Cheap Fares From Auckland To Sydney

Cheap Fares From Auckland To Sydney – What would you think if I told you I knew how you could save a thousand dollars on your Air New Zealand Business Class trip from Auckland to Los Angeles and get two free trips to Sydney? You might think I’m crazy. (Well, I am, but that’s not the point..)

Due to the competition in the Australian market, Air New Zealand sometimes sells flights to North America cheaper in the Australian market than in New Zealand, despite all flights going through Auckland. This is nothing new and certainly nothing unusual – it is also common to see Qantas selling fares in the New Zealand market that are cheaper than in Australia.

Cheap Fares From Auckland To Sydney

The Australia-America route is an extremely important part of Air New Zealand’s business, with up to 30% of passengers on flights from Auckland to Buenos Aires, Houston, San Francisco, Vancouver and Los Angeles being transit passengers. Oakland. to or from Australia. Maintaining competitive pricing and market share in the Australian market is a key focus for Air New Zealand.

Cheap Flights From Sydney To Auckland International From $286

At first you might think that there is no easy way to take advantage of cheaper flights from Australia. But you are wrong.

Let’s start with the cost of plane tickets to Los Angeles from Oakland for April next year. I chose two random dates to see the fares –

Return fares from Auckland to Los Angeles departing on Tuesday, April 9 and returning on Saturday, April 20 are NZ$1,893 in Economy, NZ$4,523 in Premium Economy and NZ$8,763 in Business Premier.

The three booking classes selected (L in Economy, A in Premium Economy and J in Business Premier) represent the cheapest booking classes available on Air New Zealand on this route. These are not “special” fares, they are the cheapest long-haul published “regular fare” fares available.

Cheap Flights From Manchester (man) To Auckland (akl)

Let’s look at another option for booking the same flights from Oakland to Los Angeles and back, but with a twist. We will take advantage of the fares and add two flights back to Sydney, which are months away from the trip to the US.

Once you have booked your flight from Sydney, you need to find your way to and from Sydney. Doing this at the same time as flights to the US seems silly, but the beauty of fare rules and the multi-stop tool is that they allow you to book flights to and from Sydney months in advance -on (up to 12 months depending on your flight. ).

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Now you only need to book two one-way tickets to Sydney and back. Let’s look at one-way flights from Auckland to Sydney on February 2 and from Sydney to Auckland on June 2.

The majority of flights between New Zealand and Australia are operated by Airbus A320 single cabin economy class aircraft. In addition to Auckland, these flights are supported by Boeing 777 and Boeing 789 Dreamliner aircraft, with three classes Economy, Premium Economy and Business Premier. These Boeing flights operate mainly in the morning and afternoon, so they can provide connecting services for Premium Economy and Business Premier passengers traveling to and from North America.

Why Are International Flights So Expensive

If you join Business Premier overall, it will cost you NZ$7,673 for two separate flights to Sydney, including the initial ticket from Sydney to Los Angeles and back to Sydney. That’s a saving of over $1,000 compared to the NZ$8,763 cost of the same flight from Auckland to Los Angeles. If you are happy with Premium Economy fares for your separate flights to and from Sydney (remember you will still be flying Premier Business on flights to and from Sydney as part of your main ticket) it will only cost NZ$6,918

If you don’t want to splash out on Business Premier, you can still save money by flying Premium Economy. It will cost you NZ$4,103 to fly to the US in Premium Economy and enjoy a Premium Economy round-trip with two flights to Sydney. This compares to NZ$4,523 for a trip from Auckland to Los Angeles when booked in New Zealand.

If you’re a budget traveler, you can save even more on economy: it’s NZ$1,893 to book Auckland to LA in economy, and just NZ$1,481 to book Sydney to LA return via Oakland. You can add an extra trip to Sydney for NZ$237, which means you pay less for a trip to Los Angeles and get an extra trip to Sydney.

If you don’t want to spend your last weekend in Sydney, you don’t have to – if you don’t arrive at Auckland Airport and check in, your ticket will be invalid. you

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Cheap Flights To Australia

But do it on the first leg from Sydney to Auckland – if you don’t show up in Sydney for your first flight, your entire ticket will be invalid.

The examples I posted above are completely random dates chosen to illustrate this scenario. They may not be representative of savings that may occur at any time of the year, as Air New Zealand sales from New Zealand may mean that flights from New Zealand are sometimes cheaper than flights from Australia.

However, they show how you can take advantage of cheaper fares from Australia and get a free trip or two to Sydney. Have a good trip!

Since the day I flew on my first plane, I have been passionate about traveling. I like to see the sights of the world, stay in nice hotels and meet new people while drinking a glass of champagne or whiskey. Note: Before booking travel to Australia, please ensure you meet all entry and transit requirements for your travel. Due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19, some of the information below may be out of date.

Cheap Flights From Sydney To Auckland From $115

Only in Sydney can you kayak around the Sydney Harbor Bridge, swim in an ocean pool, stroll along the city’s beaches and eat on a CBD rooftop – all in one day. Once you’ve mastered the public transportation system (and it won’t take long), you can plan a trip to Sydney that includes everything your heart desires, and some unexpected experiences.

AirNewZealand operates direct flights from Auckland to Sydney three to five times a day every weekday. In addition, we operate direct flights from Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown several times a week. On all our fares, you can choose between Economy Class, Premium Economy Class or Business Premierâ„¢.

Going to Sydney for a break is a New Zealand thing. It’s great to be just over three hours away from a big city full of fun, style and sophistication. And with Sydney constantly changing, there’s always something new to enjoy, like the Shopper Hopper ferry trips to Birkenhead. Or something ancient, like exploring the World War II tunnel network at North Head.

Many visitors to the Emerald City (playwright David Williamson’s nickname for the largest city in Oz) never pass through the central business district. It’s a shame, because Sydney’s beaches are so beautiful. From the bronze expanses of Manly to the tranquil snorkelling trails of Gordon’s Bay, there are all kinds of beaches for any water or sand holiday.

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Review Of Qantas Flight From Auckland To Sydney In Economy

Avalon north of Sydney is a favorite surf spot, although Bondi is always a contender because it’s so close to the city. Narrabeen Lagoon is a great spot for stand up surfing and Narrabeen Beach has waves perfect for surfing. If you want to see more beaches in a shorter time, walk from Bondi to Coogee. In addition to the beaches, you will pass several sea pools – some are free to use, others are almost free (20 cents for the McIver bath, but there is a caveat – you must be a woman).

Sydney is always changing, so there’s always something new to enjoy, like the Shopper Hopper ferry trips to Birkenhead. Or something ancient, like exploring the World War II tunnel network at North Head. A local Sydney scene

Sydney locals know how to fit interesting moments into every day. They shop where the tourists are, in suburbs like Surry Hills, Newtown, Balmain and Roselle (for the open-air weekend market). They provide tickets to the big events of the year – the Sydney Opera House and the NRL Grand Final. And they love free events like Sculpture by the Sea and Vivid Sydney.

Sydney insiders also love to show Kiwi visitors to unique places. Carriageworks, an art center that used to be a train station, is one such place. It covers any kind of creativity – performances, art studios and exhibitions, video works, live music, lectures, workshops and fashion shows. On Saturday morning there is

Air New Zealand’s Ultra Long Haul 17 Hour Flight

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