Cfmeu Pay Rates 2016

Cfmeu Pay Rates 2016 – On May 16, 2019, IndustriALL affiliates and predecessors created and named the Just Transition concept, which has since spread throughout the global labor movement. At the 2016 Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, IndustriALL reaffirmed its commitment to achieving a just transition.

IndustriALL’s global network of coal mining unions met in Delhi, India in October 2018 to strengthen efforts to achieve a Just Transition and protect the interests of coal miners in the face of challenges posed by climate change, Industry 4.0 and hazardous working conditions. IndustriALL’s coal mining affiliates from Australia, Botswana, Bulgaria, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine and Vietnam emphasized that Just Transition is the answer, with strong social protection programs and sustainable industrial policy guarantees. to ensure the workplace of coal workers within the framework of measures for the fulfillment of tasks on the release of carbon dioxide.

Cfmeu Pay Rates 2016

Participating governments and employers should invest and deploy adequate resources for the research and development of clean coal technologies, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of countries with different levels of economic development. Trade unions also noted the need to assess the impact of ongoing technological change.

Cfmeu Victoria Worker Spring 2018 By Cfmeu Vic Tas

70 trade unions and more than 200 representatives from 50 countries expressed their united determination to demand a Just Transition to protect workers’ rights and living standards as the energy sector undergoes major changes. Meeting at IndustriALL’s World Conference on the Energy Sector in July 2018, faced with changes not only from climate change, but also from technological change, privatisation, precarisation and increasing energy demand, trade unions called for better energy conservation. workers.

“We need to build the strength of unity to sit down with governments and companies to create a sustainable industrial policy at the national level that will ensure a just transition.”

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) unites national trade union central organizations under one umbrella and through them represents about 107 million workers in 163 countries of the world. At its fourth World Congress in 2018, the BCCI endorsed several references to the need for a Just Transition:

Canada’s Clean Growth and Climate Action Plan aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, starting with phasing out emissions from coal-fired electricity generation by 2030.

Pdf) The Impact Of Privatisation On Union Membership And Density: A Western Australian Case Study

Unions advocated and led the Just Transition Task Force for Canada’s coal power workers and communities. Members are trade union and local government representatives, civil society and experts. In addition, the task force will make recommendations to the government regarding the fate of 3,500 coal-fired power generation workers.

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Canada’s Just Transition process includes expanding employment insurance, pensions for older workers, vouchers for training and education, contracts with employers to retain, reskill and redeploy workers, and grants to communities to help them create new jobs.

Germany’s ambitious climate targets call for 65 percent of its energy supply to come from renewable sources by 2030 and to reduce emissions in the energy sector by more than 60 percent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. Currently, coal-fired power generation produces about 40 percent of Germany’s electricity, but accounts for more than 80 percent of CO2 emissions from the German power sector. Complicating Germany’s plan is that it intends to phase out nuclear power, which continues to provide about 10 percent of Germany’s generation capacity, by 2022.

German unions advocated the creation of a Commission for Growth, Structural Change and Employment to draw up a plan to advise on this process. As a result, 40 billion euros will be allocated to regional development, including infrastructure, within 20 years. The aim is to ensure the creation of a new and decent job for every direct job loss; and when coal-fired electricity goes off the grid, it is replaced by renewable energy (along with the necessary energy storage technologies and energy efficiency improvements). There will be a plan and a pathway for every worker directly employed in coal-fired power plants and lignite mines, including employment in new jobs with new skills, income pooling and pensions for older workers.

Senator Michaelia Cash And Cfmeu Boss John Setka Argue Case For And Against Abolition Of The Abcc

A distinctive feature of the German plan is the “non-preferential” commitment, that is, not to lay off workers for operational reasons at power plants and open-pit mines. If the job is lost, the injured worker will be offered a new, more suitable job and will be compensated in the form of a lump sum for the wage difference between the old and new job. The package also envisages reclamation of mining areas and factories. Some parts of the agreement are still under negotiation. The German state guarantees companies’ financial obligations to their employees, and the state pays if companies go bankrupt.

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IG BCE and its predecessor organizations have been instrumental in ensuring a Just Transition as the mining workforce has been drastically reduced over the past 25 years. In the collective bargaining process, innovative contracts were created with new models of workforce alignment.

“The Just Transition model used in the German mining industry is a good example of how trade unions can manage this process. We appreciate the work of social partners, especially IG BCE, during this transformation.

On 17 November 2018, workers from the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) took to the streets of Pretoria. Outraged by the government’s plans to close coal-fired power stations, privatize energy and award renewable energy contracts to independent power producers without a “Just Transition” plan, they marched on government offices and read out petitions.

Union ‘moves On’ After $2.8m Blow Out, 20% Member Money Drop

“We are calling for a Just Transition that ensures coal-fired power station workers who may lose their jobs as a result of the switch from fossil fuels to renewables are trained and included in the renewable energy sector.”

“We urge the government to refrain from biting the hand that feeds the state. The electricity purchase agreement favoring private capital at the expense of Eskom should be canceled.”

Spain’s climate bill aims to provide 100% renewable energy by 2050 and 70% by 2030. Coal and nuclear power plants will be phased out by 2030.

Many workers are over 48 or have more than 26 years of service and are encouraged to retire early. Young workers receive 10,000 euros per year of work plus 35 days of severance pay. Additional funds will be allocated for the restoration and ecological restoration of former mining areas; Preference will be given to former miners during reclamation works. The money will go towards infrastructure in mining communities, including waste management, recycling facilities and water treatment facilities, utilities (gas, lighting), reforestation, air purification and noise pollution reduction.

Union Decline Lowers Wages Of Nonunion Workers: The Overlooked Reason Why Wages Are Stuck And Inequality Is Growing

Each mining community will have a specific action plan, including development of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, as well as investment and development plans for new industries.

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New York State has begun implementing a plan to build nine gigawatts of offshore wind and renovate every public building in the state. This plan was promoted and supported by unions through Climate Jobs NY.

Offshore wind projects offer superior wages, including health and retirement benefits, as well as other good working conditions.

State government funds will be allocated for trade unions and skills training. Discussions are underway between some potential wind power producers and unions on broader labor standards agreements across the offshore wind supply chain.

Victoria Off Site Rdos

California’s 100 percent renewable and clean energy goal is supported by organized labor. Public transit in Los Angeles is supported by a coalition of organized labor and community groups.

The California legislature, under pressure from organized labor, tied subsidies for electric vehicles back to good labor practices. Decent labor standards will be part of California firefighting funding discussions.

In a number of cities, steps have been taken to include the Just Transition concept in the decision-making process of municipalities. The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group “brings together 90 of the world’s largest cities, representing more than 650 million people and a quarter of the global economy.”

Oslo Norway launched the Oslo Declaration on Just Transition with the C40, the ITUC and the International Transport Workers’ Federation. At the same time, Vancouver co-founded the 2018 Fair Transition Roundtable with the British Columbia Federation of Labor and BCCI.

Retail Workers In Unions Reap Higher Wages Even As U.s. Organizers Suffer Setbacks

The B-Team, an authoritative voice of business leaders who believe that business is responsible for the path to a sustainable future, has developed guidelines for a Just Transition at the enterprise level. MTB and its “Justice Transition Center” contributed to its development. The guidance describes “practical considerations, steps and processes to ensure a Just Transition for the company’s employees and the communities in which the company operates.” At the enterprise level, Team B argues, Just Transition is a plan based on social dialogue with workers and their unions to reduce environmental damage and increase efficiency, while creating opportunities and optimism for workers and communities.

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