Happy Valley Manuka Honey

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Special taste – but at the same time it is raw, so it is not heat treated and minimally processed. Add it to anything that calls for joy. The perfect honey for a busy kitchen

Happy Valley Manuka Honey

This product range is the perfect blend of Happy Valleys premium tasting multifloral manuka honey in a convenient extract form. Flavor is not compromised and neither is the quality of your honey.

Nz Bee Venom & Honey

Our Multifloral Manuka Honey meets the MPI definition for multifloral and is a natural bee honey when raised in natural and native bush. The strong presence of Manuka was palatable and the bees collected nectar from other sources.

Manuka has a very unique New Zealand flavor profile and is a gentle and perfect introduction to New Zealand flavors. Manuka honey is perfect with a savory dish because its flavor can hold it together with a strong yet delicious texture that can be added to almost any unique herb, such as sweetbreads and other sweeteners.

This honey is made with a lot of joy and love, ensuring that it is as raw as nature. This means no heat treatment and little processing and softening. From our nest to yours.

Happy Valley Mānuka Honey UMF® 15+ 250G S $ 78.80 Happy Valley New Zealand Propolis Throat Spray S $ 24.50 Happy Valley Premium New Zealand Manuka Ginger Honey (500g) S $ 29.90 Happy Valley Premium New Zealand Manuka 500g. $)

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Umf 7+ Manuka Honey (8.8oz)

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