Curtain Rods And Accessories

Curtain Rods And Accessories – Time to shop for new curtains, but do you have to buy poles at the same time or do you have curtains with them? We looked around to see what standard practice is and found some answers.

Curtains are usually not supplied with curtain rods. You have to choose your curtains and then find a rod that fits your budget, style, and type of curtain.

Curtain Rods And Accessories

So let’s look at some types of curtains and what bar they need. We also learn about staples, cross stitches and other ways to hang curtains. So please read continue!

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There are different types of curtains, and they do not all have the same type of bar. So how do you know which needs? For starters, you can see our post here: How to choose curtain poles [You MUST check these 3 things]. We also have some examples for you below.

Pocket curtains have a pocket formed by the top hem through which the curtain rod can slide. These curtains cover most of the curtain rod, with only the ends exposed against the sides of the window. They require the rod to be put through the seam pocket to install it, so the rod is bulky for only one person to lift into place.

The pocket curtains shown below hide the curtain rod and give a uniform look to the wall. There are three neutral shades to match the decor of any room. Click here to view on Amazon.

Pleated curtains have a series of fabric loops at the top of the curtain. A rod slips through each loop and looks through the curtains. The tops lie on the bottom of the bar. They can be decorative, like a pair with a twisted tab, or very simple with a simple fabric loop. Click here to get these on Amazon.

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The eyelet curtains have large through holes evenly distributed across the top of the curtain. Your rod slides through the grommet and gives the curtain a soft, wavy effect. Grommets are usually metal and make it easier to slide the curtain over the rod. Eyelets are a more casual look for family rooms and the like.

The photo shows the Roman version of the curtain with eyelets. You will see the grommets that run across the top to make it easier to install the curtain rod. The curtain rod shows intermittently. Click here to view this veil on Amazon.

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Pleated curtains are very elegant. They are available in square pleats, busier pleats, and classic tight fitting pleats. These pleated curtains have a classic slim fit. Click here for it on Amazon.

One way to hang pleated curtains is to use curtain hangers. These hangers hang from the curtains and have a circular mount that slides over the curtains. Curtain pole clamps like these have a small clip attached to the ring. The ring slides over the curtains and the clip is attached to the curtains. It can be a chic or casual look depending on your choice of curtain, ring and rod. Click here to view these clips on Amazon.

Solid Steel Wall Fittings Brackets For Curtain Rod 3/4

Drapery rings can be found in metal, plastic and even wood like the one shown below. Click here to get these on Amazon.

Traverse poles are curtain rods that hide the curtain fasteners and the opening and closing mechanism in the bar on the track. They are very functional and even come in a double traverse style for layering of layers with heavier curtains without two curtain rods. Your curtains will typically be a pleated curtain that comes with adjustable plastic hooks to hang from the cross bar. Many pairs also have a separate set of round hooks for hanging from a regular curtain rod.

This pair of curtains is designed for cross bars and has the typical pleats found on cross curtains. These are polyester blends available in many colors and sizes. Click here to select options on Amazon.

A standard curtain rod is a simple piece, adjustable by pulling from one end. They usually have some kind of cork or cap on each end and are equipped with lugs to hang the stick. Curtains hang on them with the help of fabric tabs or clip-on rings for curtains. The most standard sizes for a curtain rod are 28 to 48 inches, 48 ​​to 84 inches and 66 to 120 inches.

Types Of Curtain Rods You Should Know

This style of post and end cap is the standard style of curtain rod. Click here to get this black rod on Amazon.

Most of the curtain rods are adjustable. Customizable styles include column bars, double stars, span bars, and cross bars. However, for every style there are some curtain poles that cannot be adjusted. Some decorative curtains are not adjustable. Castings are usually produced in a fixed size. You need to check this before you buy curtain poles.

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The home and building supply chain store, Home Depot, sells curtain poles. They also sell some curtains. They have a great website about all types of curtain poles which you can find here.

Most standard curtain rails are supplied with brackets. Some are very simple and some fit on your curtain poles. However, you can buy decorative brackets if you want something more fun for your room.

Curtain Rods & Curtain Tracks

Ceiling brackets are usually not included, and if this is your choice for curtains, you have to buy them separately. This gorgeous pair is available in black, bronze or nickel as shown. It comes as a pair or you can order 4-pack (8 individual supports).

These wooden drapery brackets for 2 inch rods are not something you find as standard in curtain rods. But adding a unique curtain rod can make the details really count in your room. Available in silver as shown, as well as black, espresso, walnut and gold.

If you don’t want to use curtain rods, there are other ways to hang curtains. You can use command hooks to hang curtains as shown here: How to hang curtains without nails. Another cute idea is to use a series of clothes hangers instead of a curtain rod.

These floral ceramic coat hangers will make beautiful hooks for hanging flowing curtains. Click here to see them on Amazon.

Curtain Rod Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

These little birds can also make a really unique curtain hanging system. We especially like the way they hang here as in conversation. Click here to see them on Amazon.

Now you know that you most likely bought curtains and blinds separately. But the good news is that you can often find both in the same place, which helps eliminate some confusion. Make sure you choose the right rod for your curtain. Do you know? All products can be purchased in Jurong with our order and collect or delivered to your home. Find out more here.

You can easily adjust the length of this flexible black metal curtain rod – and you can give it your own style by adding finials from our range.

You can easily change the appearance of the curtain rod by switching to other tips from our offer. Tips are sold separately.

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China Curtain Rods Sets Metal Accessories Double Brackets Drapery Rod Set Wholesale Manufacturer

Steel has unique properties when stretched and shaped because it remains strong. It provides durability for everything from skyscrapers and cars to bed frames and patio furniture. The steel industry is moving towards more energy-efficient production and stronger steel qualities. When it is recycled, it does not lose any of its properties, and today steel is one of the most processed materials in the world.

The bracket and bar are available in two colors: black and white. If you want to give your curtains a new look, just change the tips. And you can change them at any time – it’s fun, it’s easy, and it makes a big difference!

The website uses cookies to facilitate the use of the website. Find out more about browser cookies. Vista curtain channels create a seamless style for your windows. They are widely used for smooth and noiseless movement of curtains. Made of the highest quality metal in combination with fine finishes, the channels are available in different models with different specifications. The curtain channels are easy to install and use, and offer a high utility value. The curtain channel systems are suitable for light, medium and heavy curtains.

Create a clean elegant aura with our range of curtain poles, available in diameters from 20mm to 30mm. Vista curtain rails are made of an extruded gold and copper anodized aluminum profile, while curtain rails and finials will retain their eternal shine and finish. Bars are also available in wood, copper, iron and brass.

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Introducing an irresistible range of curtain accessories, beautiful enough to be the starting point for your window decoration. Each piece is a masterpiece of art. Whether it’s subtle, elegant or boldly beautiful, we have eye-catching designs in beautiful colors with exquisite textures and finishes. With over 150 combinations to choose from, our curtain accessories are fashionable in their own right.

Vista offers motorized curtain rails to operate curtains. These tracks allow you to control the movement of the curtains with

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