He Died With His Boots On

He Died With His Boots On – At Hanover, Custer charges twice. The first is the 7th Pa, the second is the 5th and 6th Pa. At the start of both loadouts, colors have 35 stars. As noted along with someone else on this website, the 35th star was not added until July 4, 1863, the day after the Battle of Gettysburg ended. But on the second charge the flag loses a star. In the beginning, there is a flag with 35 stars. Then, he is only 34 years old.

Another historical inaccuracy is that Crazy Horse and Custer never met face to face. Given Crazy Horse’s relative anonymity, it is unlikely that Little Big Horn would have been identified had he been captured before.

He Died With His Boots On

In the thread, George Armstrong Custer claims there is no gold in the Black Hills, but he actually led an expedition in 1874 that found gold near French Creek.

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Ovie shows Custer and the Seventh charging with swords, which is hard to do since they didn’t bring it with this campaign.

In several scenes (such as during Custer’s climb into the Black Hills and later during his charge at the Little Big Horn), the sky that was originally shot was later replaced as a visual effect. Clouds do not harmonize with the sky in the background hills and other elements of the photos.

In the final battle scene where the Indians overpower the soldiers, a warrior jumps over a soldier. To the left of the scene, a white building or barn is clearly visible.

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During Custer’s first arrival at Fort Abraham Lincoln, a soldier announces his arrival and stands in front of a plaque describing the establishment of the fort in the 1930s.

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More tire tracks can be seen at the end of the road as the 7th Cavalry pursues Crazy Horse and the Indian war party.

The montage dedicated to “Gary Owen” shows the song performed with greater sophistication from one scene to the next. However, audio is just one long recording of different images stitched together. This is clear from the start. The piano kicks in before the butler has a chance to fully settle in, and the concertina-playing soldier’s hands are out of sync with the soundtrack.

In the last battle, a soldier fighting an Indian was shot in the back by another Indian’s arrow. The outline of the square block is clearly visible under his arrow-shot robes.

The 7th Cavalry is described as being organized at Fort Abraham Lincoln in Dakota Territory. It was originally organized at Fort Riley, Kansas, and its first campaigns were against the southern Cheyenne, not the Lakota.

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As Judge Bacon speaks to the preacher while collecting the rent, the ships are clearly visible above the rooftops. Nothing near Onroy, Ichigan.

At the First Battle of Bull Run (Anassas), soldiers are shown riding fairly large hills. The hills seem almost barren. The actual battlefield is on a gently rolling hill with lots of vegetation.

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“Queen’s Own Butler” opens with Custer playing “Gary Owen” during the Civil War in a bar. A few years later, Custer and his officers meet Butler, after which Custer tells him that he is hunting the song, but cannot hear it. Butler sits at a piano and plays it for Custer and his officers. Although the officers hear the song for the first beat, everyone knows the words and starts singing along.

During the office scene discussing which cadets can graduate early, you can see the shadow of the book on the back left wall of the lounge.

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Ulysses S. Grant graduated from West Point in 1843, ranked 21st in a class of 39 — not at the bottom of his class, like the characters in Ovie’s show.

Libby Custer did not call her husband George. Like other believers, she called him hi by his nickname “Ottie,” a childhood pronunciation of the passive ne Armstrong.

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