Does Emu Oil Really Work

Does Emu Oil Really Work – Name one superfood rich in omega fatty acids, packed with surprising amounts of natural antioxidants, fat-soluble vitamins D and E, and factor X vitamin K2. Do you rate emu oil? Although not often discussed in popular health literature, this somewhat exotic-sounding traditional fat from Australia is actually a powerful and well-established functional food. Packed with synergistic nutrients and healthy fats, pure and sustainable emu oil is perfect for most of our not-so-modern diets, and it’s great for the skin too! It’s time to give this unique superfood some of the attention it deserves. Learn how to use emu oil and its benefits.

Emu oil is a traditional animal fat derived from Dromaius novaehollandiae – a large, frivolous and rather comical-looking bird native to the vast, arid lands of Australia. Emus are not only known for their amazing size (they are the second largest bird in the world after their lanky relative, the ostrich), but also for their unique ability to store fat for survival.

Does Emu Oil Really Work

This unique fat storage feature makes the emu a very interesting and resilient bird. Impressively, emus can survive months without food or water, staying healthy and reproducing in the Australian outback – one of the most uninhabited places on Earth. Seasonally, male emus can sit on a nest without eating or drinking and guarding a cluster of eggs for up to 54 days before feeding. During this test period, the birds depended only on their abundant fat stores for nutrition. Emu fat therefore has many biological properties that make it a nutritionally valuable resource.

Demand For Emu Oil Takes Flight

The importance of the emu runs through Australia’s vibrant culture. As the unofficial national bird, the emu is proudly featured on Australia’s coat of arms, on the 50 cent coin and on many popular postage stamps. Aboriginal Australian mythology is full of clever stories in honor of the emu, including a particular creation myth that the sun was created by an emu’s egg being thrown into the sky. This oral tradition, along with more specific anthropological evidence, makes it clear that Ames has long been a staple of survival in the region for over 40,000 years of human history. (1)

Historically, Indigenous Australians have hunted Ames with respect and care. Killed only if necessary, and almost every part of the corpse was used for a special purpose. From consumables like meat and fat, to bones and tendons preserved for tool making, nothing is wasted. Emu fat is considered very valuable. Once obtained, liquefied and preserved, it is used as a special medicine for the preservation of food grains, lubricants, wooden utensils and tools, and for purposes such as ritual body decoration. as a basis for using color. These apps are passed down from generation to generation through spoken language, are not highly analyzed or scientifically recommended, but are a simple part of everyday life.

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It was only recently, in 1860, that a scientist formally documented the widespread benefits of emu oil. G. Bennett was amazed when gathering information for his work “Australian Naturalists Gathering” to discover that Aboriginal and early white settlers used emu oil with great success to heal wounds, relieve pain and relieve muscle ailments. (2)

During research expeditions in the 1930s, progressive dentist and nutritionist Dr. Weston E. Price noted similar findings about the therapeutic potential of emu oil. In his book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,” Dr. Price explains ancient man’s natural and seemingly effortless strength, impressive dental health, high fertility and relatively low rates of chronic disease. Through careful scientific analysis, he determined that these traits were related to his nutrient-dense, whole-food diet rich in healthy fats and synergistic nutrients. Aboriginal favorite foods include fatty “marsupials and Ames’ intestines,” he reported. (3)

Emu Tracks Emu Oil Balm 50g Effective Natural Pain Relief For Neck Shoulder Knee Ankle And Back

Scientific analysis has allowed a deeper understanding of the true nutritional value of emu oil and has “debunked” the folk beliefs behind this sacred superfood. Emu oil is made from a unique blend of fatty acids that differs from other common animal and plant sources. Emu oil is composed of a dynamic mixture of omega-3s, -6s and -9s, with significant amounts of oleic acid (42%), as well as conjugated linoleic acid (or CLA) and palmitic acid (approximately 21% each). Gold seed oil also contains a large amount of fat-soluble activators that work synergistically with fatty acids to provide better nutrition to cells. Modern diets are generally deficient in these fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamins D3, E, and K2 (such as MK-4).

Although limited in number, several evidence-based clinical trials confirm that emu oil has powerful anti-inflammatory effects in therapy. This superfood has been shown to be more effective than olive or fish oil in relieving indigestion, increasing wound healing, and relieving arthritis and joint pain. (4, 5, 6)

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In conclusion, emu oil contains many beneficial compounds. While the overall efficacy of this whole natural food is still poorly understood and may contain many beneficial compounds that have yet to be discovered, currently known nutrients include:

Emu oil reflects traditional uses that are now available for medicinal, supplemental and cosmetic purposes. It’s important to remember that in these cases, not only emu oil will suffice. Since the 1980s, this insight into the price of precious oil has propelled the market and piqued the interest of profit-seeking investors and farmers. Likewise, what has happened in the poultry industry is that Ames was farmed and deliberately intervened in order to increase meat and oil production, resulting in a product that was severely nutrient deficient. Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding the sustainability and health benefits of emu oil is that many birds are raised on large farms with harsh conditions. (7)

Source Vitamin K2 From Australian Emu Oil—here’s Why

It is important to obtain emu oil from sources that treat birds with the same respect and reverence as traditional people. The most bioactive form of emu oil, rich in K2 and bioavailable omega fatty acids, from a specific genotype of emu unique to mainland Australia. Healthy emus roam freely in pastures that mimic their natural habitat and are not provided with genetically modified feed, antibiotics, growth hormones, vaccines, pesticides or chemicals of any kind. Walkabout Emo Oil pioneers Dr. Will and Liz Schlenzog have spent years researching emu oil and bringing a product of great value and value to the modern market. They write, “Guided by tradition and science, our production method preserves the natural properties of emu oil. It leaves the oil undiluted, as nature expects. You can read about their work here. and more information on the product.

Emu oil is an ideal superfood to complement most deficiencies in the standard modern diet. As a whole food, it is safe and suitable for daily use. Emu oil can be easily taken in capsule form (like these Walkabout Emu Oil Caps) as a way to combine fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins, namely vitamin K2 (the same valuable activator found in butter). As a concentrated source, taking 4 capsules of emu oil will give you the same amount of K2 you need in 1/4 pound of butter, about 3.6 micrograms. (8)

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Individual needs vary widely based on current health conditions, diet, stress level, and lifestyle, but the average adult typically takes 2-6 high-quality emu oil capsules per day, or 1-2 capsules per day for children.

Another benefit of emu oil is that it is incredibly nourishing for the skin. Naturally rich in collagen, it is regenerative and also has anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic properties. Many people find that topical emu oil (such as Walkabout Emu Oil) soothes rashes and sores, and it works well when used as a daily moisturizer. food. And, hey, I’m not entirely obsessed with this, especially since most of them (hi, sweet almond oil) contain legitimate benefits. The latest component I’m looking at

The Pros And Cons Of Emu Farming

Basically everywhere now? Emu oil has been used in ancient cultures for centuries and is beloved for its ability to soothe, soften and soften the skin.

Find out if (and why!) it’s worth adding to your routine. In the future, four dermatologists will weigh in on everything they know about emu oil, including its exact benefits, the type of skin it’s suitable for, and more.

First things first: Emu oil comes from the fat of the emu bird, a large flightless bird native to Australia. “Emu oil has long been used by Aboriginal cultures for wound healing and other skin conditions — such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis — as well as a health supplement to treat digestive problems,” says dermatologist Eva Shamban, MD, PhD of Eva founder of . MD and Volume V. In 2021, Dr Shamban says you can find emu oil on the market

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