Cruise Ship Great Barrier Reef

Cruise Ship Great Barrier Reef – Make the most of this Fitzroy Island adventure with a Cairns reef excursion. Snorkeling, glass-bottom boat and submarine tours, jungle walks, and an amazing new pontoon with giant water slide. Perfect for all ages and activity levels.

Enjoy a fast, 45-minute cruise from Cairns Marlin Marina to beautiful Fitzroy Island on a spacious and air-conditioned catamaran.

Cruise Ship Great Barrier Reef

With landscapes, diverse landscapes, pristine beaches and coral reefs, Fitzroy Island has something for everyone.

How To Access The Great Barrier Reef From Cairns

You’ll have one hour on Fitzroy Island to explore the area and be able to work or relax while you wait for the next boat to take you to the Great Barrier Reef. where you can spend the whole day splashing and diving. .

See unique wildlife and flora and enjoy stunning views as you hike the island’s hiking trails; snorkel right from the beach to the coral reef and see the diverse, colorful world of the sea and coral formations; or just lay on the white sand.

After an amazing hour on Fitzroy Island, it’s time to get back on the boat and head to the Moore Reef pontoon for five hours of fun on the Reef.

Our boat is headed for an interactive floating pontoon, an island amusement park called Moore Reef.

Great Barrier Reef Cruises

It is 45 meters long and has one of the Great Barrier Reef’s largest two-levels on the reef, offering plenty of space for swimming, relaxing and entertaining all in one. water and pontoon activities.

The biggest attraction for families and fun-loving people is the new type of theme park

, the only one in the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns, where you can dive right into the crystal-clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

This interactive platform also has two dedicated dive platforms for quick and easy entry into the water, so you can enjoy snorkeling and exploring the reef at your leisure throughout the day. .

Cairns Liveaboard Tours, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling And Diving Lessons

Spend an afternoon relaxing on the sun deck or choose from a range of activities in and out of the water, including snorkeling, glass-bottom boating and underwater tours, underwater observation, touch tank display, fish feeding display, children are closed. water well.

Book a guided snorkeling trip to learn all about corals and marine life, take a 10-minute helicopter flight over the reef, try expert scuba diving, book a dive or certified dive, and for a truly unique book, dive with a matching Seawalker helmet. . for scuba diving but this way you won’t get your hair wet and you won’t have a tank on your back!.

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We highly recommend this Great Barrier Reef tour for non-swimmers as there are many other ways to see and experience the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef on a floating pontoon.

Famous fish can be found every day with Wally, a photo-bombing Maori Wrasse that looks like a cute dog and other friends.

Great Barrier Reef Activity Platform

Check in at the Reef Fleet Terminal between 7.15am and 7.30am and transfer to Cairns Marlin Marina where you will board a spacious, fast catamaran at 8.00am for a trip to Fitzroy Island.

Enjoy complimentary coffee or tea in the lodge, sit back and relax in the air-conditioning and listen to a naturalist’s talk show during a guided tour. 45-minute drive to Fitzroy Island.

You will have an hour on the island to explore or just relax and take in the beautiful scenery.

After an amazing hour on Fitzroy Island, it’s time to start your Great Barrier Reef tour with an Outer Barrier Reef cruise from the pontoon base in the evening. to enjoy four hours on the Great Barrier Reef.

Cruises To At Sea (great Barrier Reef)

And kids (big and small) will love the Spaghetti Waterslide theme park, the only one of its kind in the Reef, where you can splash right into the crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

The pontoon also has two large diving boards for quick and easy entry and exit from the water so you can enjoy exploring the coral reef on your own all day.

Jump in for some snorkeling or relax in the sun and enjoy a hot or cold buffet lunch before embarking on free snorkeling, glass bottom boating, or underwater tours. in the ocean, and pay for underwater exploration tours to see it all. swimmers and divers in the water, exploring marine life in tanks and talking to marine experts, listening to a fish feeding demonstration, watching children having fun to the program created in the swimming pool for children, enjoying the spaghetti water league.

Relax as you float above the beautiful Moore Reef, or catch your breath and dive deep to see the wonder of giant purple clams or coral fish darting in and out of the reefs. sea ​​anemone. Sea turtles and black reef sharks are common among coral bommi.

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Of The Best Sustainable Experiences On The Great Barrier Reef

Here you will meet the famous Wally, a large and beautifully colored Maori Wrasse and a very funny man.

They love to be in all the photos and swim with you and play.

You will find many other fish and a good friend like Wally like a Parrot fish that will not leave you alone because it is looking for a bite to eat or play.

You might think these crazy fish have no brains or are just playing, but your opinion about our famous Great Barrier reef fish will change forever!

Great Barrier Reef Cruise From Cairns By Ocean Freedom Cairns

Glass bottom boat tours are specially designed to learn more about corals from Marine Experts who tour the reefs and explain everything you can find under the glass bottom of the boat.

This is perfect for those who want to not get wet, not be able to swim, or enjoy a little water after snorkeling.

No less detailed and impressive than a bird’s eye view of diving, you can see the amazing world below the bottom of the boat, like looking through a looking glass.

There’s probably more marine life than you can count, and you’ll find interesting stories from marine biologists about every species you can find.

Cruise The Great Barrier Reef

Located one meter below the surface of the water, a semi-submarine tour has been designed, allowing you to see the coral and bommi structures around Moore Reef.

As part of the cruise package, you’ll enjoy an interactive marine show, which you can listen to while looking out the window at some of the Reef’s rarest marine species.

A naturalist will lead the trip and tell you interesting facts about the various marine life you will see along the way, such as sea cucumbers, starfish and the hidden sleeper ray. in the sand.

With an introductory scuba dive, you can truly see the reef again as you descend 10 meters below the sea to swim among the corals and fish.

Australia’s First Underwater Hotel, In The Great Barrier Reef, Lets You Sleep Next To Fish

Moore Reef is famous for its amazing dive sites where you can see unique fish species and amazing corals, colonies of clownfish (Nemo), sea turtles, and the giant Maori Wrasse Wallythe – the best fish of the Reef. !

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Seawalker scuba diving is a unique and fun way to experience the Great Barrier Reef without getting your hair wet.

No diving knowledge or previous experience is required and you will be guided on your journey by a qualified diving instructor.

Unlike traditional scuba diving, Seawalker helmet diving allows you to breathe through your nose and mouth as if you were on the water.

Ship Crashes Into Coral Reef In Indonesia, Captain May Be Charged

You should take a nice helicopter ride over the Great Barrier Reef because it’s what you’ve only dreamed about in magazines and websites with beautiful pictures.

You must see for yourself and take amazing pictures in a beautiful helicopter flight from a floating pontoon.

See the depth and beauty of the Great Barrier Reef from above with a 10-minute helicopter flight. You will see beautiful coral formations and groups of turtles, sharks and rays as you sail 500ft over the Great Barrier Reef and past the Cairns coastline. Do it, once in a lifetime experience!

All cancellations must be in writing. Please note that all cancellations incur an administration fee. Please see terms and conditions for details before ordering.

Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef

A fun and friendly experience for the young and the young at heart. This beautiful 2-deck catamaran was designed to include all the modern luxuries and was recently renovated.

Modern, spacious and elegantly designed, this is a perfect 4 day 3 night boat. Fly to the sea in style. The perfect boat for your next family vacation with plenty of time to relax in luxury.Poseidon Reef Cruises departs daily from Port Douglas. The top speed catamaran is designed for personal scuba diving and snorkeling

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