Halal Meat Gold Coast

Halal Meat Gold Coast – When traveling with parents and children, you should always be prepared to prepare a variety of cuisines to suit each other’s tastes. Our parents must have strict halal food and they get bored of eating the same food every day. Well, I hope this blog will help you with some helpful suggestions and recommendations.

We flew from Singapore to Brisbane International Airport where we rented a car. I highly recommend driving on the Gold Coast where public transport is minimal and traffic is very smooth. Just set yourself up with mobile data (we bought 3G) to get Google Maps while driving.

Halal Meat Gold Coast

The drive from Brisbane to the Gold Coast is about an hour and we arrived at the Gold Coast around 10pm (Aussie time). Then our father got hungry … but don’t worry … we drove around Harbortown and a Halal restaurant was still open opposite Harbortown. “Lángoló Sénház” is open on weekdays from 9:30 am to 10 pm and on weekends from 10 am to 10 pm. Here are some pictures and the menu. Their charcoal fried chicken wasn’t too bad, but since they were about to close, the dessert was already sold out.

Golden Gate Xpress

Curry Express was in the same location and served breakfast for $9.90 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (8am to 12pm). Well, if you like curry, this is your option…

We stayed in an apartment in Biggera Waters for cooking, especially if you are with parents and children who can be very picky about their food. Don’t forget Maggi (cups), ready-to-cook gravy/condiments, packaged chilli sauces and ABC Homestyle Sambal Terasi (yummy). Yes, you can bring them into Australia as long as you declare them to customs. Please do not hide anything from customs to enter Australia safely.

If you want lunch we went to the “Paradise Region” where lunch doesn’t start until noon and you can buy it with your ticket. When we arrived we emailed them to ask for halal meat but since their meat is halal you don’t have to do that anymore. Choice of meat: fish, chicken or beef. Beef in one line, fish and chicken in another. The side dishes were buffet style and you could choose between salad, spaghetti and potatoes…oh and the creamed potatoes were delicious. The pink lemonade was expensive ($7.90 I think) but you got to take the container home and it was good. So, if you plan your morning in the land of paradise itself, it can be done in half a day. Stockhorse Show (10.30), Shepherd Dog Show (11.00) and Sheep Shearing (1130.00), you can still have lunch in time. After lunch you can enjoy the rest of the walk. Please arrive by 10am if you have children petting the guinea pigs.

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Then we went to Azim’s Halal Meat at 37 Beale Street. Really affordable chicken wings, sausage, beef, etc.

Persian Restaurant Gold Coast, Middle Eastern & Halal Certified

If you wanted to buy seafood, there was the Harbor Seafood Market, which sold strictly seafood. But the cost is higher than Singapore. Prawns are around USD 20++/kg. They sell good fish and chips there. The kids enjoyed it.

We also stopped at Harbortown. We went to the Harbortown Discount Fruit Barn, with a variety of fruits at wholesale prices, you can really go crazy there. Imagine a pundi strawberry is 99 cents when you pay about $5 in Singapore. A tray of peaches for $5 ……more deals especially at the end of the day…my parents thought it was fruit heaven. Food items like Indian spices, yogurt and fresh vegetables were also sold there. But be careful, read the labels of the spice, unless it is pure cumin, curry, etc, the mixture is not halal.

Next to the Fruit Barn were “Asian Grocery Stores” where you can get lots of halal spice mixes if you don’t bring your own. Mixes like chicken rendang, curry paste, seafood paste and tom yum. They usually cost around $5 a bottle. You can also find Kickap Kipas there 🙂

If you don’t want to see the Halal logo on the bottled mixes you buy, you can go to the nearby Woolsworth and find some pre-mixed spices (Ayam brand), marinades and pre-made sauces. At half price ($2++). But be sure to read the content.

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Halal Dating Guides: New York

The next day was market day. Early in the morning we went to Nerang market and found a halal food stall called “Gozleme World” so if you already had breakfast… $10 for a set. The fresh breads and cakes were eye-catching.

Then we went to Carrara Market and tried “Casa de Churros”…. It’s not really on my recommendation list because they used powdered sugar instead of brown sugar, which was a bit tricky. Expensive too. If you walk across the bridge to the other side of Carrara, you will find a small stall of halal “Traditional Turkish Goslem”.

Halal was the easiest food to find in Surfers Paradise if you don’t mind the slightly high price of hotels/apartments. So the only halal seafood restaurant available in Gold Coast is ‘Golden Legends Malaysian Seafood Restaurant’ which is expensive and only open at certain hours: 12-3pm to 1-11pm which we couldn’t reach. But there are other halal restaurants.

Curry Express was in the same area where my parents wanted to eat. But personally not recommended because my fish was raw and I took it back. There was only one girl serving there so the service was very poor and no variety.

Wholesale Lamb & Mutton Cuts

Halal “Cedar House Pizza & Kebab” was very close. A delicious Margherita Pizza for kids. Recommended.

We spent some time on the beach and at the Surfer’s Paradise Beachfront Markets. Kebab shops/restaurants are not difficult to find in surfer’s paradise. If you decide to go to Ripley too, there are many kebab places like ‘Anatolia Kebab’, ‘Theos Kebab’ and if you pass by ‘Bahas Pizza & Kebab’, you should go to Pepperoni’s Pizza. Really tasty and very juicy.

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The world of Warner Bros. cinema has changed a lot since we last visited in 2008. There used to be an international halal buffet, but now the only halal restaurant in Warner Brothers was the ‘Legend’s Dining Room’ hidden behind Rick’s Cafe, which was really pathetic. They serve vegetarian and halal food, which offers a bit of variety for kids and adults, but dishes like curry fried noodles were disappointing.

There is absolutely no Halal food at SeaWorld. However, vegetarian dishes were served along with non-halal meat, so please go with a full stomach or consider packing a lunch.

Hotels With Award Winning Halal Restaurants

We went to Target Westfield for ‘Kofteburger’ and ‘Wrap n Kebab’. These halal establishments were not allowed to display their halal signs as they were in a public restaurant.

Tropical Fruit World did not have halal food, but the cafe does sell muffins, cakes and fruit ice cream. But buying fruit at the fruit market in the port city was much cheaper than here.

Well, that’s it on the Gold Coast… Please check out the Brisbane blog to continue the journey. Thanks guys.

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