Cheap Flight To Pakistan From Usa

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Cheap Flight To Pakistan From Usa

European Union April 23, 2018 at 9:45 am Direct Jacob flights from UK cities to Pakistan from £334! Direct flights from London, Manchester or Birmingham, UK to Pakistan from £334 return with Pakistan International Airlines!

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In October 2017, Pakistan International Airlines stopped flying to New York, which was their only US destination at the time. The airline flew to the United States for more than 50 years, eventually flying to New York, Chicago and Houston.

The airline reportedly loses about $12 million a year on flights to the US, despite only operating the route twice a week. PIA is undoubtedly lacking in several ways:

I had the opportunity to fly from Manchester to New York in PIA Business Class and it was an interesting flight.

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The thing about the “national airlines” that fly to New York is that while they often do it for prestige, they rarely make a profit. For example, in late 2018, Kenya Airways began flying to New York, which they described as a “game changer.” A few months after the launch of the route, the CEO of Kenya Airways said “there is no profit to fly to New York”.

In March 2019, PIA announced its intention to serve the US again. This time they want to fly non-stop, although they say flying over any third point would be uneconomical.

The director of the company emphasized that they have greatly improved in the field of security and that with the opening of the new Islamabad airport, many airlines have confidence in the security of the airport. For example, British Airways has even resumed flights to Islamabad.

The US Federal Aviation Administration asked the US for help in enabling these flights, and in July 2019 officials from the US Transportation Security Administration conducted an audit of the Islamabad airport in hopes of gaining approval for non-stop flights to the US.

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We didn’t hear much about it in July, but yesterday a PIA spokesperson said the airline plans to introduce a route from Islamabad to New York in May 2020, “subject to TSA approval.”

Since we’ve heard it time and time again, we can only guess if it will actually happen this time. But they give us a month for the departure line, which is more than we used to.

It is good to see the positive impact of the new airport in Islamabad, especially as British Airways flies there.

However, PIA has no profitable space to fly in the US. Of course, there is demand, but most of them are quite low-end. Flying long hours on an aging 777 just doesn’t sound like a recipe for making money, especially given PIA’s track record in the US.

Cheap Flights From Pakistan

Heck, apparently the reason the route wasn’t cut before 2017 is because the company is under “political pressure” as there are senior government officials, politicians and even pilots with dual citizenship.

Do you think PIA will go with non-stop flights to US if they have to get US permission?

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