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Cheap Call To Nepal – Some time ago I wrote in detail the cheapest and best way to make calls in Nepal, access the Internet in Nepal and call the USA from Nepal. This post will detail the cheapest way to call Nepal from USA. Yes, it is sometimes cheaper to get online through different messengers like Facebook, but these features are a luxury for some.

I’ll say this right off the bat – as mentioned in my link above, calling from Nepal to the US (or Canada), at 1.99 rupees per minute (about less than 2 cents), you won’t get anywhere near that. This is the rate when calling Nepal from USA.

Cheap Call To Nepal

I like the T-Mobile 55+ plan because it gives 2 unlimited lines for $60, but calling Nepal with T-Mobile is horrible….I mean $5 per minute? I once heard that an unsuspecting customer was charged over $500 for a call to Nepal. I myself was hit with this horrible accusation because I mistakenly told a family member to call Nepal using my T-Mobile line….I meant the Project Fi line… OOPS!

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I’m a big fan of Project Fi, but it doesn’t offer coverage in Nepal, and it doesn’t offer the cheapest calling rates for Nepal. Now you can call Nepal with Google Voice for 10-16% per minute.

The vast majority of people using Google Voice pay any price when calling a phone in Nepal (currently 12 percent per minute). “Rates may change at any time,” said Google, and I don’t think they were kidding, because a few days ago calls to mobile phones in Nepal were being charged 9 percent per minute.

Last but not least is Lycamobile, which is known for offering cheap international calls. As this article writes, Lycamobile is a must-have for serious Nepalese phones because:

I think Lyca is amazing for serious callers coming to Nepal, but for regular people, Google Fi works just fine. You really have to do the math yourself to figure out what it’s worth to you. If you choose to go with Leica, check out the various promotions they run, such as 20-30% off the first month or buy 2 months and get 1 month free. When Rajan Rayamaji saw that people in Nepal rarely bought electric vehicles (EVs), he knew there had to be a mindset change. He tried to sell the Kia Soul, but soon realized that people did not understand the importance of EVS in the country. He spoke extensively with EV dealers in Nepal to build an ecosystem in the country. But, no one was interested. He was disappointed, but he still had a dream. That’s how TheeGo, which means “cool” in Nepali, was born.

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He was involved in the solar energy and battery business and brought it to China in 2016. There he saw the evolution of EVs. He saw electric buses, SUVs, pickups and trucks, and that gave him hope. Between 2017 and 2019, he went to China many times to do his research because he wanted to build an ecosystem, not just import cars. After doing his research, he founded TheeGo, a company that aims to promote sustainability.

“Going to China gave me hope and confidence that what I saw in China was here in Nepal,” said Rayamaji, the group’s president.

Since then, TheeGo has introduced affordable EVs in Nepal. These electric vehicles are made in China, but with Nepal and its road conditions in mind. Therefore, all these vehicles are marked as TheeGo in Nepal. The company has a small niche in pickup trucks, and what sets it apart from other EV vendors is that it also brings commercial vehicles to the masses, including electric trucks and even fully electric buses. Recently, it has also partnered with the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) to set up charging stations across the country to start the EV revolution in the country amid the gradual growth of e-commerce.

“I would never call TheeGo my career. This is my mission and I will work hard to make it successful.

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His mission, he says, began in 2010 to study how global warming affects the world. It was then that Kathmandu also started on the list of the most polluted cities in the world.

“My son was only 8 years old at the time. I began to feel that I had to do something to ensure that his future and the future of future generations would not be as dark as expected. “At that time I thought that I would only do business which are sustainable and beneficial to the community.”

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To begin with, it has entered the solar energy and battery business, which is supposed to solve the dumping crisis. But when he started seeing dealers selling electric cars in Nepal, he started thinking about a greener future.

“When the first EVs came to the Nepali market, people, including buyers and sellers, did not know the importance of such vehicles. “I tried to talk to these people, but unfortunately they were not interested in the way they are doing business to change.”

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Until Reva, these cars were not cheap, which kept people from buying them. Even on the highways of Nepal, there were no charging stations, making it impossible to take these vehicles out of the valley. He quickly realized that they needed a system like an electric car to raise awareness.

The system should include everything from charging stations throughout the country to rest points, fleet services, battery assembly, battery disposal and even vehicle conversion.

“To change the way people think about EVs, we need to think along these lines. “When they see the impact it has, they automatically believe it.”

In 2019, TheeGo introduced the first budget electric car in Nepal called Dahe. It was less than 1.5 million yuan. But because people have preconceived notions about Chinese products and whether they can last, they have not sold as well as expected.

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Later that year, TheeGo then released the E8 model. Features of this model are made for Nepal. The TheeGo team spent countless hours in R&D to define the Chinese company’s designs for Nepal’s needs.

“The car would have run well, but the government increased the tariff on electric cars and we had to sell it at a higher price than planned. “We have sold the car now, but it would have been different if this decision had not been made.”

However, Ramayajhi and TheeGo did not stop there. Then they started bringing in 20-passenger electric vans with the idea of ​​replacing the vans and minibuses plying on routes like Sinduli and Farfin.

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“The people who drive SUVs and minibuses on these routes are not happy because of the high cost of operation. The passengers are not happy because there is no place to move. “I think that these trucks have these problems solve.”

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As a result, some are already on the Kathmandu-Sindhuli route, as they cost less than 20% less than SUVs or petrol cars traveling the same route. He says the truck, known locally as a Danfe, costs just $250 in electricity to get from Kathmandu to Sindhuli, compared to the thousands it takes gasoline-only trucks to get there.

Along with this, TheeGo has also brought two pickups, one is a utility vehicle and the other is a premium pickup that looks and feels like the Toyota HiLux. TheeGo buses brought to Nepal were bought by Guna Airlines and operate at Kathmandu airport, while the company also signed an agreement with Sajah Yatayat to bring 40 buses to Nepal.

“I believe that we can replace 50 percent of fossil fuel vehicles by 2030, and for that we need an ecosystem that takes people into the future.”

The ecosystem he’s talking about includes charging stations across the country, rest stops for EVs on highways and more electric vehicles, mostly public transportation. He said it would bring great benefits to the country.

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“Nepal has unwittingly implemented EV-friendly policies. “Now we need to take things further to promote the country’s economy.”

The founder of TheeGo said that because EVs run on domestically produced electricity, the country will save a lot of money on imported fossil fuels. To this end, NEA has stepped in by pledging to help TheeGo build charging stations. One was built in Mulkot

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