Christmas Party Cruises Melbourne

Christmas Party Cruises Melbourne – Even if you don’t have to think about stocking stuffers, you should plan and book your pre-Christmas functions, especially around the popular Yarra River District.

Come the last week of November and it’s party-centric with free public barbecues in front of the tennis center and South dock, so here are some options to help narrow the field.

Christmas Party Cruises Melbourne

If you’re looking for a waterfront location, why not be on the water? Melbourne River Cruisescan’s vast fleet truly ‘floats your boat’ with a range of functions from stand-up canapes to fully catered meals on board the ‘Spirit of Melbourne’.

Christmas Party Boat Charter

Need some entertainment to wash down your food? You can’t go past the Melbourne Showboat – Blues Brothers to Burlesque all afternoon and evening on the playlist.

Want to be the captain of your own party boat, then hire one of the small luxury boats from Melbourne Boat Hire. It can be served with gourmet food and drinks, or bring your own Esky. If you can’t find a designated ‘owner’ among your tribe, Melbourne Boat Hire can also provide one.

If you want to stay safe but still enjoy the water, we suggest you choose between Pony Fish, slap-bang in the middle of the Yarra, or Arboryan and its aquatic cousin Arbory-Afloat, on the North Bank, near Princess. Bridge. .

Riverlandand Pilgrim Bar at Federation Wharf and its sister venue, The Boatbuilders Yard, at South Wharf provide historic waterfront settings for yuletide parties, while Hopscotch Bar, Ludlow Barand Leftbank Melbournare are directly on the Southbank Promenade, so they combine water views with a great vibe the promenade. .

Christmas Partying: Yarra River Style — Yarra River Melbourne Australia

You are truly spoiled for choice within the Southgate complex. La Camera Southgate and the nearby Waterslide Bar, and P.J. A perennial favorite is O’Briens. Bearbrass on the Promenade has just had a bright makeover. Hophausupstairs in Southgate has plenty of space for larger functions, and for more traditional style and cost, Tutto Benein Southgate is your place. A place that combines style and vibe is the brand new Pure Southon on the west corner of Southgate. If you want something informal, stay downstairs, but head upstairs for something special for dinner.

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South Wharf has once been described as ‘The Rocks of Melbourne’. The historic waterfront and authentic warehouses have a wide selection of quality food and bars. It’s a great place to let your hair down anytime, but especially before Christmas. The Bohemian in South Wharf has recently increased its Latin influence, with a great range of tapas and wines.

The pre-Christmas weather can be quite warm and at +30 degrees day or night there is no better place than The Wharf Hotel, opposite the convention center on North Wharf. It provides welcome shade, good food at a reasonable price and a buzz by the water. The sister venue, Rivers Tepi Kajadian, is an excellent venue for a more formal Christmas corporate function.

And our final recommendation, especially for those who want to be ‘high’, is the wonderful Eureka 89 function room and the nearby detox restaurant.

Party Boat Cruises

For all of these places, get in early with inspections and reservations, because by mid-November your options for Christmas parties may be limited to a few food trucks outside the art center. Think about it, if the evening is healthy it is not a bad idea.

Thinking ahead for those who don’t want to sweat it out in the kitchen on Christmas Day, go until December 25 to www./acara… check out the many Yarra River restaurants open for Christmas Day. Looking for a plan that the perfect Christmas function for your boss, co-workers or team? The end of the year is a busy time for everyone, and it’s nice to know that you can spend some relaxing time on an executive skip-the-line cruise. Our luxury yacht on the Yarra River in Melbourne offers patrons a private space for up to 35 passengers, enjoying time together on the water. Office parties on boats became popular as people saw the opportunity to cruise as a better alternative to sharing a place with strangers.

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It is incredible and quite surprising that so quickly, more than half of the year has passed and it seems that you celebrated New Year’s Eve last month. With the first half over, don’t expect the second half to wait and before you know it, Christmas will be knocking on your door waiting to tell you that Santa is stuck in the fireplace. Now, with Christmas, comes the big office party and the trouble you have to go through every year to organize everything until the pitch is perfect. Because who wants a ruined Christmas Eve party and especially not if it’s your responsibility. This is only suitable for such parties, where the number of people is between 2 and 35, made with Melbourne Boat Hire. They have the best options and services for your office Christmas Party celebration where all you have to do is place an order and forget about anything else. The company will take care of all your specifications and needs before arranging the experience of a lifetime for you at this year’s Christmas party.

Melbourne Boat Hire offers a mesmerizing package where you can charter a private boat for up to 35 people to take them on a beautiful cruise on the Yarra river. The package will include food and drinks served on the cruise and can be customized according to your needs. If the number of people you bring is less than 10, you can order an environmentally friendly package and reduce the extra cost. The new additions to Melbourne Boat Hire’s latest cruise packages include a dinner or lunch cruise on the Yarra River, with stops at three different restaurants for a three-course meal, lunch or dinner.

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If you’re looking for a great Christmas party and adventure, then you can easily use a self-catering rental where you can pack a picnic with a cruise on the Yarra River. Boats will be available for you that can accommodate up to 12 passengers and there is no need to rent and drive a boat licence.

Melbourne Boat Hire offers three different routes for your Christmas party and you can book any of the three. The first route is either the Yarra River or the Maribyrnong River or Williamstown, near St Kilda and Port Melbourne. All you have to do is book a schedule and mention the number of people you want to bring along with your contact and payment details. The hassle part of the deal is for us to take care of and you to relax. What’s even better is that Melbourne Boat Hire are willing to offer packages to suit all budgets and sizes and can tailor a plan to suit your needs. If ever there was ease in planning a Christmas party, it is now thanks to Melbourne Boat Hire

Indulge and enjoy a romantic private dinner cruise on Melbourne’s magnificent Yarra River for you and your partner.

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