Chinese Kit Homes Australia

Chinese Kit Homes Australia – The news story highlights iBuild’s incredible journey from zero to local hero, now competing and winning on the global stage.

Today, iBuild has 20 employees working in design, engineering, project management and manufacturing at their Mulgrave headquarters and Campbellfield engineering centre, creating more than 100 kit homes and modular buildings each year for residential, commercial and government projects.

Chinese Kit Homes Australia

Clients include every state and territory in Australia as well as Pacific and African countries such as Tonga, the Cook Islands and Senegal.

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IBuild has stepped up its digital efforts in the face of the global pandemic. This includes piloting virtual reality walkthroughs of iBuild showrooms. The strategy led to a $2 million export contract in Senegal through a German foreign aid project.

We are delighted that 11 houses will be built in Melbourne and shipped to Senegal in 40 containers. It also opened up a new market for us, with a lot of potential in other African countries. Jackson Yin, Managing Director

IBuild is now an Approved Tender Provider of prefabricated buildings to the Victorian Government and the United Nations. This has seen the company deliver major social housing and aged care projects across Australia.

Meanwhile, in the commercial arena delivered by iBuild, in collaboration with main contractor John Holland, the new Reservoir Railway Station – the first train station in Australia to be awarded a 5-Star Green Star As Built rating by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). The project also achieved a ‘top’ rating, the highest grade level awarded by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA).

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Through the iBuild Internship program, iBuild hosts interns across engineering, IT, business and the arts from eight Victorian universities. Jackson said:

IBuild has contributed to the skills and employability of at least 100 Victorian students in the past year alone, creating lasting social and cultural impact, as well as a talent pipeline for new employee recruits .

IBuild managing director Jackson Yin said the business was proud to be selected as a state finalist in Australia’s most prestigious business awards program.

“The Telstra Business Awards are very competitive, and reaching the State Finals is a great achievement for our hard-working team,” Jackson said.

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When Jackson Yin and Michael Zeng moved to Australia from China in the late 1990s, finding affordable housing was nearly impossible. The couple quickly decided that building a house in Australia was among the most expensive and time-consuming places in the world to do it.

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A research and development journey to find fast and economical housing solutions culminated in the creation of iBuild, a startup specializing in the design and supply of kit homes and prefabricated buildings.

Elegant, smart and flexible, iBuild products are designed to support excellent living and working conditions in almost any location. Our Butterfly and Lekofly modular technology, allows our customers to build a 7-star sustainable home to lock in 7 days or less.

IBuild aims to address key customer concerns around housing affordability in Australia by providing green building solutions that are stronger, smarter, faster and cheaper.

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“In addition to enjoying rapid growth in the residential market, we have been able to win many large tenders and contracts from the Government and Commercial sectors in affordable housing projects and aged care facilities.” said Jackson Yin.

The Telstra Business Awards are very competitive, and reaching the State Final is a great achievement for our hardworking team

Business Health Check evaluates business performance against business best practice. It provides an objective picture of how a business is currently performing.

The Business Health Check has been developed by the NSW Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the Telstra Business Awards and is based on international benchmarking standards, current legislation and accepted industry best practice.

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It’s rare to see iBuild rated as “Excellent” – as a benchmark in our industry – in all 5 key areas:

“Your rating: Excellent Your business is performing very well overall. While a little tweaking here and there could make things even better, you can certainly be proud of your accomplishments and promote your excellence to -your employees and business networks.”

This year, iBuild began hosting interns from Australia and overseas, to provide work experience and development opportunities for young and enthusiastic students and graduates.

It was a pleasant surprise to receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the International Trade Institute of Taiwan Council for the Development of Foreign Trade and Performance Careers of Australia.

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Eileen Lan, an international participant in the iBuild Internship Program, said in a video interview that she gained valuable experience and skills during her iBuild internship. One of the highlights he said was that his blog post achieved page 1 Google ranking within just a few days of publication.

If you’re looking for kit homes Wollongong, you’ll want to read this story from our customer Lynn-Marie about her journey building a 5 bedroom kit home in the NSW town of Woodlands.

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Lynn’s daughter, Sarah, is expecting a baby and they want to live together. Lynn contacted iBuild for help building their dream home for her extended family.

He originally planned to build two residences for his family – one with 3 beds for him and one with 2 beds for his daughter’s family. However, he was unable to get the owner-builder’s permission for dual occupancy from the council.

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After much frustration and disappointment, Lynn consulted with iBuild’s client advisor, Gail, who urged her to consider changing the original plan. Instead, he can build a bigger house with 5 bedrooms.

Lynn-Marie then decided to go ahead with the new plan for a larger house with separate living areas, five bedrooms. Lynn-Marie is delighted that iBuild is so flexible to accommodate her new plans. iBuild’s drafting team provided revised plans to his satisfaction that addressed certain needs such as floor layout and design for wheelchair access to restrooms.

However, the project was hit by another challenge. Lynn-Marie found out that she could not get a construction certificate for her farm shed. The iBuild team quickly helped Lynn-Marie identify the root of the issue, and moved quickly to vary the floor plans.

Lynn-Marie really appreciates that the iBuild team went above and beyond to help her get everything back on track.

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With all the necessary approvals obtained, Lynn-Marie was finally able to start building her beautiful home kits donated by iBuild. The extended family had so much fun at the site, including his niece Esther, probably the youngest site supervisor in Australia!

At iBuild, we take great pleasure in helping our customers build their dream home. Whether you’re looking for kit homes in Wollongong, or elsewhere, we can help.

In this blog post, we will share a customer story about a Melbourne modular housing project in Rowville.

Kevin lives in Rowville, a suburb in the South East of Melbourne. He is interested in a studio for his son near his house. He visited the iBuild office in January and consulted with iBuild’s client advisory team about his plan to add a teen retreat cost-effectively and quickly.

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Kevin’s son plays in a band and wants a private space to practice, to avoid disturbing others. Because of this, he needed a teenage retreat area in his backyard. When Kevin saw the images of the TransPack on the iBuild website, they immediately caught his attention. However, he wants to see and feel the physical product to make sure the design and quality of the finish match his expectations, and the costs are within his budget.

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Next, Kevin attended the next iBuild open display event, and toured the iBuild display center. He was impressed with the design and quality of the display unit, and decided to proceed with a purchase order while arranging for a builder to help him set it up.

Kevin is working with iBuild’s design and engineering team to create a site plan for the studio to be built on the west side of his backyard. During the design and approval process, the team considered several factors, including a stormwater drain that runs behind the fence. Kevin works closely with iBuild’s design and engineering team through iBuild’s project management platform, which facilitates effective communications within the project team, and stores all document versions and variations.

With the help of iBuild, Kevin was able to successfully finalize the design and obtain the building permit, despite a small problem early on in finding a replacement builder for the build as the original builder became unexpectedly unavailable.

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TransPack units were subsequently manufactured and shipped to Melbourne. However, when arriving at the Port of Melbourne to go through customs, the Australian Customs and Border Protection authority issued an arrest directive, to ensure that there was no trace of asbestos in the TransPack units.

The iBuild team fully cooperated with the Customs authority and were happy to receive laboratory test results with no trace of asbestos.

This is the first time Kevin’s builder has set up a TransPack unit. He was amazed that a two-man crew could complete the site assembly in less than 7 hours, despite initial trial and error.

Kevin felt really happy to be able to set up the studio in one day, minimizing the disruption to his family and neighbors.

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At iBuild, we are more than happy to help another customer complete their dream project.

Brad lives in North Narrabeen, NSW. Brad needs a two bedroom granny flat

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