Feels Like Home Furniture

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It definitely feels like spring in our house, but more than that, it feels like HOME! We’ve lived in this house for *almost* six years, can you believe it? I’ve never lived anywhere for more than six years, so it feels great to be so settled and have so many seasons in this place. It continues to nurture, surprise and delight us in unexpected ways. And here we adapt to our rhythms. Not everything is perfect, of course, life never is, but this space seems more and more familiar with each passing season. I feel at home.

Feels Like Home Furniture

We are surrounded by so much natural beauty this time of year! On a sunny weekend, there are often dozens of boats sailing on the water, and the smell of lilacs and salty air wafts in the breeze from our open windows. There are so many things we love about living here that I may have overlooked in the listing photos, or simply didn’t realize they would have made such a big impact on us when we first saw this home. I believe that every home has its special elements and you can live a better life anywhere as long as you know and take care of your home and its surroundings.

A Home That Feels Like A Holiday

The longer we live here, the more it feels like “us”. Each new season brings more clarity to my vision of it, as well as the kind of house it is and wants to be. Right now I’m wearing more “vacation vibes by the sea” than ever before. It feels right.

I can’t wait to show you more, but I mentioned in my Life Lately post that we have a new rug in our living room! Today I wanted to share more details about it.

We like it because it’s indoor/outdoor for durability and easy cleaning. It’s like the perfect pair of jeans. It works as a neutral that will go with everything, but blue also adds a sense of happiness and grounding to the space!

We also have this plush pad to use underneath which makes it very comfortable and non-slip.

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Arctic Home Furnishings

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Also be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss a post and stay up to date with everything you can’t find anywhere else. Simply showing up to work every day does not necessarily guarantee productivity. Being comfortable and happy in the workplace is just as important as having the right equipment to get the job done. Big companies invest a lot in the working environment and well-being of their employees and you should too if you work from home or just have a home office for casual day-to-day tasks. In this case, the decoration of the office is more important than ever, so let’s see some styles and options that you could adopt.

It’s always great to find inspiration in nature and your immediate surroundings when decorating a space, especially one with a view. If your office has large windows, you can leave them open and bring some of the outside colors inside. Maybe a mix of green and blue would be to your taste. An inspiring example of this can be found in Amy Studebaker Design.

In a small office, it’s usually a good idea to avoid too much color as it can make the space look even smaller and quite cluttered. Think white walls, a white ceiling and one or two accent colors paired with simple furniture and decorations. Again, Andria Fromm can be a source of inspiration.

Feels Like Home Coffee Table Book

Many of the office decorating ideas you’ve probably considered include some sort of storage for all the things you need to keep in the room. Open shelves or a combination of shelves on top and closed cabinets on the bottom usually work well in an office, regardless of style. If you like this view, check out Eileen Deschapelles for more details.

In a small office, you don’t want the desk to take up the entire room. At the same time, you need a large work surface and plenty of storage space. This can be achieved with a wall-mounted table, perhaps even a corner combined with wall cabinets or shelves above.

Every room needs a focal point and the office is no different. A great idea that comes from West Haddon Hall is to take the focus off the desk and other work-related items and put the focus on a beautiful piece of art. You can also turn lighting fixtures into focal points or use the beautiful view to your advantage.

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If you’re decorating your home office, you should make it look and feel like home. A good idea might be to use a desk instead of a computer desk and add storage in the form of a media center-like drive. Check out how this sleek and modern office setup looks at Ae Design. Isn’t it great?

Feels Like Home Apartments, Zagreb

Dark colors are not afraid. It is true that many of us avoid using black in interior design because we feel that the color makes the space seem small and gloomy. However, this is just a misconception and in reality, black can make a space look inviting, warm and comfortable. You can use this to your advantage when planning your office decor.

Another very effective way to make your office decor look warm and inviting is to use a lot of wood and use its natural warmth, beautiful texture and even color. This NGO&ONG office decor certainly knows how to do it all.

If you are decorating a shared office like the one designed by mck architects, you need to plan the layout and everything else accordingly. Instead of separate desks, a great way to keep things simple is to have a shelf-like desk that can accommodate multiple workstations. It’s a strategy that works well for both home and professional, corporate.

Having enough natural light is very important, especially when you work in an office. This is why tables should be in front of windows whenever possible. These full-height windows bring more than just light, as they also offer beautiful views and provide a stunning backdrop for this office designed by Gregory Phillips Architects.

Feels Like Home Apt @ Praterstern, Vienna

This office created by Matt Garcia Design for an Austin home is not only spacious and stylish, but also very well organized. A long communal desk faces large windows and stations are separated by storage areas. There is also a larger storage space at the end of the room. A particularly interesting and interesting detail in this case is the color of the furniture. It’s a bit neutral, but warm and pink at the same time.

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The search for the perfect table can be very long and tiring. When you finally find it, everything falls into place and the whole office decor starts to make sense. That is, of course, if you have planned everything correctly. Perhaps this fancy setup from thefancything can serve as a source of inspiration. Notice how everything in the room matches the entire gold color scheme.

If you have the space, it might be a good idea to add a cozy corner to your office. It can be a nice and relaxing place to relax, take a break and look out the window, read or even work on your laptop. This office gives you an idea of ​​how you can make the space even more comfortable using other means. We love the rustic look of the furniture, the neutral colors and the attention to detail.

In many cases, the home office is actually a multipurpose space. If you don’t want or don’t have the space to create a separate office room, the space could serve as a guest bedroom. A Murphy bed fits perfectly in this case. Of course, if we consider this office closet idea, the possibilities are really more numerous and you can easily integrate the work space into the living room or place it in a large corridor. A house is a feeling. That’s the idea behind designer Lauren Liess’ third book, which explores the emotional connection between the way we decorate our homes and our everyday lives. She advises readers to think beyond the objects in their home and explore how design informs an intentional, happy, and authentic life.

A House That Feels Like Home + New Indoor Outdoor Rug

The book includes practical design information, with never-before-seen case studies of a variety of homes, including a beach house, a farmhouse, a house in the woods, a Spanish Colonial, and other more traditional homes. each case

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