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Brennan Rosser Real Estate Website – Below are real estate transactions over $5,000 listed in Erie County Bureau records for the week ending Jan. 15.

• 39 Clearwater Drive, Kathleen M. Delano. From Ralph J. Delano Jr. to Abdul Latif Albaldavi. Latifah Byram, $495,000.

Brennan Rosser Real Estate Website

• 213 Founders Lakecote, from his Ryan Homes in New York to his Debbie H. Buckley. James F. Buckley, $475, $720.

Nw Brennan Ct, Stuart, Fl 34994

• 14 Kate Land Court, David W. Jackson. Carla P. Jackson Alexander C. Hathaway; Natalie Rose Hathaway, $406,000.

• 370 Sagewood Drive, Michael J. Ball. From Patricia A. Ball to Hunter David Joseph Jr. Mary Colleen Hunter, $369,700.

• 244 North Harvest St., Andrew J. Molnar. Michelle A. Stevens Medina Ricardo Andre Bees. Andrea Nicole Schweibka, $219,900.

• 597 Mill Street, Bradley M. Schmidt. Dolores M. Schmidt; Jeffrey A. Schmidt; Wesley L. Schmidt to Lakisha Mitchell, $205,000.

Tbd Hwy. 6, Gypsum, Co, 81637

• 1 Southcreek Ct Uc, Frances Daege. From Frances G. Daege to Lucine Solt. William R. Salt III, $120,000.

• 2d The Tradewinds, Walsh Family Irevocable Trust 101910 Tr; Walsh Family Tr Irrevocable Trust to Ashley Neumann. Matthew J. Neumann; Thomas J. Neumann; Wendy Newman, $53,000.

• 122 Sheffield Avenue, Dennis G. Sullivan. Kelly J. Sullivan. Susan M. Sullivan; Timothy P. Sullivan to Matthew Gary Singer, $160,000.

• 51 South Pontiac, Bear Gertrude Tug. Elder Law and Justice Center to James Patrick McDonald, $116,500.

Mls Listings For Homes For Sale In Pleasant Valley; North End Of Nanaimo

• 90 Clay St., De Tamble Clyde David; Marlene Detamble to Salvatore J. Teresa Jr., $115,000.

• 38 East End, Desiree Danielle Hagedorn. Lust Ruth; Desiree Ruth-Hagedorn to Buffalo Dreams Realty NY LLC, $90,000.

• 166 Howell Street, Helen Collins. John Wick Sr.; Tatiana Visek; Walter Visek Gabriel A. Matina; Jeremy R. Wells, $71,000.

• 292 Mulberry, Emmett E. Lacey. Emmett E. Lacey Jr. Emmett Lacey Jr.; Ruby L. Lacey Fozier Khan. Muhammad N. Khan, $22,000.

Skate Park (sports Center)

• 132 Argus St., Joseph M. Lavigne. Kelly L. Lavigne: From Daniel Pruitt to Ira Benn. Equity Trust Company Cust, $17,000.

• P/o 120 Alexander Ave., Saint John Gualbertus Church Society. St. John Gualbertus Roman Catholic Church Cheektowaga Erie Co NY; St. John Gualbertus Roman Catholic Church Association of Erie Cheektowaga County City&see; St. John Graveltus Roman Catholic Church Cheektowaga Erie County New York Association. Church Society of St. John Gualbertus, Cheektowaga County, Erie, New York. St. John Galbertus Roman Catholic Church. See St. John Galbertus Roman Catholic Society Hilful Huzur Community Services, Erie, New State, Cheektowaga County, $645,000.

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• 62 Alys Drive E, Christopher Matthew Parrinello. Sarah Megan Palinello: Sabian J. Townsend; Taylor M. Townsend, $190,000.

• 8929 Willyoungs Overlook, Forbes Capretto Homes. Forbes Homes Inc dba Matthew J. Area; Nicole Kraina, $585, $610.

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• 8902 Connemara Lane, Andrea A. Marott. Pomlico A. Marrott Alyssa M. Upson; Michael T. Upson, $540,000.

• 4164 Shimerville Road, David B. Scrivani; to Dominic L. Chase D. Scrivantmaro. Jeff F. Tomaro, $167,500.

• 9841 Larkin Road, Carol A. Collins. James S. Collins Jr. to Kevin T. Beckwith. Sarah M. Beckwith, $352,500.

• 3411 Bullis Road, Carolyn A. Gaczewski; Dennis H. Gaczewski to Donna M. Damstetter. John M. Damstetter, $455,000.

Real Estate Video Production

• 1217 Peppertree Drive, Lsf9 Master Participating Trust Tr. US Bank Trust NA Tr Mark R. to Vona. Marsha L. Vona, $77,000.

• 105 Berkshire Drive, Jerome F. Schwartz. To Margaret M. Schwartz Allison E. Piri. Jack L. Pilley, $254,000.

• 31st Ward Park, Deborah D. Schoenle. Michael Schoren, Emma Carolyn Shakin. Donald R. Turner III, $70,000.

• 6620 Taylor Road, Joan M. Duggan. William J. Duggan, Jody L. Jihakin; Michael S. Shihak, $407,500.

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• 4161 Tisbury Lane, Salvatore F. Damato Jr.; Susan E. Damaton to Debra A. Christina. Joseph R. Christina III, $304,500.

• 4240 Glenwillow Drive, Mark W. Patterson. From Sheila A. Patterson to Mark W. Patterson Jr. Victoria A. Pierino, $165,000.

• 4103 Hudson Street, Wendy L. Benzin. Cynthia L. Food; Laurel E. Mondu. Sandra J. Vincent William R. Innes, $155,000.

• 3581 Big Tree Rd Unit 26, Cesare A Fabrizi LLC to Ryan Homes, New York, $20,000.

Greenfield Rise, Aberfoyle Par

• Vacant Lot 3581 Big Tree Rd14075, Cesare A Fabrizi LLC, Ryan Homes, New York, $20,000.

• 10 Signal Drive, Anne Kaifus. To Jerry A. Caifus Darlene M. Hassler. David A. Hustler Jr., $260,000.

• 3911 Bowen Road, David A. Henning; Karen L. Henning; Karen L. Henning Daniel R. Birkin, $97,000.

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• 61 Fox Chapel Drive, Gene M. Dowling. To Paul J. Dowling and Adam J. Chirico. Maria D. Chirico, $360,000.

Santa Barbara County Northern Branch Jail’s Construction Complete At Last

• 7 Rolling Hills Drive, Elizabeth A. Oban. Elizabeth A Oban, in irrevocable trust 063018 Tr to Larry Pezanit, $330,000.

• 5258 Armor Duells Road, Karin M. Lorenzo. Paul S. Lorenzo: Caitlin E. Vidlin; Steven A. Readable, $326,000.

• 3810 North Freeman Road, Josie A. Bavaro. To Jody A. Curch and Emma K. Resakowski. Paul A. Luzane, $185,900.

• 11 Kingswood Drive, Susan A. Lynch. David A. Schumer; Jan A. Yet to Chom T. Dolan. Patrick Dolan, $182,000.

Manufactured Home Syndrome

• 80 Deerhurst Park Boulevard, Anne M. Gardner. From George H. Gardner Jr. to the Parents of Mary Jeanne. Ronald J. Parent, $288,000.

• 127 Highland Parkway, Patrick L. Dougherty. Erin K. Heusler; Jessie C. Hohin; Elizabeth A. Lewandowski, $230,000.

• 62 Wendover Ave., James V. Buscemi. Tina Marie Buscemi; Vito Buscemi; Mary Joy Murphy To Angela J. Pritchard, $185,000.

• 70 Vulcan St., Lsf11 Master Participation Trust Tr; US Bank Trust NA Tr to Immense Multitrade International Inc, $67,000.

Utah Apartment Assoc. Membership Directory & Industry Guide By Professional Publishing, Inc

• 23 Round Trail Road, Anthony J. Starrace Jr.; From Stephanie J. Starless to Michael J. Deitzer. Rebecca A. Deitzer, $282,100.

• 69 Laurelton, Debra Stammer. Stammer Stephen C I; Stephen Stammer II to Gregory Hughes. Tiffany Hughes, $209,000.

• 1100 Mineral Springs Road, Christine Kornacki. Marie E. Regula; Martha M. Regula; Richard A. Regula; Elizabeth A. Briceno, $205,000.

• 289 Bliss Road, Charlene E. Poole. David Poole; Mary Lee Poole to Christopher Lee Poole. Kimberly Poole, $200,000.

Global Real Estate Markets Conference

• 75 Briarhill Drive, Kevin J. Kukala. Katelyn M. Kwietniewski to Celia L. Szczur-Benz. Mitchell Lawrence Szczur-Benz, $150,000.

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At AQUILA, he has over a decade of experience working on real estate marketing campaigns and has worked with numerous branding agencies to create dozens of real estate brands. For this reason, when working with new clients, we are often asked for a list of proven branding firms that we recommend. share things.

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I have personally worked with every agency on this list and give them my personal seal of approval.They all bring different things to the table. Who is best in the end depends on the client, project, and campaign goals.

Misfit challenges preconceived notions about how real estate is branded and marketed. They have the unique ability to push clients outside their comfort zone to create a truly unique and memorable real estate brand.

Misfit is a Dallas-based branding and design company. Their creative and energetic team leverages their expertise inside and outside real estate to understand a property’s unique story and drive messages that support their marketing goals. In addition to real estate, the Misfit team has extensive experience in the tourism and hospitality industry, giving them a unique talent for creating memorable brands and experiences in travel destinations. We also have the insightful ability to identify a property’s unique value proposition and leverage it to create an accessible and compelling brand.

Local Vs. National Commercial Real Estate Firms: Which Is Better? (pros & Cons)

Recent office property campaigns AQUILA has worked with Misfit include Tillery’s Eastlake, Buda Midway, Four Points IV and Pennybacker Commons.

Nimble specializes in commercial real estate and has a strong portfolio of real estate branding projects. The company is led by her CEO and Creative Director Candace Riley Campbell, a creative and savvy marketing professional with experience in commercial real estate while working at Stream Realty Partners.

Agile takes a multifaceted approach to real estate branding, which we call branding the built environment. Nimble offers traditional naming, branding, digital and print promotional design services and can design property renovations or consult on initiatives such as wayfinding and environmental graphics.

Nimble’s most impressive work in Austin to date was at Park Center, where she led a rebrand and visual overhaul of her design, property renovations, and a revamped property search program.

How To Use Advertising To Market Your Commercial Property

LookThinkMake is one of Austin’s leading branding agencies with huge commercial success.

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