Cathay Pacific Sydney To Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific Sydney To Hong Kong – It’s early morning at Sydney International Airport and the Cathay Pacific flight is a little late for boarding. Passengers twitch and stand restlessly at the gate. Next to me, a couple knocks around the Malaysian Airlines plane, wondering if there are any passengers. A flight after several plane tragedies leads to thinking about safety in the air, and the wife assures the husband that they can only be delayed during the security check.

After some time, we are invited to the plane and everyone sits down. I am sitting in seat 18G, last row in the first section of business class on an A330-300 A33G. This is the center seat on the right. I’m offered a choice of orange juice, water or champagne, and since it’s eight in the morning, I drink water (obviously I need to work on making decisions!). They offer us various newspapers from the newspaper trolley and before we know it, we are on our way.

Cathay Pacific Sydney To Hong Kong

The noise canceling headphones are stored in a small compartment on the side and are already connected. It’s a nice touch that means there’s always somewhere to put them when you get up. The entertainment console on the left also displays the time remaining until the flight and the local time at the destination, which is a handy feature as it allows you to know the status of the flight without turning on the TV or turning off the movie. There is also an international adapter and a USB port, as well as two other adapters. You can adjust the bed by clicking one of the automatic settings or adjust each of the three parts yourself.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Review

The toiletries kit is delivered shortly after take-off and is an Agnes B pocket filled with socks, sleeping mask, earplugs, make-up pads, Agnes B toothbrush, toothpaste, Jurlique Rose hand cream, day cream and lip balm for body care. Bathrooms feature Jurlique products with spray, foaming cleanser and face cream.

I turn on the TV screen and consider my options as the flight attendant begins to prepare breakfast. They spread a tablecloth and offer tea, coffee and juice. There is also a berry and soy milk smoothie on the menu, but I don’t see that until too late.

I stop at the Maleficent movie and have an awkward moment with the flight attendant where she points to the armrest about half a dozen times without saying anything. I don’t know what he means, but it turns out he wants me to take my tray. Another flight attendant brings the first course – banana cake, croissants and bread of choice. I choose a croissant and ask if they have strawberry jam because they only have honey and marmalade. With a smile, he offers to bring me strawberry jam. All staff call passengers by name, which is nice. The yogurt is thick and creamy and has a berry sauce, but the muesli underneath is surprisingly salty – so salty that I wonder if they accidentally used salt instead of sugar. There is also a fruit salad.

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There are two meal options on this flight: breakfast and lunch, and breakfast consists of three main courses. There are two Asian options, congee and dim sum, and a Western option. Any day I can start with dumplings is a good day, and for me that’s dim sum. They offer me chili sauce and chopsticks of my choice. The dim sum is good, although the har gau prawn, while tasty, has a bit of dry, cracked skin. The noodles need a bit of flavor, and the pak choi is a large piece that is eaten with a knife and fork, not chopsticks.

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The 1-2-1 configuration solves many privacy issues that other configurations do not. In fact, it’s hard to make out the faces of the passengers sitting on either side of the slightly reclined seats. The best cabins for privacy are on the side rather than in the middle, although there isn’t a particularly large partition between the seats. The bed is said to be flat, but it would be better with a mattress as it can be hard on the back. However, the early start means I get about three hours of sleep. The pillow is also small, not much bigger than those offered in economy cabins around the world, but the comforter-style blanket is thick and warm.

They dim the lights and I fall asleep. Usually the business class cabin is quiet, especially compared to economy class, the only sound coming from the computer keys. Unfortunately, there is a couple in front of me who are talking loudly and animatedly for the rest of the flight. I guess that can happen on a day flight. I include The Fault in Their Stars. Eliminate tears and distractions!

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Cathay Pacific Takes Delivery Of First Aircraft With New Premium Economy Product And Long Haul Economy Class Seats

With just over two hours to go, the cabin lights are turned on and the lunch table is set. I order “Bogorodica”, and they put the tray with the first course. It’s five o’clock, so I’m not particularly hungry, but boredom makes me want to eat, and I find myself nodding eagerly when garlic bread is offered.

I get two slices of bread soaked in butter and garlic – hello love! The salad contains sweet tomatoes and Italian vinegar dressing. The cold dish is unusual – there’s bresaola with a cheese filling, which is good, but I’m not keen on the pile of tomatoes and pastrami. For my main course I go for Asian food – I usually go for Asian or Indian and it’s black bean chicken with a bowl of rice. The rice is a bit dry and the chicken needs more seasoning, but no salt and pepper.

A dessert cart rolls by with a choice of three cheeses — cheddar, brie and blue with crackers and a fruit roll. I’m looking for grapes to refresh the palate. Just when I think the meal is over, they arrive with a chocolate mousse cake with berry coulis and a case of Godiva. I ask for a cup of tea and the flight attendant remembers how I take it, which is nice, although it goes along with the suggestion that I drink it with less sugar. I don’t know what to do with it!

NQN experienced flying business class as a guest of Cathay Pacific. All opinions remain my own. Posted by The Millennial Traveler | August 3, 2018 | Airlines, flights, reviews and reports | 1

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Review: Cathay Pacific Business 777, Los Angeles To Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific offers an excellent ground experience in Hong Kong. However, their experience flying in business class was quite disappointing. The food was tasty, but not of the highest quality, and the lack of in-flight snacks surprised me. Even American offers snacks on transatlantic flights.

The Bad: We were delayed for two hours with no explanation as to why. No snacks during the 8+ hour flight.

I booked this trip as part of my second visit to Australia. This time I was in Sydney for a very short time. Since there was no award space between the US and Sydney, I combined this trip with my second destination: Hong Kong. After purchasing a one-way ticket to Hong Kong, I booked this trip with AA miles. 40,000 miles from HKG-SYD in business class was a pretty good deal (in my opinion). I searched for an award seat on, called American, and was booked within 15 minutes of the phone call.

After spending a wonderful few hours in the Cathay Pacific The Pier lounge, I said goodbye to the friendly agents and headed for the gate. It was about an 8 minute walk from the lounge and that lounge was the closest to the gate. HKG is huge!

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific To Ramp Up Flights To Top Destinations As Airline Resumes Travel To 5 More Locations

Once at the gate I was surprised to see the number of Americans on this flight. I believe they were a tour group because they all knew each other. I expected my flight to be mostly Australian tourists, but low and behold, Americans made up about 30% of the flight. The agent at the gate was very polite and told us that we would be delayed another 45 minutes because “the arriving flight is delayed”. After learning about it on FlightRadar24

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