Best Asian Restaurant In Melbourne

Best Asian Restaurant In Melbourne – Melbourne’s food scene is second to none in Australia, with several venues that are the envy of the country. Whatever you want, Melbourne has it. with

With so much on offer, choosing where to wine and dine can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you with our expert selection of everything from modern Australian fine dining to hearty and comforting Italian kitchens in Melbourne. What are you waiting for? Lock into our exciting list and start planning your perfect date night.

Best Asian Restaurant In Melbourne

Attica is an unassuming suburban restaurant in Ripponlea. The outside venue doesn’t scream opulence and glamour, but this humble restaurant is anything but. Attica has won an award as one of the world’s best restaurants, appeared on a Netflix episode of Chef’s Table and received three hats from the Good Food Guide 2020.

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The Attica dining experience isn’t about the location or its celebrity status — it’s about the food. When you walk in, everything is centered on the table with dramatic mood lighting shining on your food. It’s pure theater and sheer charm through courses, followed by modern and balanced cuisine courses from Attica’s owner and chef Ben Shreury. With a cooking style that is highly storied and honest to his own personal experiences, the menu is intriguing and focuses on indigenous ingredients that are generally unknown to the public. However, through thoughtful and innovative cooking as well as incredible attention to detail, each course appeals to the senses and is a truly gastronomic culinary experience.

You can make a reservation at one of Melbourne’s best restaurants, Attica, by clicking this link

Located in the heart of Chapel Street, Mr Miyagi is definitely one of Melbourne’s must-go places. As one of the most innovative restaurants in the food world, Mr Miyagi offers a casual yet fancy Japanese restaurant, serving traditional dishes with a modern, funky twist. The menu offers a compact selection of fun plates designed around sharing. The salmon nori tacos are a must! The dining room feels like a club, with its dim lighting, loud beats and long bar, it’s more than a meal; It’s a cool and funky dining experience. With its sexy and hip decor, funky vibe, excellent drinks menu and delicious modern take on traditional Japanese fusion cuisine, Miyagi is an all-rounder.

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You can make a reservation at one of Melbourne’s best restaurants, Mr Miyagi, by clicking this link

Melbourne With Yeo On Trippin

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: Lunch 12pm – 3pm, Lunch: 6pm – 11pm, Sunday 6pm – 10:30pm

Four decades of keeping the restaurant at the top of its game in Melbourne is quite an achievement and Flower Drum shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. It takes a lot of effort to maintain this level of quality over a long period of time with flawless consistency like excellent service day after day and exceptional skills in the kitchen.

In China, “Flower Drum” is known as a traditional dance known for its beauty and elegance. Their culinary craft is based on the authentic Asian philosophy of using the best seasonal ingredients to produce the most exquisite flavors by showcasing a variety of high quality local ingredients through skillful execution of Asian cuisine. The Flower Drum continues to shine as one of Melbourne’s best restaurants. Although a visit here might give your wallet some exercise with its sophisticated and refined oriental style delicacies, excellent food and service, it is definitely worth a visit.

You can make a reservation at Flower Drum, one of the best restaurants in Melbourne by clicking this link

Six Of The Best Chinese Restaurants In Melbourne

When it comes to a savory curry, you rarely think it contains Vegemite. In fact this is probably the last thing you want. Who does that, right? Well, when it comes to modern Asian flair, Chef Khan Nguyen pushes the boundaries with his bold menu, inspired by the flavors of the region he’s named after, combining indigenous Australian ingredients in a menu designed for sharing. A chaotic mess becomes a triumph of imagination with rich and bold flavors that captivate you by playing tricks on your palate in the best possible way.

Designed by award-winning architects,  Kerstin Thompson and Figure Ground, this small space is extremely minimalist and bold, allowing for a focus on sophisticated, boundary-blurring cuisine. Sunda is definitely one of the hottest places to eat right now, having won several awards including two hats from The Australian Good Food Guide 2020 and The Australian’s Hot 50 Restaurants 2019.

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You can make a reservation at Sunda, one of Melbourne’s best restaurants, by clicking this link

Located on the stunning Level 55 of the Rialto Tower, celebrity chef Shannon Bennett’s Vue de Monde is one of Melbourne’s premier dining establishments, with a focus on the theatrical and a dedication to dining with an impressive 360 ​​view of the city. Vue de Monde is a testament to the belief that eating can be a wonderful and unforgettable experience. With Executive Chef Hugh Allen at the helm, the focus is on delivering an exquisite and dynamic experience, with an ever-changing chef’s menu that pays homage to classic fine dining in a modern context by exploring the beauty of local Australian ingredients. the flavors and a sense of curiosity.

Eight Must Try Chinese Restaurants In And Around Melbourne

What immediately comes to mind when you enter the property is pure opulence. The restaurant uses a noir color scheme with dark facades, dark tables and dark chairs. The tables are nicely covered, but decorated only with kangaroo pelt, river stones and gnarled vines. With the beautiful city of Melbourne as the backdrop, it is a truly majestic setting. Theatrical courses, unparalleled scenic views and seamless service make it an unforgettable experience. It’s definitely at the top of the scale, but there’s something about sipping Dom Pérignon above the clouds after courses of some highly creative cuisine that’s priceless.

You can make a reservation at one of Melbourne’s best restaurants, Vue De Monde, by clicking this link

Located on one of Melbourne’s most iconic lanes, Coda is in the heart of the city’s most dynamic culinary precinct. Coda has created a unique team with experience sought after from many international and Melbourne restaurants and since 2009 they are delighted to host One Hat at The Age Good Food Guide’s ‘Hat Awards’. The menu features a diverse range of Euro-Vietnamese and modern-Australian influences, offering a relaxed dining experience in a converted warehouse.

Located at the intersection of two of the city’s most famous lanes, Chin Chin is an Australian restaurant with a South East Asian twist. Chin Chin was one of the first restaurants to deliberately promote a dim, lively atmosphere. Undoubtedly he is still one of the best. The Chin Chin experience is based on more than food with playlists curated by one of Australia’s most respected DJs, art on the walls by established and emerging artists and a group of passionate wait staff who love what they do. Chin Chin has become a major local tourist destination.

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You can make a reservation at Chin Chin, one of the best restaurants in Melbourne by clicking this link

A very small place with a big heart, Tipo 00 is a pasta bar that is the pure essence of everything we love about Italian dining. With a tight menu focusing on excellent homemade pasta created by talented chefs who are equally affordable and curious. This tiny outfit of only about 40 souls in the CBD has become an instant hit, thanks to chefs Andrea Papadakis and Alberto Fava serving up delicious and elegant dishes that feed not only your stomach but also your soul.

You can make a reservation at Tipo 00, one of Melbourne’s best restaurants, by clicking this link

Osteria Ilaria is a contemporary CBD bistro with killer cocktails, interesting wines and Mediterranean plates. The decor is semi-industrial with polished concrete, rough and distressed white brick walls. It has vibrant leather upholstery and attractively patterned floor tiles. It’s smart, original cooking paired with a drinks list that adds an impressive collection of beers and creative cocktails.

Melbourne Restaurants For The Best International Food Of Your Life

You can make a reservation at one of Melbourne’s best restaurants, Osteria Ilaria, by clicking this link

Kisume is a modern Japanese restaurant from the Lucas Group that exudes elegance, luxury and opulence. The restaurant is unmistakably Melbourne, but with an added New York sauce. A three-level concept Japanese restaurant, Kisume features a sushi bar, The Table, Chablis Bar, private dining and events. Restaurant

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