Certificate Iv In Training And Assessment

Certificate Iv In Training And Assessment – 2 The AIM IV Certificate in Training and Evaluation is designed to develop advanced skills in designing and developing training programmes, planning and conducting delivery and planning and implementing evaluation processes. This course is suitable for professionals, tradesmen and others who are training and/or testing or need training/testing on the job. > Duration This qualification requires 10 days of face-to-face training followed by assessment of each skill area. For more information on the length of time you need to complete your qualification, please click here. > This qualification is for you if you train students in a specific skill or are involved in vocational training and assessment. If you want to establish yourself as a trainer, assistant or assessor on the job (work-based training) or in a registered training organization (RTO). > Prerequisites To participate in the intensive delivery of this qualification you must have some experience in designing, delivering or evaluating training. This will help you complete your test. If you have limited experience in any of these areas, or are not currently employed, speak with a senior training advisor to discuss the suitability of an intensive option. > Your employer will benefit as you participate in workplace-based projects related to the design, delivery and evaluation of training. of trainee/ examinee. Training and assessment provide information about the capabilities of individuals and organizations to achieve their work and business plans. On-the-job training and assessment are important activities not only in skill development but also in performance management and team leadership. These qualifications can also be delivered in-house as a customized Telstra plan. Approval of prior internal training (T-Way, SIM etc.) may be applicable. Training and assessment will be designed to reflect the current needs of Telstra’s business, which may result in the achievement of business outcomes. Please inquire for more information.

3 Qualification Building > Pre-Course Before attending your course, you will receive a letter from AIM guiding you in your pre-course work. Make sure you are prepared again by reading these resources carefully. Jot down places where you feel you might need more information about the questions you want to answer when you go to class. > Training Days AIM programs are designed to be highly interactive and engaging. During the course, you will have the opportunity to build on your instructor’s knowledge and experience while working with your peers to enhance your learning. You will be challenged to develop new knowledge and skills in a comfortable, supportive and student-centred environment. During your training days, AIM will provide you with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Please inform AIM of any special dietary requirements you may have when registering for your degree. > Assessment The final part you must complete to master each unit is your assessment, which consists of knowledge questions, work assignments and a third-person report. Answer all questions to the best of your ability and include sample documents to support what you say. Talk to other people in your organization to better understand how things are currently done and how things can be improved based on the new knowledge you’ve gained. Your assessment is a great way to help you participate in important projects in your organization and transfer knowledge and experience into practical skills. Please read the Student Handbook for more information.

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Certificate Iv In Training And Assessment

4 BSB40110 Certificate IV Training and Assessment > Units You must complete all of the following programs and associated units: Design training programs – 2 days AEDES401A Design and develop training programs TAEDES402A Use recognized training packages and courses to meet customer needs Design training programs Short courses based on guidelines provided in nationally recognized training packages Development of skills to design, develop and evaluate learning programs to meet identified need for vocational education and training (VET). Train the trainer – 4 days BSBCMM401A Deliver a presentation TAEDEL301A Provide vocational training TAEDEL401A Plan, organize and deliver structured learning TAEDEL402A Plan, organize and facilitate workplace learning. and effective training sessions. From analyzing learning needs to planning and delivering workshops, every step of the process is covered – enabling you to regularly apply and improve training in your workplace. Assessment in the Workplace – 3 days TAEASS402B Competency Assessment Attend TAEASS403B Assessment Assurance The Assessment in the Workplace Short Course will enable you to develop the skills and knowledge to confidently plan, organise, implement and assess using training packages and competency standards. Language, Literacy and Numeracy for Practitioners – 1 day TAELLN411 Addressing Language, Literacy and Numeracy in Adults This short course addresses language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) in adults, which need to be considered when providing work-based training and assessment. You will learn tools and techniques to determine the LLN needs of a training program and tailor your training to meet the LLN needs of your students.

Enrolment Form Certificate Iv In Training And Assessment (tae40110)

5 > AIM Facilitators AIM programs are delivered by facilitators with real-world experience who hold the highest standards of training expertise. Our facilitators are practical and focus on the actual transfer of knowledge in the workplace rather than theory and research. They have successful careers in industry and/or government agencies, which means they can use many real-life examples to demonstrate the application of your learning in your workplace. > Further studies After completing the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Intensive) you may consider pursuing a Diploma or Postgraduate pathway to a full MBA. AIM offers the TAE50111 Diploma in Education and Training and the TAE50211 Diploma in Training Design and Development, Graduate Certificate in Management, Graduate Diploma in Management and Masters of Business Administration. The course is available in online and face-to-face delivery. If you are interested in our degree pathway, you can find out more at aim.com.au/business-school or by speaking to one of our senior training advisors. > Financial Aid Now Available! Qualify now, pay later. VET-FEE/FEE-HELP is a loan available to Australian citizens or permanent visa holders to help them obtain the qualifications they need to advance their careers, without immediate financial burden. AIM now offers VET-fee-assistance for all Diploma and Advanced Diploma, as well as postgraduate courses including Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and MBA. With no age restrictions, your eligibility is now easier than ever. Get a loan from the Australian Government and pay it back over time if your income meets the minimum income threshold. Learn more about FEE HELP here. > AIM – Working with you throughout your career journey was launched by the Australian Institute of Management in 1941 with a vision to help managers unlock their career opportunities in a changing business environment. As Australia’s premier management body, we aim to develop exceptional managers and leaders who enrich the world. AIM is proudly Australia’s leading provider of leadership, management and professional development and is a not-for-profit organization that exists solely to develop, support, promote and train management and leadership at all levels, not only for our members and clients, but for Australia. big

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6 Senior managers and leaders make decisions every day that have far-reaching consequences. We aim to help people realize that potential for themselves, their organizations and their wider communities. The AIM learning method is based on the idea that 70% of learning comes from experience. AIM’s curriculum and assessments are designed to be user-friendly and practical, enabling skills to be quickly applied in the workplace. Contact Us For more information or to register for this program, please speak to your Senior Training Advisor. If you would like to speak with a consultant, please contact the Client Services Team: Phone: AIM’s extensive offering is organized and regularly run at our quality training centers across Australia. Visit aim.com.au/locations to find your local location

Advanced Diploma of Management BSB60407 AIM’s Advanced Diploma of Management (BSB60407) is a practical and inclusive program designed to develop and develop the skills of key managers and leaders.

Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety BSB41412 Gain an insight into occupational health and safety for managers and supervisors

Cert Iv Training & Assessment

Advanced Diploma of Project Management BSB60707 The Advanced Diploma of Project Management (BSB670) is designed to gain skills beyond general objectives that you can use throughout your career.

BSB50207 Broaden your knowledge base in Business Design

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