Certificate Course In Spoken English

Certificate Course In Spoken English – Welcome Here we focus on the English Language around the world as spoken and written in international offices around the world. Our curriculum includes a variety of language learning activities (reading, writing, speaking, multiple choice, spelling and listening) using both American English and British English. So if you haven’t done it before, please give us a try.

Our custom-built structure, loved by students and teachers around the world, includes a wide variety of American English and British English language learning activities, including reading, writing, speaking, decision-making frequency, spelling, and listening comprehension.

Certificate Course In Spoken English

We like to think of ourselves as an “online textbook” with a “proven program” that can be used in 100% online or blended classrooms. The course is delivered via a standard website and works great on any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection.

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The content and activities included were written and designed by TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). Difficulties start from “Pre-intermediate” to “Advanced” level of English according to the CEFR (Council of Europe Language Level) scale. .

This ESP (English for Special Purposes) course is specially designed, teaching hundreds of English vocabulary and grammar.

Our content is written by professional and business professionals and edited by certified EFL teachers. This is not a recycled English course.

We offer detailed reports for classroom activities and grades. Everything a student does is checked by a teacher or school administrator.

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Includes an Office and Business English book that students can download and print. An embedded QR code is used for ID verification.

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Ask about our co-branding options, partnerships and more. Do your EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and ESP (English for Special Purposes).

Students who complete the course with a passing grade will receive a digital certificate that they can show to potential employers as a proof of their working English skills.

Certificate sorting and co-branding are now available for our Pro+ users. Please visit our store for more information.

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The best language schools around the world praise our platform. Most schools find that they can improve the quality of education while saving both time and money. Get the full picture by visiting our Special Education, Blog and About pages.

Most ESP (English for Special Purposes) do not know the subject they are teaching. All is well! Our lessons are written and explained by experts, many of whom are certified EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers.

This site does not contain banner ads, third party browsers, or other types of ads that distract from the learning experience.

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