Cake Shop North Sydney

Cake Shop North Sydney – It’s true, you don’t socialize over salad. So here’s to Sydney, the official city (unofficial) has cut it on the proverbial cake floor and served up some candy king towers.

Whether you need the perfect birthday package or want a piece of biscuits and cream cheese, this list has you covered.

Cake Shop North Sydney

At the forefront of the local bakers who are really killing it in Sydney right now is Javi Bakes. If you haven’t seen one of her buttercream cakes on your Insta feed, you’re seriously missing out. Vintage-inspired cakes can be customized and wrapped in all kinds of colorful piping, delicate decorations and sweet messages. Here you can pretty much build your own cake from scratch, choose a round, heart or square base, then go to town on the flavors, extra fillings (like jam, nutella and lemon curd) and toppings (maraschino cherries, flowers, chocolate drops ). DM to Instagram for orders. Javi Bakes currently only offers cake pickup.

Bakeries In Sg That Offers Halal Cake Deliveries For Every Celebration

For cakes you can eat, enjoy retro goodness at Baked Inspace. The idea is that no cake is boring, every cake comes with an intention and all cakes taste like fireworks. The real MVP here is the retro cherry cake filled with two epic layers of Nutella Italian meringue, buttercream and seasonal fruit. Tangerine Dream is another winner for obvious reasons – raspberry lemon cake with raspberry filling. Not to mention, the legend behind this one has a real cookie cutter package dedicated to tearing it down and putting it back together…genius. Delivery is available but will depend on your distance. DM Baked Inspace on Instagram for orders.

If there’s a cake to eat, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Staci Brewer Cakes. The cakes at Stacey Brewer Cakes are nothing short of elegant and completely personal for any occasion. Hate locking? He had a cake for it. Want to dive into a moist chocolate cake sandwich with cookies, cream, and chunky Oreos? There must be a cake for it. Want a gluten-free cake made with vanilla sponge, Italian meringue and filled with lots of tangy passionfruit and raspberries? Ah yes, he has the cake for that.

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15 Centimetresis is known for making some of the best Basque cheesecakes in Sydney with some flavors to go around. As the name suggests, the cakes here fit a standard 15cm cake pan size. The original Basque cheesecake baked here creates the success of the 15cm pastry, replicating the rich Basque dough known for its gooeyness and the toasty envelope with the legendary caramel shell. Elsewhere on the menu, you’ll find delicious Basque Tahitian lime, bitter Basque matcha ‘Iame’, as well as wild berries and chocolate Basque cheesecake filled with Belgian dark chocolate, premium milk chocolate and wild blueberries. . The best part? This cake can be delivered straight to your door (or collected from 15cm-Cuba cafe partners at Bay Cafe in Ultim and Savage Cafe in Artarmon) and also ticks the gluten-free box. Go here to order.

The cakes at Looma’s are of the caliber of their own dessert. These silky creations are your sweetest dreams, and you’ll have a full array of flavors at your fingertips with standard, gluten-free, vegan, fruit, nut and kosher cakes on offer. So the Raffaello cake is the ultimate coconut treat with a velvety texture topped with biscuit flakes. Trust us, your housemates will thank you.

Australia’s Best Bakeries

Mrs Jones is the kind of baker who has got her mitts on several locations in Sydney, all of which make amazing cakes. The delicious items are made from organic ingredients with no artificial additives, and you’ll also find a large selection of individual cakes, mini cupcakes, whole cakes and gluten-free cakes. For your Good Samaritan charity of the week, you can fill the box with recipes for Victoria’s Biscuit, Lamington Cake, Salted Caramel Cake, Passion Fruit Cheesecake and more. At the larger end of the cake spectrum, old favorites here are the carrot ginger cake and orange almond creations if you need a gluten-free option.

Originally inspired by co-owner and chef Kimmy Gastmeier’s travels around Australia, Cherry Moon General Store is a return to the ancient ways of cooking with fermentation and fire. On the cake side, that means you’ll find rustic tea cakes like the classic Cherry Moon Tea Cake. The team also mixed a Russian honey cake with five layers of dark caramelized sponge and cream. There’s also a signature cake, handmade with seasonal local oranges and cream, all squished between moist layers of butter cake and yes, it’s perfect for a birthday celebration.

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Since opening its doors in 2013, Brickfields has grown into the heart of Sydney’s baking scene. Known for serving up some of the best pastries, the crew here also has a cake zip line that’s so good your-nana-can make cakes delicious enough for any occasion. Spelled Zucchini Walnut Cake is a super moist nutty cake and has been a crowd favorite since it was first made. Layered with honey cream cheese frosting, it’s finished with caramelized seeds and edible bits. For a real wow factor, you’ll also want to turn your attention to the lemon chiffon, an airy sponge smeared with tart lemon and topped with a toasted lemon meringue.

At The Fold, baking is her absolute forte. The culmination of two generations of culinary talent, plus a team with experience at Sixpenny, Kuai and Sokyo, means the cakes you’ll find here are nothing short of exceptional. The cafe itself is inspired by the owner’s Sri Lankan heritage with a slight twist, meaning carrot cake with sultanas and infused Sri Lankan tea, a love cake spiced with cloves and even a light cotton cheese cake. You can also shoot through custom orders.

St. Honore Bakery, North Sydney, Sydney

Established back in 1998, Maggio’s has long been serving up the tastiest cakes in Sydney (modelled on what Nonna used to cook, of course). White truffle is a cake covered with vanilla sponge and centered with strawberries and chantilly cream. This beauty will then be finished with Callebaut white chocolate and take a look, we can’t promise you won’t think it’s too pretty to eat. Maggio also whips up all the classics with black forest, baked ricotta cheesecake, buana, millefoglie, carrot cake, tiramisu and a flourless almond flour cake soaked in orange blossom syrup with cream cheese frosting, rose petals and candied orange peel.

If you’re obsessed with buttercream and always crave a slice of the old treat, you should give Luna Cakes a pass, stat. For big events and celebrations, Luna makes specialty cakes with the most indulgent flavors to choose from (think almond and dark chocolate cake layers with coffee mascarpone filling). In addition to the fancy creations, you’ll always find Luna’s famous baked ricotta cake, coffee and kalua cheese cake, coconut cheesecake, angel cookies and flourless dark chocolate hazelnut cake. Luna Que is popping up in a bunch of iconic Sydney markets (Kirribilly, Birkenhead, East Village) and now also offers home delivery.

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Known for its pastries and eclectic flavors, Black Star Pastry is a major player in the industry. Cakes are made only from natural ingredients, without unnatural colors or flavors. The shop’s most popular cake is the recent Strawberry Watermelon Cake, which consists of two layers of almonds, rose-scented cream, watermelon, strawberries, pistachios and dried rose petals. Black Star Pastry has also introduced a next day delivery option for some areas of Sydney.

Andy Bowdy entered the cake stratosphere with his crazy tiered cake tower back in 2015. Dripping in caramel sauce and adorned with meringue bombs, and available exclusively to order online, it used to be pretty impossible to get your hands on one (rightfully so). ) insanely popular and totally unique. Now you can get your fix at Bowdy’s Enmore Cafe, Saga. The cafe has everything from tiramisu to go, to flourless chocolate cake and a delightful mini version of Bowdy’s signature cake tower. Also look out for Bowdy’s famous Christmas trinket.

Top 20+ Cake Shops In Oakleigh, Melbourne (2022)

A favorite for pastries, pies, coffee and bread, the Bourke Street bakery touts a ‘don’t fix what ain’t broke’ vibe, which means on the pastry side you’ll find basic treats perfected to tea. Grab a slice of soft carrot cake (one of the best cakes in Sydney) or tuck into a lemon ricotta cake that will have you drooling from the first bite.

With every sweet treat imaginable, Lorraine has it all. A shop owned and operated by Merivale, here you can take cake betting to the next level. Watch from the open kitchen window where you can catch Lorraine Godsmark working her culinary magic. Here you can get items by cutting on a cake that can eat about 16

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