Ear Wax Extraction Sydney

Ear Wax Extraction Sydney – 30 minute ear cleaning session based in Castle Hill, Sydney. We are professionally trained and use the latest technology and equipment, including micro suction to achieve clean, unobstructed ears.

At EAR STUDIO, we have hearing specialists here to solve all problems related to general ear health and clear hearing. Blocked sensation in the ear is often caused by earwax.

Ear Wax Extraction Sydney

At our clinic in Castle Hill, Sydney, we offer professional earwax removal. If no earwax was found at the time of your appointment, meaning that earwax is not the cause of your ear infection, we will thoroughly investigate the cause of your symptoms and provide a medical report to your doctor for immediate treatment.

Ear Wax Removal At Home Remedy

All ear cleaning procedures are performed under direct vision using a microscope head for maximum patient comfort and safety.

Each patient’s ear canal and hearing integrity is evaluated before choosing the best way to achieve a clean ear. We can also remove compressed earwax.

In a period of 30 minutes, we remove the cerum (ear wax), mostly without using emollients beforehand. Specialists use curting, microsuction or computerized irrigation, where there is no pressure on the ear canal during the process. It is a safe choice when using emollients or ear wax. If necessary, patients benefit from the additional support of a free hearing test after cerumen removal to identify any potential hearing problems.

Chelsea guided flawlessly through the process of removing earwax. My right ear was completely blocked by wax and I lost hearing in that ear and it came back within minutes even though the wax was stubborn and refused to come out. 10/10 great service

China’s Ear Cleaning Masters Who Remove People’s Earwax For A Living

I was suffering from ear blockages in both ears due to the wax completely blocking them. Chelsea were very patient and managed to get the wax out completely, even after almost 30 minutes. I highly recommend the ear studio.

I want to say a big thank you to Daniel and Sandra at Ear Studio, wonderful people with great knowledge and experience in the industry. Sandra was very professional in removing earplugs, warm and friendly, she actively listened to what I had to say and took the time to guide me through the next steps of what to do.

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I can recommend Ear Studio. Daniel was brilliant with my girls during the earwax removal. I was very happy with the whole experience. Thanks Daniel!!!

My husband has been struggling with ear wax for 2 weeks. It came to the point where he could not hear anything through one of his ears. We’ve tried beeswax, olive oil, doctor washes with salt water, but no luck. We got to the clinic and within a few minutes he had his ears cleaned, his hearing checked and he was hearing well again. I suggest you visit here if you have any ear related problems.

Ear Wax Removal & Hearing Solutions

Sandra had a great time with my elderly father who had both ears completely blocked with wax. The ear was cleaned and cleaned during two treatments due to excessive blockage and now he can hear! Thank you Sandra for your gentle, caring, attentive and professional approach to a wonderful product.

This is why we are not only different, but unique from other hearing clinics, guaranteeing delivery. Loading… No records found Sorry, no records found. Please adjust your search criteria and try again. Unable to load map Sorry, unable to load the Maps API.

Please note that the entrance to City Medical Practice is around the corner at 1 Jamison Street – it is an old building with a main entrance. There is a Domino’s Pizza across the street in Jamison. 22:00 Fri – 8:00 – 12:00 BOOK ONLINE NOW Contact Details Call: 1800 327 967 Email: [email protected] in Sydney CBD offers gentle and professional ear waxing. Founded by Lisa Hellwege in Tasmania in 2016, it is committed to providing safe, dry, accessible and effective micro suction technology across Australia. The techniques used are the same trusted by ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists – it’s a safe and gentle way to remove unwanted earwax/cerumen, no referrals required! Our friendly team was previously based in Bondi Junction, our Sydney has moved to the heart of the Sydney CBD. is at City Medical Practice on the corner of York and Jamison Streets, on the ground floor of the Portico Heritage Building and next to Amora Jamison Sydney. If you are driving, there is no street parking in front of the clinic, so it is best to park in the secured car park at the MetCentre (which is a 3 minute walk to the practice -self) or Wilson Parking at 259 George Street (2 minutes walk). Both parking options are best booked online ahead of time to get the best price. If you are traveling by public transport when on the bus get off at Wynyard Station York St Stand P which will put you in front of the clinic. And if you’re traveling by train, the nearest stop to the clinic is Wynyard Station at Jamison St (stand U), which is a 1-minute walk along York Street to City Medical Center. When you visit our clinic, you will be treated by Elaine Pickersgill. Elaine is a trained nurse with over 10 years experience as a nurse practitioner. Elaine has been managing our clinic for over four years. She has built a loyal customer base and loves helping her clients find relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of wax buildup and manage their earwax issues. His years of experience, expertise and knowledge mean that his appointments are highly sought after! He would love to see you at our Sydney CBD location today to remove your excess earwax using gentle, safe and effective microsuction and curettage. Elaine has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Certificate III and IV in Geriatric Care and a course in Ear Care. She is also a registered nurse trained in Australia and New Zealand. How the method works. This helps us determine if withdrawal is medically indicated. The procedure is recommended if you have symptoms related to wax build-up, unsightly ears, or both. The amount of wax is natural and normal; it is there to lubricate your ear canal and help prevent infection. If you are asked to remove the eardrum after your examination, one of the registered nurses will insert two ‘loupes’. These are like small binoculars with a bright light attached to make sure our doctor has the best possible view of your ear canal during the procedure. We then use microsuction and curettage to gently and safely remove the blockage from your ear. For more information, visit the extraction method details page. Why You Need to Remove Earwax Symptoms of an overgrown or affected eardrum can be unpleasant, ranging from itching and pain to fullness and even tinnitus and loss of hearing. even ears. Certain factors also make you more prone to waxing and waning. If you wear hearing aids, swim, swim or dive regularly, use earplugs or headphones regularly, work in a dirty environment or have a family history of wax build-up, we recommend you visit us at the time. It is very effective, and will do your ears a lot of good. The price of Earwax is discounted to a flat rate of $135 in Sydney and a $105 concession for veterans, pensioners, health card holders and children under 18 across Australia. If additional time is required, it is free of charge. This fee is paid at the time of the contract by credit/debit card. This fee may be partially reimbursed by St Lukes Health or Health Care Insurance, depending on your level of coverage. Please contact St Lukes directly or your health insurance provider to find out the amount of your health insurance discount. If there is no wax in your ear at the time of your appointment, the rate will be reduced by $60. We see children up to 4 years old. Discussion with staff is recommended prior to booking. For safety reasons, children must be able to follow instructions and remain intact. Why choose us? Did you know that 1 in 20 adults and 1 in 10 children suffer from blocked or overgrown eardrums? If you are part of that number, you may need to see us

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