Concrete Trucks For Sale Queensland

Concrete Trucks For Sale Queensland – With a full range of pre-mixed concrete products, international technical resources, consistently high environmental performance and practical experience in the construction industry, it is a truly exceptional company.

Excel Concrete was established over 30 years ago as one of the local concrete suppliers in South East Queensland. We are relationship focused and strive to earn your trust by providing consistent customer service and product quality.

Concrete Trucks For Sale Queensland

Excel Concrete aims to understand your needs and be reliable in delivering value to you. Our local knowledge, experience, commitment to the environment and safety ensure that our solid products help you achieve your goals.

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Our experienced sales team, extensive plant and truck network, technical expertise in the field, and range of structural and decorative concrete mix designs help you meet a variety of modern building and construction requirements.

Excel Concrete works in a socially responsible way to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers and the general public, as well as providing a safe working environment for all Excel employees and subcontractors.

At Excel Concrete, we strive to work in an environmentally responsible manner to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. Through our continued commitment to improving our environmental performance, we have received numerous environmental performance awards from the Australian Pre-mixed Concrete Association.

Excel has released the Safety Environment and Health document. If you would like a copy of this document, please Email your details. This will help support your project needs.

Plant And Machinery Rentals

Excel Concrete maintains open communication with our customers and the wider community. Please send Your message to us using the form below.

The 2Ezy™ concrete system has an optimized high work efficiency to improve the placement and processing tasks in concrete floor and pavement construction. While most concrete is optimized for compressive strength, this system meets most specified performance levels, assisting in the production of high quality surface finishes.

The 2Ezy™ Concrete System is recommended where a workable concrete is required to improve placement and finishing work in slab construction. It is generally required for flatwork and large horizontal elements in commercial and residential buildings.

The 2Ezy™ concrete system is designed to provide improved workability and superior placeability, making the process of pumping and finishing easier and faster. This is achieved without the need to add additional water, which not only compromises compressive strength and other mechanical properties, but also low lifetime performance (susceptible to surface dust and reduced age cracking) as well as long-term durability.(less friction). ,

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The 2Ezy™ concrete system facilitates superior finishing with minimal impact on concrete setting time. There is little or no loss of sleep or spongy setting during placement and processing. Care is required when kept in aggressive conditions (environment with high wind, very hot and-or low humidity). Your Excel representative can help identify the above. Essentially, the 2Ezy™ concrete system allows slabs and other horizontal elements to be placed and finished more economically than conventional mixes that are fully optimized for strength.

Bringing you fast concrete placement – Finish your project faster with Excel’s latest innovation in specialty concrete products. With Excel’o’Rate you can precisely control the schedule to suit the needs of your work. Whether you need to finish your project quickly or meet the demands of young age strength and cold weather, there is an Excel’O’Rate product for you.

Download our brochure to learn more about how you can make the most of Excel’O’Rate and product provisions.

The 2016 Census found that two-thirds of Australians now live in cities. Our urban population is growing at more than 10% per year, putting pressure on the places where we live, work and play. The modern urban lifestyle demands that we build better, higher, faster and more efficiently. Materials, systems and equipment must be up to the challenge. Spray-applied concrete, or shotcrete, is just one example. This method not only places and compacts the concrete in one smooth motion, but also allows the concrete to be placed in areas that are difficult to reach with conventional placement.

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But not all shotcretes are created equal. Some brands get things done quickly and allow other transactions on the site faster, while others can slow you down.

To help your business keep up with the pace of construction and urban development, Excel has developed SuperSpray™, a comprehensive range of high-performance shotcrete mixes that are reliable and flexible.

Geostone Decorative Concrete has a range of contemporary and versatile concrete products. The colors and textures of geostone are as diverse as in Australia.

At Geostone, the stone is selected for its natural variation in color, shape and size, which is then put through a process to ensure a hard, durable product. Choosing Geostone opens up a world of design possibilities and potential applications. Unleash your imagination and use geostone to enhance your unique style and space.

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Charters Towers Concrete

Holcim Australia and its subsidiary brand Excel Concrete are part of LafargeHolcim, the world’s largest building and construction materials company. Geostone is the Australian brand name for LafargeHolcim’s global decorative concrete – Artevia. Only the best and most experienced brokers are invited to join BSC. Our specific selection criteria is that all our brokers have 20+ years as their own business owner operator and at least 10+ years of real estate and business broking experience. Not on the job training with inexperienced salespeople who learn the trade while selling.

With more than 15 years of experience in the sale of concrete trucks; The team of brokers has a direct knowledge of everything that is required by the major concrete companies for the potential buyer. We deal directly with the seller so we can advise the buyer on all these requirements. We have financiers, lawyers and accountants available to give concrete advice and discuss your needs so that you are qualified to be accepted as a buyer of a concrete company.

Only the most experienced business brokers are invited to join our team at Concrete Truck Sales QLD. Our specific selection criteria is that our brokers must have at least 20+ years as an owner operator of their own business and a minimum of 10+ years of sales experience in real estate, commercial or commercial broking. Concrete Truck Sales QLD will also create a competitive commission and pricing structure that will make it easier to do business and save you money. We deal with accountants, lawyers and financial brokers who advise you on the best and cheapest ways to get profitable results.

If you want to know more about a particular business, just click on the “Inquire Now” tab and then read the Confidentiality Agreement box and click back to us. We will then be in touch to discuss your designated business. We always ask for this form before discussing any aspect of our seller’s business with any potential buyer. If you contact us, we can help you choose the right business for you, because one of our experienced brokers will spend the time to help, even if you are just starting to look. Call Concrete Truck Sales Queensland.

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Products & Services

New Kenworth 8×4 with Hanson ready for Sept 2022 – Current contract with old truck 8yrs + another 2yrs with new truck – Hanson supplied new agitator.

Selling Hino FG1628 4×2 Allison auto 280775 klm 14600 hours 3.6m capacity as off contract – 1×1 year contract can be arranged if required.

2013 Iveco 8×4 360hp Allison Auto 248, 600 Klm of 17820 Hrs Mixer 7.6 m Agitator – Contract Mechanical Good and current machines come out.

Opportunity to acquire a quality business in Brisbane on the upcoming construction with a good time to be associated with a leading concrete company after securing the Brisbane Olympics in 2032. Concrete agitator truck kept in excellent condition Comes with 7 year contract (Agitator bowl owned by Hanson) Don’t miss out on this fantastic business as it has huge long term opportunity. Call Rod and he can help you secure business finance when you need it. (No GST is payable if it continues)

Precast Concrete Products Nsw & Qld

Another great opportunity to acquire a quality high income business located in an area that is enjoying significant growth, a new town center is being built in the heart of Marouchidor. Local housing developments are underway as well as extensive new developments. West of Kaloundra is a development of the town of Aurora with plans for over 20,000 homes, with an estimated population of around 50,000. It is planned that the growth will take until about 2030 to reach a large solid company. Concrete agitator truck is kept in excellent condition The truck is only 3 years old and comes with an 8 year contract (Agitator bowl owned by Hanson) Don’t miss out on this fantastic business as it has huge long term opportunity. Call Rod and he can help you secure business finance when you need it. (No GST is payable if it continues)

Wanted – Gold With Concrete Agitator Business Late Model Truck Long Term Contracts

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