Federation House Colour Schemes

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Federation House Colour Schemes

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How to choose a heritage villa color scheme paint by numbers to get the most out of New Zealand’s favorite vintage home style

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It’s as easy as one, two, three: create a color scheme for a heritage villa. Combining the colors of the villa is just fun, because there are so many nice pieces to play with: there are weatherboards (first color), large trims (second color) and small trims (third color). , then fretwork, decorative mouldings, fancy bargeboards, sash windows and paneled front doors. The great thing about villas is that you can continue the count by using another color for the roof and fence and then do something different for the front door.

There are roughly two types of villas in New Zealand, built between 1890 and 1915: classic and transitional. The Classic Villa was the first type of “group house” in the country, built together from a standard plan. They are characterized by faceted windows, double-paned windows, verandas and openwork.

Later transitional villas, from around World War I, have more bungalow-like features, with square bays and casement windows. Whatever type you have, it pays to choose a paint scheme that brings out your best features.

Find a painter near you to help you choose a traditional color scheme for your exterior

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One of the first rules of any exterior design is to test paint colors. In the bright New Zealand sunshine, paint colors seem lighter outdoors than indoors. You might think you’re picking a delicate, delicate off-white, but when you take it outside, it’s just plain white.

Use a pot of test paint on a large piece of cardboard (A2 size), leaving a narrow edge unpainted (this helps your eyes see the true depth of color and acts as a neutral buffer for the existing color). Move the cards around the house, on sunny and shady sides. Stick it on the wall so you can see it from a distance. Check it again as the sun moves through the house.

If there is one component of the home that won’t change, such as the ceiling or flooring, use that to start your color scheme. This ceiling color is one of the current favorites; Classic smart charcoal can be a good starting point for many color schemes, from white or gray to blue or green.

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If you are repainting your roof, hold your paint sample at a 45 degree angle to the sun, as this is how the roof color will appear. Also remember that it will always look lighter (sometimes half a tone) than you imagine. If the ceiling is too light, it will unbalance the look of the house.

Federation House Interior Colour Beecroft

Also consider your home environment: is it urban, suburban, coastal or rural? Medium grays may suit an urban setting, but if you live on the coast you might want to go bolder with duck egg blues. Is the home surrounded by mature trees or is it on a small downtown site with little vegetation? If arranged in beautiful gardens like this one, the blue-green shade of stone seen here complements the flowering shrubs. More exciting than neutral.

Or the home may have a more elegant setting. Mid-tone French greys, like Racy’s ‘Shady Lady’ seen here, always look great in a country like ours, surrounded by seas and dominated by big blue skies.

Take a Sunday walk and check out other homes in the neighborhood to see what colors work well. Knock on doors and ask for paint colors; Owners will usually take this as a huge compliment. Start an idea book with a collection of photos you like, then ask the staff at your local paint shop to help you match colors.

Off-white and pale gray are popular right now. If you want to stay in that palette, instead of choosing cutwork and details in a different color, keep them the same and let these decorative elements be distinguished only by their design and shape.

Victorian Tiles Style Guide

If that’s not your style, try a modern take on a traditional plan. Originally, the villas were painted with green-yellow planks, off-white trim, and forest green or rust red accents. Here, Racine’s “Caraway” weatherboards give a contemporary look, creating a beautifully painted front door with a darker shade of the same color, while crisp white trim sets it apart.

This tonal scheme of soft weather gray boards and dark gray trim shows that you can use a strong color on the window frame, but highlight the fretwork and trim for a sharp, contemporary look.

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This home highlights a modern dilemma: how to visually integrate modern garage additions into an older style home. When the garage is under the house, choose a dark earth color to visually anchor and set back the garage door.

When the garage sits on the street front, obscuring the house, use the same weatherboard and mix the colors. Here, the owners have gone a step further by repeating the color of the trim on the front fence and echoing the gable. The finish of the house in both the garage and the front door.

Cute Australian Country Cottage Painted Green Stock Photo 1757339330

In recent years, black exterior colors have become popular, but may not always be appropriate on old pine boards, as darker colors absorb more heat from the sun and can put pressure on the siding. With any darker complexion, consider using the Racine Cool Color range, formulated with special pigment technology to reflect more of the sun’s energy. This keeps the coating and substrate cool, reducing the possibility of heat damage such as warping.

And then there are some homeowners who take advantage of the beauty of the villa style and enjoy the color. This rather unusual masonry villa was not only given a delightful rolling landscape to sit in, but was also given a yellow paint job.

The final touch to any exterior plan is usually the front door. Classic wooden doors from old villas are the perfect container for bold, fun and welcoming colors. Red is a classic, while glossy black is a current favorite. Here, tomato red looks great with pale gold weatherboards, alabaster trim and ocean blue deck boards.

Which exterior color scheme do you like best? Share your views in the comments. And if you like this story then like, save photos and

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