Goodstart Early Learning Buderim

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Goodstart Early Learning Buderim

Fees include education and development programs, meals provided, diapers, the above fees are based on a session fee of 10 hours per day, 3 days a week. Please note that selecting a different combination of days or times may increase or decrease the daily rate.

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Welcome to Goodstart Campbelltown! Just 20 minutes from the heart of Adelaide, Goodstart Campbelltown caters for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years. A dedicated team provides high quality education and care. Children at Goodstart Campbelltown are nurtured and inspired in an early learning environment with a full focus on child development. Large outdoor areas have plenty of room for children to play and run around with plenty of shade. The large yard includes outdoor play equipment, such as a cubby house and climbing frames, a mud kitchen, a vegetable patch, a large sand pit, and peach trees. There are also two unique indoor/outdoor areas where children can continue to play in the fresh air all year round. Inside, children can play and learn with a variety of age-appropriate resources, including a welcoming reading corner, arts and crafts, and educational toys. Goodstart Campbelltown is situated in a convenient but quiet pocket of Campbelltown town, close to schools, shops, public amenities and easy access to public transport. So, why not book a trip to this warm and welcoming community today? Additional amenities: Bilingual and multi-cultural instructors Large yard with game and play room Indoor/outdoor all-weather playground Strong family-community ties Experienced and highly experienced teachers provide morning, afternoon tea and breakfast.

At Goodstart Campbelltown Children’s Centre, the curriculum is a teacher-led learning framework supported by the Early Years Learning Framework. In addition, teachers run programs based on sensory play, including school readiness and transition into the school system.

I was sure she didn’t want to be away from me. However, now she loves coming to childcare and mornings are much easier. He immediately felt safe and secure to participate in activities and the staff always welcomed him warmly. The staff here make a great effort to get to know the families together and the children individually. They make themselves available to answer any questions and are happy to talk to me when I call to check on my daughter. I appreciate the great effort made by the staff in daily activities, procedures, information filling, learning outcomes and dealing with many different children with different needs. Choosing Goodstart was a good decision.

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We placed our son at the center at 6 months old and immediately the staff developed a great environment where he thrived and looked forward to his arrival. He is now 14 months old and his social skills have improved significantly and he is using the gentleness and skills he is being taught outside of the facility. We are very happy with the way he is developing and it guides us as parents to activities that we can offer to complement what he is doing at the centre. Good job by the whole team and we are glad we trusted our son in your care.

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I am so glad I made the decision to take Cameron to Goodstart Campbelltown. I sent him to this center to get social skills and learn new things. The center director was great in informing us about the center and helping me through the setup process. Molly was great on our first date, encouraging me to go when Cam cried and calling after 10 minutes to check on his progress. Dot was great at the cottage and Cameron communicated very well with her. Carolyn and Lisa were both sweet when Cam came up from the small room. I enjoyed hearing about my sons day from Lisa, she was so engaging and fun to talk to. Cameron had a special connection with Lisa. Thank you to everyone at Goodstart Campbelltown for giving us such a great experience. We will be back again with our second child who is now 6 years old.

My daughter started there in the nursing room and is now going to junior kindergarten. She loves it there and I am so happy to see her transformation in so many beautiful ways. The staff is very nice and helpful, they always have a nice smile. Handling is also good.

I love this feature! The staff are approachable and always attuned to your children’s needs. My oldest son loves to walk every day and so do my almost one year old twins. I have collaborated and worked at many centers in the past and one thing that stands out to me is how much Mardi, the center director, knows and loves all the children. He is 100% committed to children and families and it shows in the other staff. Thanks guys for all you do!

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I highly recommend this feature! Teachers are smart. I admitted my son at 6 months and he is still growing after 4 years. Now he’s kind and I’ve seen him grow – thanks to his teachers and tutors. It really is a family place and the care they take with each child is appreciated. Thank you Mardi, Swati, Nagma, Emily and Andrea for raising my son.

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My daughter had a good relationship with the staff in her room. They provide children with excellent learning opportunities and a warm and caring environment.

An excellent institution. Amazing staff who regularly interact with children and parents. My boys always look forward to their days at the center, and they always arrive and leave with big smiles on their faces.

Campbelltown Goodstart is the ultimate family destination! All the staff know everything about my boys and really care about their development and well-being. My boys love the center and all the staff equally and have built loving relationships with everyone involved.

Our vision is to give Australian children the best start in life and our mission is to ensure children have the educational, developmental and social outcomes they need in school and in life. Our Goodstarters are what make us different – they are guided by our values ​​and driven to set new standards for a child’s learning and development in the most important years – the first five years.

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The community-based center ensures that children at Goodstart Campbelltown have access to a variety of programs. Bilingual and multicultural teachers integrate their languages ​​into the curriculum.

Goodstart Campbelltown’s passionate teachers are committed to building and maintaining meaningful and authentic relationships with families and their children. The StoryPark platform – an online learning portfolio for children – ensures that families are connected and up-to-date with children’s development.

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The first five years are a very important time for children, a lot of learning takes place during this time and it is our role as teachers to work together with parents to provide rich learning opportunities based on play for each child to explore, practice. Things skills and become confident learners. I strongly believe in the importance and value of high quality early education and together with our dedicated team of professional, experienced teachers and educators we strive to provide this for our children and families at Goodstart Campbelltown.

Goodstart provides morning tea, afternoon tea and breakfast at the Campbelltown site. Children bring their own lunch, which also exposes children to different cultures.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – a big thank you to the Good Start Buderim team. The team is what makes childcare incredible. We are always looking for new ways to invest in our children but prioritize ways to work with us as parents to achieve specific goals with our children. My 3 children went to Good Start Buderim and they are all very different – 2 of them are now in primary school. Thank you for helping me understand how to work with and with them as a parent.

It started when my daughter went from the nursing room to junior kindergarten. She loves it there and I am so happy to see her transformation in so many beautiful ways. The staff is very nice and helpful, they always have a nice smile. Handling is also good.

My son settled in quickly thanks to the teachers’ welcome gift. He often asks me to go to school on weekends. Be very happy!

Our son has been here since he was 6 months old and is now 3 years old. The growth, skills and confidence they demonstrate is a direct result of the positive social environment they find in the institution which gives us as parents the ability to continue this foundation.

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