Best Western President Hotel New York

Best Western President Hotel New York – This article is about condos and hotels in Columbus Circle. For condos and offices on Fifth Avenue, see Trump Tower.

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Best Western President Hotel New York

Trump International Hotel and Tower, the first Gulf and Western Building, is a high-rise building at 15 Columbus Circle and 1 Central Park West on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City. It was originally designed by Thomas E. Stanley as an office building and completed in 1970 as the headquarters of Gulf and Western Industries. In the mid-1990s, a partnership of the General Electric Psion Fund, the Galbreath Company, and developer Donald Trump converted the building into a hotel and loft. The tour was organized by Philip Johnson and Costas Kondylis.

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Trump International Hotel and Tower is 583 ft (178 m) tall and has 44 stories since its construction. The building originally had an aluminum and marble facade and was surrounded by public spaces on Broadway and Central Park West. There are theaters and shops in the basement and a restaurant on the upper floor. When the building was renovated, a glass facade was installed. The ground floor of the tower is used as a hotel, while the upper floor is a residential area.

Planning an office tower on the site in 1965, architects Hyman R. and Irving J. Shapiro planned to replace the existing two- or three-story buildings there. After the Shapiros firm made two failed plans for the property, Realty Equities Corporation took over the project in 1967. After completion, the building operated for more than 20 years. By the 1990s, the tower had fallen and the GE/Galbreath/Trump joint venture had taken shape. Tunnel and Western represented Paramount Communications who owned the building until 1995, after which it was renovated; The residence was opened in 1996 and the hotel was opened in 1997. The hotel was renovated in 2010.

Trump International Hotel and Tower is located at 1 Central Park West, north of Columbus Circle, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City.

It has a trapezoidal floor plan bounded by Broadway to the west, 61st Street to the north, and Central Park West to the east. The lot covers 31,349 sq ft (2,912 m

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15 Central Park West forms the building to the north, Central Park to the east, and Deutsche Bank Cter (formerly Time Warner Cter) to the south. Additionally, it is located across Columbus Circle from 2 Columbus Circle and 240 Central Park South.

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Trances and the New York City Subway’s 59th Street-Columbus Circle stations 1, served by the A, B, C and D trains, are located outside the building.

It has a large building that can support the weight of a 30-story tower, although some stories have yet to be built.

Hearst had the vision of creating a large Midtown headquarters for his company near Columbus Circle, believing that this location would be the next step in the city’s environment.

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However, the project collapsed in the Great Depression and only the Hearst Library, to the south, was built.

The Trump International Hotel was originally a Gulf and Western building, designed and built by Thomas E. Stanley in the late 1960s.

From 1995 to 1997, Philip Johnson and Costas Kondylis moved the building into the Trump International Hotel and Tower.

This gives the building a floor area (FAR) of 18. Since the house is FAR of 12, Trump divided the tower into two separate areas for installation purposes: a 17-room hotel in the foundation and 28- stories. a tower to live on.

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The tower is managed by the Trump Organization, a company led by the developer and later President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump. The hotel is owned by General Electric (GE) Psion Trust and Galbreath & Company, which partnered with Trump in 1990s residential conversions. The Trump Organization has one of the condos, parking, a restaurant, room service, and a bathroom. The Trump Organization manages the building and hotel. The board of directors consists of six homeowners, two hotel owners, and the president of the Trump Organization (who is in 2022).

The bay and the western building are public spaces above the surrounding streets. Two steps were built in front of Central Park West on the way.

Originally, the northwest corner of the site contained a living area with stairs leading to the basement theater, the Paramount Theatre.

The top-floor section of the theater is a cylinder 30 ft (9.1 m) in diameter, housing the billboards, ticket booth, and viewing deck.

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A staircase and escalator lead from the ground floor to the theatre. The staircase is illuminated by theatrical lighting and resembles the staircase designed by Wallace Harrison for the Metropolitan Opera House.

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A section of land at the south end of the lot, facing Columbus Circle, fell underground.

The circular plaza includes a grand staircase leading to the New York City 59th Street-Columbus Circle subway station.

There is also a facade near where the deer fell. The empty space was added at the recommendation of the Urban Design Group, who believe that Broadway will be built closer to Lincoln Cter to develop more to the north.

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The Columbus Circle globe, a 30-foot-wide silver globe by artist Kim Brandell, was placed in front of the building during its transformation into the Trump International Hotel and Tower.

The world from the Unisphere is located in Ques, the New York City neighborhood where Mr. Trump grew up.

According to Trump, the country was included in the plans of the fg shui consultant he hired.

Tell the World was going to put the words “Trump International” in 3 ft-high (0.91 m) letters, but the letters were not put up because local officials rejected the idea.

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When it was put down in 1997, nearby workers complained that it was getting too much light. The original plan would have been to cover the floor with gold, which would reduce the heat, but Trump’s fg shui advisors advised against it.

Thomas Stanley was involved in the Gulf and Western Building to “make a positive change from Central Park”, although the project was heavily criticized after the building was completed.

The facade of the Gulf and Western Building consists of steel columns, covered with marble from the plaza to the fourth floor. Black granite is used in the spandrels above the second and third floor windows, while marble bands run across the fourth floor.

Marble was intended to fill the New York Coliseum (later demolished for Deutsche Bank Cter) at 2 Columbus Circle.

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On the fifth floor and above, the facade has pale glass windows with aluminum frames, and vertical aluminum mullions painted white.

Which made it necessary to cover the free space of the facade, and the placement of millions and large pins to protect the panels.

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Trump requested the use of glass, although some of Johnson’s recent projects such as 550 Madison Ave use stone.

Johnson wanted to start comparing the new building to the Seagram Building, which he helped design in the 1950s.

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Similarly, the bay windows and columns were designed to be flat windows, before Johnson decided to create his idea with double-sided windows instead. The final design is similar to Johnson’s One PPG location in Pittsburgh.

The steel facade is painted a golden color, a hue Trump has used in many of his other projects.

Trump originally wanted his face to be shiny gold, but decided to use a matte finish instead and hired a feng shui expert, who asked him to change it to reflect the clouds in the sky.

Johnson suggested removing the glass panes to cut costs, but Trump refused, saying the spandrels “shine like diamonds”.

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The upper stories are supported by steel columns at 26 ft (7.9 m) centers. When the tower was built, it swayed slightly in the strong winds.

According to architect Ysrael Seinuk, the building leans up to 2.5 ft (0.76 m) back due to the lack of other tall buildings nearby to absorb the wind load.

Additionally, winds from the north will travel faster down Broadway than along Central Park West, due to the presence of tall buildings on Central Park West. This effectively turned the Tunnel and West House into a tunnel, which would twist and turn into a storm.

Around 1982, a crack caused the homeowner to install a floor-to-ceiling air conditioner, measuring 44 by 15 ft (13.4 by 4.6 m).

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When the building was renovated in the mid-1990s, Seinuk added two walls that were woven with metal in a cross pattern.

Under the first movement plan, diagonal steel trusses must be placed in steel from 1 to 14.

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