licensed restaurant is fully open and there are plenty of water and land activities including kayaking, swimming, walking, hiking and more! It is one of the seven main islands of Project Island Song. It is a ten-year project that has returned the islands to a pest-free state and restored them through eco-design, creating a wildlife sanctuary. Exploring the island on foot is easy, as there are many hiking trails, and those who want to stay can choose from our Department of Conservation campsites. Other islands worth visiting include the picturesque island of Waewaetorea, a quiet and beautiful spot on the outer edge of the bay; the iconic Motuarohia Roberton Island, with its stunning twin lagoons, has earned the title of the bay’s most photographed scene; picturesque island of Moturua with lush vegetation and clear water; and of course Motukōkako’s iconic Piercy Island with its iconic ‘Rock’.

There is more to this hidden gem than meets the eye. Kawakawa is a beautiful colorful town that is home to Austrian-New Zealand artist and illustrator Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Its history includes bold, bright (and popular) public toilets with an unforgettable display, as well as Te Hononga Hundertwasser Memorial Park, where the community and visitors celebrate their connection to the small town. Kawakawa is also the only town in Aotearoa New Zealand to boast a railway from its core, where vintage locomotives take passengers from the metal railway station at the southern end of town, along the main road and out into the countryside. South of Kawakawa is the beautiful Waiomio Glow-worm Cave.

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Kaikohe and Ōkaihau are the heart of the Mid North and have a rich culture and history. The Pou Herenga Tai Twin Coast Cycle Path connects all three of these towns and Kaikohe is a particularly good base as both paths often descend here. Near Kaikohe is a hot spring in the Ngawha Springs area where the healing waters have been used for generations.

Nature lovers, adventurers and foodies alike will be enthralled by Kerikeri, where history and heritage, arts and crafts, vineyards and gardens are all on one side. Kororipo Heritage Park is home to the Stone Shop (the oldest surviving house in Aotearoa New Zealand), Kemp House, Te Ahurea (a northern village and cultural experience) and the Kororipo Pa site. Taitokerau Northland winemakers can claim to be cultivating their craft in New Zealand’s oldest grape growing region in Aotearoa, and today Kerikeri is home to many excellent wineries producing award-winning wines. The area is also known for its citrus fruits and kiwis, so be sure to stop at the stalls along the way – they’re easy to spot as they’re usually in front of fruit stalls, trees bursting with colour. If you can’t get enough, don’t miss the Saturday and Sunday morning Old Packhouse Markets, which draw crowds from near and far for delicious food, good coffee, local produce and arts and crafts. Beautiful Kerikeri also has two ‘Gardens of National Significance’ and the beautiful 27-metre Waianiwaniwa Rainbow Falls is on the must-do list. The Rainbow Falls Walk is a short walk that starts at the car park and leads to the top of Rainbow Falls where our platform offers a stunning view. A network of trails leads to four other waterfalls in the area. Waipapa is the main town center on the outskirts of the area and boasts a large shopping center with large supermarkets.

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Te Rāwhiti is a small coastal town on the Bay of Islands, about 27 km from Russell. With stunning beaches, stunning views, boating, fishing and water sports, this resort is also the starting point for Cape Brett walks. The coastal route from Te Rāwhiti to Ōakura is part of the Northland Journeys – Outdoor Training Route which runs from Russell to Helena Bay. Rich in history, the drive from Te Rāwhiti to Ōakura takes you through Whangamumu, which is one of the most beautiful places in Taitokerau Northland and is accessible by private boat or the Whangamumu Track on the Rāwhiti Road. As you continue your journey you will pass many beautiful places and harbors – Elliott Bay, Taupiri Bay, Bland Bay / Whangaruru Peninsula and on to Ōakura Bay. Ōakura Bay is a beautiful east-facing beach, almost a mile long, adjacent to the deep bay of Whangaruru Harbour. The area is named after the legendary Waka Mataatua chief Puhimoanariki. After a long search, Puhimoanariki found shelter from bad weather here. Whangaruru means “sustainable place” in Te Reo Māori. Bay of Islands in the north of New Zealand. You can access the Bay of Islands by land from Auckland; Paihia or Gate of the Bay of Islands.

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If you’re traveling to the Bay of Islands in January, remember that this is the most popular month to visit New Zealand (many travelers opt for the Paihia and Rock Adventure Cruise!) as it’s the height of summer, long beautiful hot days and plenty of amazing activities to make your adventure a success. You can go mountain biking, visit the amazing Waitangi Museum or make the most of your stay with a night cruise on The Rock!

Unlike in the Northern Hemisphere, January falls in the middle of summer in New Zealand. It’s a great time to engage in various “summer” activities in and on the water, island hopping or even just basking in the sun with a glass of wine – whatever we’re giving away! For more information, see our guide to the seasons and climate of the Bay Islands.

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January Weather In The Bay Of Islands

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