Design Carpets Port Macquarie

Design Carpets Port Macquarie – “I love the colour, the design, the texture – no two handmade katas are the same and I love the uniqueness that has been felt by hand for generations,” says Margaret.

He has loved finding, collecting and selling amazing works of art since his first purchase in 1974

Design Carpets Port Macquarie

“Buying a Persian mug was a very romantic idea – think Aladdin and flying over everything,” he enthuses.

Hollingworth Street, Port Macquarie Sold Jan 2011

Although satisfied with her purchase, Margaret realized that she was gradually building up her own collection along with other Persian carpets.

“I had others who compared me to them, so I knew there was something wrong with it. It had a different weave and a different finish. ” With more and more knowledge Margaret of Iran learned that this original rugge was not Persian but a copy made in India.

Instead of being discouraged, he was more determined than ever to find the best handmade pieces from the Middle East

Margaret says: “I set out to find and buy the best real rugs. I was disappointed when I found out that my first mat was a copy but it was the beginning of my journey. “

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After thousands of rugs and more shopping trips, Margaret has amassed a world-class collection of Persian pieces dating back three centuries.

Some of her favorite rugs adorn the walls and floors of her home in central Victoria, while many pieces are available to buy at the Persian Room in Kyneton.

“I love pieces that show the heritage of the wearer,” says Margaret “Every piece tells a story As for many paradises, flowers symbolize grace, peacocks are riches There are borders to ward off evil, and birds symbolize an animal that can walk between heaven and earth. “

With knowledge gathered over three decades of collecting, Margaret has earned a reputation for importing only the finest quality Persian rugs. His clients travel from as far away as Australia to find the perfect piece for their home or office

Three Posts™ Gallardo Area Rug In Pink/orange/purple

“I am well connected with the many trips I have made to Iran now and the respect I know is what I want,” he said.

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“Each garment has a weaver’s mark or signature, which acknowledges its origin,” he said. Materials can vary from fine silks and fine cottons to heavy weaves of various wools Patterns vary and may include tribal, geometric, striped or Islamic motifs. Antique pieces made of silk are more suitable for hanging on walls as tapestries than as floor coverings, he says.

On her annual shopping trip, Margaret’s strategy is simple: If the purchase is not specific to the customer, she will only buy intricately woven, intricately colored, intricate designs, or the simplicity of it all. “And it’s a matter of talking to you. You have to have a close relationship with it. “

Margaret’s first visit to Iran in the late 70s was at the end of the last Shah’s reign, and each town or city was filled with markets and people who were part of the history of making rabbs. In recent years, he has noticed that as the country’s population is becoming more educated and moving away from traditional craft systems, it is becoming harder to find good, complex work.

Floorboards Vs Carpets Vs Tiles

“Many people are going to universities now, which is very good, but that means that art that has been going on for centuries has been passed down from generation to generation,” he said.

Margaret will no doubt confirm that the Persian Room is a modern Aladdin’s cave full of these ancient and intricate treasures. How much is your property worth? Try our online valuation tool or contact us for a free market assessment

We offer a video inspection option, contact an agent with any questions or to schedule an inspection.

This extended family home has been renovated with the feel of the charming Hamptons and is centrally located within easy reach of downtown, beaches, sports fields and schools.

Mcintyre Close, Port Macquarie, Nsw, 2444

Open plan living and spacious in every way offering a beautiful modern kitchen with walk-in pantry, gas cooktop and inbuilt convection/microwave and wine fridge. Complete with a wood fire, two split system air conditioners and ceiling fans to keep you cool all year round.

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An enclosed loft is located above the double garage and would make the perfect man cave, study or children’s play area. The private master suite is furnished with a walk-in closet and a stylish ensuite, while the bedroom has two additional spaces that allow for a desk or couch.

Set to enjoy all seasons with summer entertaining areas and easy maintenance areas including front and rear decks, cafe viewing area, outdoor wall mounted heaters and private pool area, this delightful family home is situated in a quiet cul-de-sac with rear gates and side access. The way to the nearest stadium

Looking for flooring options? In each of these categories, we offer a variety of styles, patterns, designs and designs ranging from traditional to modern. Whether modern or traditional for home or commercial, Port Macquarie has flooring products.

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The stores have high quality carpets and other flooring products offered at competitive prices Choose from a wide range of high quality in the latest styles and designs to suit your home needs here in Port Macquarie.

Let Steve, Lexi and Pierre help you choose the perfect style for your home with their flooring experience. Our flooring contractors can help you with installation and give you tips on maintaining your new floor. The best carpet and flooring store with quality products for all your flooring needs Serving Port Macquarie and the surrounding areas of Kempsey, Taree, Maxville and Armidale.

Carpets are a type of flooring that many in Australia consider to provide a slip-resistant surface for beauty, comfort, tranquility and safety. Carpets are comfortable underfoot, soft and warm, safe for children, inexpensive, with a variety of colors and designs to choose from, good acoustic properties and some types have stain-resistant properties.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional wool carpet or a more modern and versatile nylon or polypropylene carpet, carpets in Port Macquarie excel in quality, variety, design and texture. Our experts can also help you choose the best one for your needs and decoration Choose one with a loop pile or a cut pile In Port Macquarie, you can choose to have it installed by our professional installers We guarantee minimal disruption and perfect installation

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Coastlands Place, Port Macquarie, House For Sale

Carpet tiles allow you to add your own personal style to the floor Carpet tiles are durable and designed to withstand high traffic Inexpensive and easy to install and maintain Wool carpets are durable, hard wearing and will last for many years if properly cared for Wool carpets not only provide softness, warmth and comfort underfoot but also protect your home . Carpets can be made from a variety of materials, and you may need to take extra steps to protect your carpet from damage or stains.

The quality of the carpet installation is just as important. Our flooring contractors can help you with carpet installation and provide maintenance tips. Visit your local store for more information and to find the best products to clean and maintain your carpet. Call us at our home or come in to see the range of designs we have to offer, making your home warmer, cozier and more inviting. We serve Port Macquarie and surrounding areas such as Kempsey and Tara

Wood flooring is an excellent option for your home to create a quiet, warm and stylish atmosphere. This flooring suits any place in your home. Using wood in your home’s flooring gives you the opportunity to create a special and unique space, with flooring that will look good and last a long time. Wood floors can last for decades, if properly maintained

If you are looking for reliable and long-lasting flooring options, wood is one of the best options. Engineered wood sold as a floating floor system over an acoustic underlay is the best option you can find. Choose from our range of high quality products from trusted brands supplied by leading distributors and you will never go wrong. It maintains a collection of high quality wood at good prices

A Grubby Old Office Chair To Use!

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