Flights From Auckland To Buenos Aires

Flights From Auckland To Buenos Aires – A Qantas Dreamliner from Buenos Aires landed in Darwin on Wednesday evening, completing the longest commercial route in the airline’s 100-year history.

The unusual route was a repatriation flight for the Australians, a return move on a charter plane to bring Argentina’s rugby team home after the Queensland Rugby Championship.

Flights From Auckland To Buenos Aires

QF14 took 17 hours and 26 minutes to complete the 15,020 km route, even after shaving 5 minutes off the tailwinds.

Air Nz Auckland Buenos Aires And Los Angeles London Flight Canned

This is the longest route served by a Qantas flight, beating the previous record of 200km from London to Perth.

Airline crews planned routes last month to ensure wind conditions in the South Seas and Pacific Oceans would allow passengers to return home.

“Qantas is always up for a challenge, especially on a long haul,” said Captain Alex Passerini, who thanked the flight planning team.

Qantas has flown good flights from Melbourne and Sydney via Antarctica since the early 1970s, paying passengers over $2600. But this is a managed return flight for Australians who have waited more than a year to return.

Aerolíneas Argentinas Confirms A Flight To China To Bring Medical Supplies

“There was an amazing view as we tracked Antarctica, which was an added bonus for the passengers who were excited to get home,” said Captain Passerini.

The plane first caught the attention of flight chasers as it appeared to be drifting over the ice, prompting them to wonder what the plane was doing.

Update from #QF14 “Cold -75C Cheers fm Antarctica through Walker Ranges Def no polar bears All going well Cheers fm QF14 Damien and Alex on deck” Follow the journey here: pic.twitter. com/QdmRV212SC — Qantas (@Qantas) October 5, 2021

Flying over poles is nothing new. The longest commercial route in the world is Singapore Airlines’ direct route to New York at 15348 km, which is the closest route to the North Pole. However, it’s not as if there are several alternative airports to turn around for a flight in the Arctic Circle flying over Antarctica.

Extended Air New Zealand Season Boost For Sunshine Coast

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners were originally supplied for Qantas’ Project Sunrise, a commercial long-haul route between London, Sydney and New York. After two 17,000 km test flights, the program was suspended due to the pandemic. Air New Zealand’s Boeing 777-200ER has completed a 330-minute twin-engine operational flight from Auckland to Buenos Aires non-stop. [Photo: Boeing]

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Air New Zealand made its first flight approved for 330 minutes of twin-engine operations (ETOPS), flying a 777-200ER with a Rolls-Royce Trent 800 engine. On December 1, the flight took off from Auckland, New Zealand and landed. Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires for the next 12 hours.

The 330-minute ETOPS authorization allows Air New Zealand to fly Rolls-Royce-powered 777-200ER aircraft from a hub airport for up to 330 minutes, facilitating direct, low-fuel and low-emission flights. The first flight marked the completion of configuration and operational requirements set by the US Federal Aviation Administration and the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority.

“We are pleased to mark this milestone with Air New Zealand, a valued Boeing customer who has led the industry in ETOPS approvals for decades,” said Elizabeth Lund, Boeing 777 Program Vice President and General Manager.

American Airlines Becomes First Airline At Lax With Nonstop Service To Buenos Aires

Boeing announced in December 2011 that it had received design approval from the FAA for up to 330 minutes of ETOPS for the 777, initially for General Electric GE90-powered 777s. The manufacturer received FAA approval for 330 minutes of ETOPS on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in 2014.

Air New Zealand began 240-minute ETOPS flights in October 2014 with the 777-200ER and Rolls-Royce Trent engines. It flew a year-long flight before being approved for 330 minutes last month. April 15, 2020 – Aerolíneas Argentinas announced a special flight to Shanghai, China, to bring medical supplies and protective materials to combat Covid-19.

The flight shall be carried out by an Airbus 330-200 aircraft specially conditioned for the transport of goods as required by the province of Buenos Aires.

13 tons of medical supplies and critical protection materials will reach the country to help fight against COVID 19.

Air New Zealand Axes Buenos Aires And London Routes For Good, Postpones New York Service By At Least A Year

This is an unprecedented operation and the flight will depart on Wednesday 15th at 6.30 pm and will stop for refueling in Auckland before reaching the destination. The flight will last approximately 55 hours with a 6-hour delay at Shanghai airport to refuel for medical supplies.

The flight crew consists of 17 people including pilots, flight engineers, dispatchers and operations staff. This is due to the number of flight phases, time zone differences and the crew not being able to get off the plane during the entire mission (to comply with isolation orders) so they have to eat and sleep. Existing

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Due to the large amount of material, over the weekend, the technical and commercial team of Aerolíneas Argentinas worked to fit the passenger cabin using a mesh netting that could expand the cargo capacity of the plane, beyond the use of hold space. . In this way, the cargo capacity is increased by 84%.

This is the first time that Aerolíneas Argentina will travel to the Asian region and, considering the distance to be covered and the characteristics of the aircraft, a precise analysis of the flight path must be carried out to determine what is best. Efficiency. Ultimately it was decided that the plane would head west across the Pacific Ocean, practically drawing a straight line across Easter Island, stopping to refuel at Auckland Airport, and continuing on to its final destination in Shanghai.

Diversifying Into Latin America

“This is an unprecedented event in the history of the company. I congratulate all the professionals who are part of Aerolíneas Argentinas in the work done to prepare and prepare this special flight for the benefit of the country and, therefore, all Argentines.” , explained Aerolíneas Argentina President Pablo Ceriani.

This flight is in addition to the 48 special operations planned by Aerolíneas Argentinas and since March 18, more than 16,000 Argentine nationals have been allowed to travel to the country from Miami, Madrid, Punta Cana, Cancun, Bogota, Quito, Lima, San Salvador de Bahía, is given Rio de Janeiro, Sao Pablo, Porto Seguro and Florianopolis. The Galapagos Islands are on every nature traveler’s bucket list. But many tourists don’t know how to get there. One of the first questions we get is “How did you get to the Galapagos Islands?” This guide explains everything you need to know about how to get to the Galapagos Islands.

The Galapagos Islands are located in the equatorial Pacific Ocean 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador. This place isolates them. This is part of its appeal and one reason why some Galapagos wildlife is endemic. Many animals are found here and nowhere else in the world. But this is also difficult to travel to the Galapagos.

The only way to travel to the Galapagos Islands is by air. Tourists must fly to the Galapagos Islands from mainland Ecuador. Cruise class ships cannot travel from land, and there is no road or ferry service.

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Cheap Flights From Argentina To Sydney From $1,932

When planning a trip to the Galapagos, you must first decide how you plan to explore when you get there: by land or by sea. Galapagos cruises and Galapagos land tours are the main means of exploration. Both usually require a specific arrival date and are often group flights, so knowing your itinerary can help you figure out how to get to the Galapagos Islands. Second, you have to choose whether you want to go to the Galapagos from Guayaquil or Quito. Read on for all these options and more on Galapagos Islands flights.

There are no direct international flights, so you cannot fly directly to the Galapagos. Travelers must arrive in mainland Ecuador before flying to the Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos National Park has strict requirements that airlines must follow. Therefore, international flights to the Galapagos are unlikely.

When planning how to get to the Galapagos, you must first decide which major city in Ecuador you want to enter. International flights to Ecuador will land in Quito or Guayaquil. There are some nuances to be aware of with this option, so read on:

Santiago, Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls

Quito Airport is located outside the city. There are airport hotels. Travelers wishing to experience historic colonial Quito should note that private transfers take approximately 1 hour, depending on traffic. A pre or post visit to Quito is highly recommended for Galapagos tours.

Guayaquil Airport is close to the city with a quick 20 minute transfer to most hotels. Guayaquil is popular with tourists who go directly to the Galapagos with minimal travel time.

Since flights from Quito and Guayaquil to the Galapagos Islands depart in the morning, an overnight hotel stay is almost always required.

We recommend that travelers arrive in Ecuador at least 2 nights before flying to the Galapagos Islands.

Qantas To Operate Three Special Flights To Buenos Aires

Most flights are from North America

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