Car Rental Punta Arenas

Car Rental Punta Arenas – You might think that driving a 4×4 off-road vehicle through a Patagonia outlet is an exciting experience. As a result, the idea of ​​renting a car is attractive. However, before you make up your mind, consider the points below. Most importantly, we are not trying to discourage or encourage you, we are just explaining the reality.

The advantage of owning your own car is complete independence. So if you plan to drive around to see the sights and not walk a lot, a car can be a good option. Furthermore, the cost of the car can be split between your group.

Car Rental Punta Arenas

It is important to understand that the distances between cities, as well as between interesting places in Patagonia, are long. For example, a trip from El Calafate to Torres del Paine will take 6 hours to drive, including border crossing paperwork. It takes 2 hours from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine, from the east. Furthermore, traveling from one side of Torres del Paine to the other can take an hour, plus time to return to Natales. First of all, it means a lot of driving every day, when you should be on vacation! In addition, the roads can be in poor condition with some sectors full of potholes.

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So, for a rental car driver, everyday driving will be tiring. As a result, that person will be very tired at the end of each day. Also, the driver will miss out on the beautiful scenery – because he or she has to focus on the road ahead!

Another disadvantage that has not been seen before is that you will pay for it when it is in the parking lot. For example, when you are not using it. Furthermore, you may need private transportation to take you back to where the car was left before your trip. Most importantly, it also costs money with fuel. In addition, it is necessary to pay a fee for transporting the car across the border to Argentina.

In conclusion, you need to be very sure that you want to rent a car before you arrange it. Furthermore, many of our clients prefer private transportation services.

ExperienceChile.Org can arrange car rentals in Punta Arenas, El Calafate and Puerto Natales. To arrange a car rental, send us an email…

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We offer car rental as part of any itinerary we create for you, but not as a standalone service. As a result, we will work with you to get the right vehicle for your needs.

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If you think a car is the right choice, remember that you will need a large enough one. In other words, not only for you and your passengers, but also for all your luggage.

We can offer car hire to pick up from Punta Arenas airport or city centre, or Puerto Natales city centre. Also, in Argentina from El Calafate airport or the city center. Furthermore, if you need a car for the lakes, you will come from Puerto Montt. However, if you want to drive the Carretera Austral, we can arrange a car from Puerto Montt Airport or the city center, and Coyhaique Balmaceda Airport. Most importantly, we can also arrange a car delivery to your hotel. So, if we have arranged accommodation for you, for example, in Punta Arenas, we can bring you a car. Alternatively, if we have arranged your hotel in Puerto Natales, we can arrange for the car to be delivered there. However, the time of delivery, collection and return of the car must comply with the allowed times.

In Torres del Paine National Park there is NO possibility to pick up or drop off the rental car. So the closest option is Puerto Natales.

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A special permit is required to transport a car across the border. However, if you wish to leave your car at a different location in the city than the pick-up location, there is a drop-off fee. Above all, we can negotiate these requests.

We work with one specific, reliable car rental provider for the Patagonia area. As a result, here are some of the car options we can offer below. Above all, the approximate daily rate for most categories is around $150 per day. However, please note that this price is approximate until we get the latest price which will depend on all the details of pick up time, return time, pick up and drop off location.

In the meantime, please specify the type of car you want, the pick-up time, where and the drop-off time and location in your inquiry.

Here are some of the most popular vehicle models we can arrange for you below. So, take a good look. However, if you don’t see what you want, ask us what you need.

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Bus Sur (punta Arenas)

Fill out the application form on the right and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible. If there are any special requests, be sure to mention them in the form 4×4 ATVs and Trailers Rentals – Handmade Souvenirs – Camping Equipment Rentals – Books – Excursions – Maps

We make it easy for you! Plan your trip in 3 easy steps: make an offer, reserve your 4WD and drive!.🚘🏕🏔

Do you dream with these landscapes? We make it easy for you! Plan your trip in 3 simple steps: make an offer, book and travel Patagonia.🚘🏕🏔

I rented from Wind Break and had an amazing trip visiting Torres del Paine. They are extremely helpful and not only give you the keys, but take the time to explain everything and give great advice on where to go. I can also arrange additional insurance to go to Argentina at a very reasonable price compared to what I have quoted elsewhere. Last, but definitely not least, they were very honest and friendly (and professional) when I smashed one at the lights while reversing… he bought a very cheap new one and gave me a test drive of approx. He paid him 10 dollars. …and that was agreed! All in all a great experience….and I should have mentioned that the car and trailer and all the equipment was excellent as well.

Punta Arena Beach (margarita Island)

Great experience! WindBreak rents offers a professional service with full support during the trip. We had a Suzuki with a tent on top and really enjoyed visiting Patagonia this way. They gave us different maps and lots of advice! Very useful! It is recommended.

Thank you so much Team Windbreak! Sometimes renting a car can be a hassle. But with you it was the opposite. You made our trip to Patagonia hassle free by providing the right equipment, communication, advice and relationship building at an unbeatable price. With you, we could enjoy all the nature, we didn’t have to worry about what to prepare food, how to cool it and what to sit by the lake. The comfortable bed was ready in a few seconds, so more minutes were spent sightseeing and resting after long walks. On the way, we could play music, charge all devices and easily find our way with the navigation and adapters you included. Hassle-free packaging with lots of specific gems and candies to find! Thank you very much!!

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We rent off-road 4×4 vehicles and trailers. Our vans and SUVs are equipped with roof tents and all the necessary equipment.

We want to help you plan your trip to the end of the world, thanks to our experience and knowledge of the area and based on your interests and time.

Renting A Car In Patagonia

We want you to optimize your stay, so we can provide you with the necessary food and fuel to travel Patagonia and enjoy every kilometer. Currently, the cheapest month to rent a car in Punta Arenas is October. The most expensive time to rent a car is February. The cheapest prices for each month are shown above, but prices will vary depending on availability, how far out you book your car hire and of course the type of car.

The SUV I ordered wasn’t available and I had to settle for a mid-size sedan. Not suitable for my needs. Bad form.

The staff were great and let us pick up the car early and leave it a little late. In exchange for taking a car with a chipped and cracked windshield, he gave up any additional windshield damage that is very likely on gravel roads.

We had to wait almost an hour for the agent to arrive to rest our car. We understand that we meant to come a little later to the counter.

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The download was problematic. One of the assistants was a complete bum, the other was brilliant. But more importantly, the car had its maintenance lights on when we picked it up – so we had to spend the day while they sorted it out. But the main problem is that they hit us with a one-way fee of $950. Which would be fine, BUT Europcar and KAYAK didn’t make that clear when we booked months in advance. They do

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