Black Swan Lakeside Boutique Hotel

Black Swan Lakeside Boutique HotelBlack Swan Lakeside Boutique Hotel & Spa offers luxurious and modern accommodation on the shores of Lake Rotorua with beautiful gardens. The Black Swan combines modern, classic and chic to create the perfect Rotorua lakeside hotel with custom home style services.

The 1-hectare area includes a large flower garden, a large lawn, a swimming pool, a sauna, a secret beach, a private airport, a helipad and eight guest rooms. The eight luxurious rooms are carefully selected with great views over the pool or garden. With a focus on contemporary Pacific cuisine, Black Swan offers its guests a chance to dine out overlooking Lake Rotorua.

Black Swan Lakeside Boutique Hotel

Despite the quiet location, Black Swan Lakeside Boutique Hotel & Spa is only 5 minutes from Rotorua city center and 20 minutes from Rotorua International Airport. The Black Swan is the perfect place to stay, relax and enjoy luxurious accommodation. For guests who want to go out, there are many activities to enjoy, including boat trips, fishing trips and flights from private jets or helicopter tours by helicopter on site. Whether for business or pleasure, experience the exclusive swimming pool, luxurious accommodation, delicious food and amenities at the Black Swan Lakeside Boutique Hotel. Black Swan Lakeside Boutique Hotel focuses on adding value to customers. Our guests cross the room to rest your head. Our philosophy is about thinking and sharing New Zealand stories with you. All this in a truly luxurious place where everything you touch in these beautiful apartments is of the highest standard. The design space is designed to store in it. The 1-hectare area includes a flower garden, grass, pond, secret place, beach, a private boat and nine guest rooms. Each room is designed to create a meaningful experience with a strong connection to space.

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Why Robin Williams Loved Rotorua

Wake up to the pool in our beautiful pool house. The only beautiful pool room is Black Swan’s latest luxury resort; At the edge of the pool there is a full glass slide that opens to a beautiful and intimate pool. View Lakefront Suites Lakefront Suites

Your luxurious and intimate Lakeview rooms are modern and airy with views from your private balcony across the gardens and topiary gardens to the lake. Check out Lakeview Suites Lakeview Suites

These rooms have magical properties at all times of the day. Two King Rooms with Poolview Bed offer the same comfort as all the other rooms, including: gas stove in the room, full heated bathroom and spacious seating area outside. View Poolview Suites Poolview Suites

Our Garden Suite offers tranquility and garden views like any other room, but with the perfect extra space for a family or group. View Garden Suites Garden Suites

Black Swan Boutique Hotel — Bride & Groom Magazine

In daylight, Lake Rotorua is a spectacular light show; Bright blue water falls on their green mountains. Then the night falls, the stars fill the skin, and the music of the blazing electric light, and if you listen closely, you can hear the soft music all over the water. With unobstructed views of Lake Rotorua, you will be completely immersed in the waterfront atmosphere.

Beautiful views of panoramic lake views and Victorian style gardens of the Black Swan lend themselves to the wedding of your dreams. Love echoes from the mouth of the lake to the lake, let love run away from the monkey lake.

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Let calm and serenity encourage creativity. A unique lake and garden view will give you peace of mind and a sense of wisdom as you bring yourself together for a meeting of the mind. One acre mature garden provides a quiet and peaceful place to stimulate creativity and imagination.

Beautiful views of panoramic lake views and Victorian style gardens of the Black Swan lend themselves to the wedding of your dreams. Love echoes from the mouth of the lake to the lake, let love run away from the monkey lake.

Black Swan Lakeside Boutique Hotel In New Zealand

The atmosphere around Lake Rotorua gives us an interesting story about the people here in front of us. Lands and lakes shape us and motivate us. We are the researchers and webmasters of this site. This sanctuary is the home of the Black Swan, where stories of these beautiful lands are shared in a luxurious setting. With the beautiful nature of Lake Rotorua, you will be immersed in the tropical breeze.

The perfect place for a private vacation with your wife. We are very happy with the design of the venue and the beautiful swimming pool and garden that is being renovated. Kim, our host, was also very friendly and offered a personal tour of the place.

My husband and I want to visit on the weekends. But the Blackswans sword escaped us. Cool, whimsical, inspiring to say the least. We stayed at a vacation home. Highly recommended !!!!

The atmosphere of the Black Swan Hotel is amazing. The proximity of the lake and the view across the lake to the town and the surrounding volcanoes are amazing. The managers were welcoming and efficient and helped make our stay more enjoyable.

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Black Swan Lakeside Boutique Hotel & Spa

Great place to stay for our girls on the weekends. Beautiful bedroom We could not be happier with our bedroom. The spa and evening views over the lake are divine. Sick staff .. We had a great first evening. Lots of opportunities for Instagram-worthy photos at parks and swimming pools. We will introduce!

Luxurious accommodation, great staff and very welcoming. Good location, close to everything. Back to the fire in our room for us to see the breakfast provided. Nice and quiet place on the lake. Highly recommend this place 🥂

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