Employer Super Contribution 2015

Employer Super Contribution 2015 – Important information and publishing information. content 1. About ING DIRECT Benefits ING DIRECT Life Super 3. 3.

Download “Important information and publisher information. Contents. 1. About ING DIRECT 3. 2. Benefits of ING DIRECT Life Super 3. 3.”

Employer Super Contribution 2015

1 1 Contents 1. About ING DIRECT 3 2. Benefits of ING DIRECT Life Super 3 3. How it works 5 4. How your ING Direct Life Super account works Investment payments and other payments with ING Super Tax Risks in Super Insurance DIRECT Living Additional Information About the Service Agreement Debit Statement Agreement 56 Important Information and Important Information Important Information This product guide contains important information about ING DIRECT Living Super, SPIN TCS0012AU, USI Sections of this Product Guide Information is part of of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) of ING DIRECT Living Super dated 27 March Words in italics not defined in this document are used verbatim in Section 12 of the Product Guide described herein The PDS is issued by The Trust Company (Superannuation) Limited (ABN) (Trustee) including Product Guide and Life Super Defined Fee (Isi this is the specified gene). Information in the PDS and product manual is subject to change. If the change is material, members of ING DIRECT Living Super will be notified in writing. To obtain a copy of the PDS, Product Guide and Fixed Fee Guide or to access information about changes to these non-binding documents, please visit ingdirect.com.au or contact us between 8am Call Monday to Friday or 9am to Friday. . Saturday (AEST/AEDT). You should consider the important information in the PDS, the product guide and the fixed payment guide before deciding on ING DIRECT Life Super. By investing in ING DIRECT Living Super, you agree to be bound by the PDS Rules (including the Product Guide), the Trust Agreement and the ING DIRECT Living Super Rules. In the event of any inconsistency between this Product Guide and the Terms and Conditions of the Trust Agreement, the Terms and Conditions of the Trust shall control. 1 Super Rating does not advertise, sell, warrant or underwrite this product. Go to the details of the rating criteria. 1

Reforming Australia’s Superannuation Tax System And The Age Pension To Improve Work And Savings Incentives

2 Warning The information in this product guide is general in nature and does not take into account your specific investment objectives, circumstances, financial situation or needs. Also, while this product guide is current at the time of preparation, the laws and regulations governing the holiday may change from time to time. You should seek advice from a financial advisor before deciding to join ING DIRECT Life Super. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of ING DIRECT Living Super at any time where permitted by the relevant legislation governing superannuation in Australia and the terms of the trust deed. To enable us to continue to meet your investment and insurance needs, we will continue to monitor the investment options and insurance coverage offered through ING DIRECT Living Super. Therefore, we may add, discontinue or eliminate investment options, change or add new investment managers or change investment methods, asset classes, measures or investment options without prior notice. We can also change the insurance. We will notify you of any changes to ING DIRECT Living Super as required by law. Any changes that are not considered material can be updated online at ingdirect.com.au or you can contact us between 8am Monday to Friday or 5am Saturday (AEST/AEDT). Issuer / Trustee This product guide is issued by The Trust Company (Superannuation) Limited ABN, AFSL, RSE L, ING DIRECT Superannuation Fund ABN (Fund). ING DIRECT Living Super is a mutual fund product. To meet capital requirements under the strike law, the Trust has the benefit of a $5 million approved guarantee from a financial institution. You can check the approved certificate at the minister’s office. Promoter ING DIRECT is a division of ING Bank (Australia) Limited ABN, AFSL ING DIRECT is the promoter of ING DIRECT Life Super. The Promoter has consented (and not consented) to the inclusion of comments in the form and content in which they appear. An investment in ING DIRECT Living Super is not a deposit or loan of ING Bank (Australia) Limited or any of its related entities and none of them stand behind or guarantee the fund. Insurance The insurance cover provided by ING DIRECT Living Super is provided by MetLife Insurance Limited ABN, AFSL (the Insurer). The Insurer has consented (and not consented) to the inclusion of statements in this Product Guide relating to the Insurance in the form and content in which they appear. Investment Managers ING Bank (Australia) Limited ABN AFSL, is an investment manager of managed investment options, financial institutions and time deposits. State Street Global Advisors Australia Limited ABN, AFSL has been appointed by the Investment Manager as a managed Investment Manager for investment assets other than financial assets. ING Bank N.V. (Sydney Branch) ABN, AFSL may be appointed by the Investment Manager as an Investment Manager for the Cash Assets component of Managed Investments, Financial Institutions and Time Deposits. Investment Managers and Sub-Managers have consented (and not consented) to the inclusion of statements in this Product Guide relating to the investment options they manage, in the form and content from which they appear. Sharebroker Sharebroker for ING DIRECT Living Super is Australian Investment Exchange Limited ABN, AFSL, Group Share of ASX and Chi-X Australia, trading as CommSec Advisory Services. Sharebroker has approved (and disapproved) the inclusion of statements in this product guide in relation to sharebroking and related residential services providing the manner and content in which they appear. Custody and managed investment unit prices in ING DIRECT Living Super are provided by State Street Australia Limited ABN, AFSL Account Management in ING DIRECT Living Super is provided by Financial Synergy Holdings Pty Ltd ABN (Manager) The editor has given his consent (and has not given his consent) to the inclusion of statements in this corporate product manual, in the form and content in which they appear. 2

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3 1. ING DIRECT ING DIRECT pioneered branchless banking by offering Australia’s first high-interest, no-fee online account. Its low-cost operating model allows it to pass these savings on to customers in the form of high-value products and services such as home loan approvals and the ING DIRECT daily transfer account. ING DIRECT is part of the ING Group*, one of the world’s largest financial institutions operating in 40 countries. 2. Benefits of ING DIRECT Living Super One Easy Package ING DIRECT Living Super is a highly selective product. This means you can choose how your money is invested. The figure below summarizes the investment and insurance options with ING DIRECT Living Super. There is an investment menu, which is divided into four investment categories that you can mix and match. Three insurance options and a financial institution (transaction account) all in one convenient package. ADVANCED INVESTMENT TYPES INVESTMENT TYPES Insurance Insurance Institution Safe money and term deposits maintained by ING DIRECT without fees Choose from a wide range of managed investment options Smart First Balanced Choice available to all Australians regardless direct trading of shares without control, dividend or control. fees Automatic coverage of ASX-listed shares and securities Income protection Safe investment options With ING DIRECT Living Super you can invest your super money in investment options such as cash and term deposits Select without fee. A cash option pays a variable interest rate on your super savings. Term deposits pay guaranteed interest for a fixed period of your choice if you hold the term of the deposit till maturity. Australian First Balanced Choice is available to all Australians with no management, input or management fees.** Control and flexibility View your ING Direct accounts, all in one place 24×7 online with ING DIRECT Online Banking. Pay only for the features you choose Low and transparent fees apply to additional services and features, such as managed investments, real-time trading, premium market research, insurance and financial advice. More information about fees can be found in Section 6 of this Product Guide. Real time share trading With the share investment section you can trade individual stocks in the S&P/ASX 200, selected exchange traded funds (ETFs) and listed investment companies (LICs) in real time during trading hours. Invest in securities. Plus, get access to market research and sign up for premium research. * Your investment in ING DIRECT

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