High Pressure Steam Cleaner For Sale

High Pressure Steam Cleaner For Sale – Remember that feeling when your car was brand new and your driveway was freshly paved? When did your garden furniture first appear and were your garden walls still moss-free? It was a real WOW moment! But dust, dirt and uncontrolled growth will do nothing for you and your Kärcher pressure washer. WOW is still there. Bring it back! You and your Kärcher – tackle the mess with serious power and enjoy doing it. Turn dirty work into pure pleasure. Bring back the WOW.

With the first app-enabled pressure washers, you’re now in the big leagues. Master the Kärcher Smart Control range directly from your smartphone and, with the help of the app advisor, learn about the various accessories that provide perfect pressure and optimal cleaning results for everything you clean.

High Pressure Steam Cleaner For Sale

Simply connect the Smart Control high-pressure washer to the Kärcher Home & Garden app on your smartphone to make cleaning easier and more efficient. Because the application advisor in the app provides practical advice and recommendations for many cleaning and object cleaning situations, such as the optimal pressure level for the object to be cleaned.

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Smart Control devices have a boost mode for extra power. More pressure is applied for 30 seconds, so tougher stains are no longer a problem. Boost mode can be activated using a spray gun or an app.

With smart equipment such as the Smart Control spray gun, the Multi Jet 3 in 1 spray nozzle and the Plug ‘n’ Clean detergent system, you can complete any cleaning task with peace of mind.

By turning the 3-in-1 Multi Jet, you can directly select different spray types – so you can work without changing the spray tube. The symbols on the Multi Jet 3 in 1 spray tube indicate which pressure setting is best for the right application. HARD, MEDIUM, SOFT and BOOST pressure levels can be conveniently selected using the +/– buttons on the sprayer or transferred from the device. The Kärcher Home & Garden app. In addition, the MIX detergent strength can be selected using the gun trigger and adjusted using the +/– buttons or the program. The clear LCD display constantly shows the selected pressure level, so you can always be in full control.

What is the use of power if not smart? Absolutely not! Therefore, the devices of the Smart Control series are not only really powerful, but also Kärcher has a lot of experience. Via Bluetooth, the Smart Control high-pressure washer can be easily connected to your smartphone via the Home & Garden app. With our expert advice, you can put the WOW back into things you rarely clean or clean for the first time – like an expert.

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Cleaning requires the right technology. This is what the Power Control range offers. Full power, smart tips and powerful accessories. For example, like the Power Control gun, which directly shows the set pressure on the display and easily switches from pressure mode to detergent mode. Or the Home & Garden app, which showcases technology that makes a pressure washer gentler and more efficient. Other equipment features include the Plug ‘n’ Clean detergent system for quick and clean detergent changes, the high-quality aluminum telescopic handle for easy transport and space saving, the Quick Connect system for easy and quick connection and disconnection of the high detergent. a pressure hose to and from the tool and sprayer, as well as a storage space for accessories that are always close at hand.

Shine without electricity: the K 2 battery powered high pressure washer with battery power for a variety of applications such as small cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats and other small household cleaning jobs. With a battery life of up to 14 minutes, you can clean completely without connecting to the network. During cleaning, the analog display of the high-pressure gun always shows the selected mode.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, you can always count on our pressure washers. But that’s not all they have to offer. Ultra compact design? Or a lightweight, comfortable, portable and wireless design? Each product range has its strengths. Perfectly configured for individual requirements.

These high-tech pressure washers can handle anything. With built-in Home & Garden app, Bluetooth and smart accessories like Smart Control gun and 3-in-1 multi-jet spray nozzle.

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Gentle and efficient cleaning has never been easier thanks to the good amount of power, the support of the Home & Garden app and powerful devices such as the Power Control gun with display or the Vario Power spray tube.

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Those looking for portability and a compact design will find the perfect companion here. Minimal space requirements, easy to store and always quick to get to work. There is a clever built-in hose storage.

There is no outlet nearby for small cleaning jobs. Wireless, convenient, mobile and flexible. And it gives you plenty of power when you need it.

It’s easy to see that more water and more pressure means more cleaning power. But not everyone needs maximum power. That is why we have defined different performance classes. The result: the right pressure washer for every job.

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Pressure washing is the most effective way to clean on the street and is very easy: connect the device to the water supply and electrical outlet, turn on the tap, turn on the pressure washer and start the cleaning fun! With the appropriate special accessories, the devices become truly versatile: for the patio or deck, for washing the car, cleaning the gutters or even cleaning the trash cans, the possibilities are virtually endless. The pressure at the nozzle is always the greatest and the distance from the nozzle to the surface to be cleaned must be adjusted accordingly to obtain a perfect cleaning result. Our practical examples show how to achieve the best results with your pressure washer.

A Dirtblaster is recommended for moss removal, as it not only forms a thick layer on stones and bricks, but also penetrates the pores. The Dirtblaster nozzle produces a concentrated spray that rotates at high speed. Hold the trigger of the gun vertically against the surface of the moss and slowly pull from one end to the other about 8 to 12 inches.

Special accessories and Kärcher detergents provide thorough and gentle car care. In just a few easy steps, first wash off any remaining dirt with the Vario Power Spray Wand to keep your car sparkling and looking its best. Then spray the cleaner with the low pressure of the Vario Power Spray or for a more luxurious car wash style foam, use the optional foam nozzle. Apply the foam from top to bottom, do not let it dry. Increase the pressure on the Vario Power sprayer to wash away the foam and all dirt/debris. For areas that require more attention, an additional brush can be attached to the spray wand to help loosen insects and dry in dirt/mud.

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Our T-Racer surface cleaners are the optimal solution for cleaning large outdoor areas quickly and efficiently, 50 percent faster than cleaning with a spray hose. You can also adjust the surface cleaner so that the nozzle is at the perfect distance from the surface to be cleaned. This means that hard surfaces such as stone and concrete can be cleaned just as effectively as delicate surfaces. A rotating handle with two high-pressure nozzles creates a “hovercraft” effect that allows the face cleaner to rise above the floor. This makes maneuvering the T-Racer especially easy during cleaning. Even vertical surfaces such as garage doors can be cleaned effectively thanks to the ergonomic handle. Another advantage: the cover protects the user and the walls from water splashes.

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Say goodbye to scrubs! From plant and flower pots, shovels, spades, rakes, wheelbarrows and more. dirt and grime can be removed quickly. With a Kärcher pressure washer. The Vario Power Spray Wand and Dirtblaster Spray Wand are uniquely suited to this task. Gardening has never been easier or harder!

Remove dirt from garden furniture or nasty stains from last winter with the right pressure washing accessories. For heavy soiling, we recommend using the Kärcher cleaning brush together with the Kärcher detergent.

Close the lids before cleaning. Set the spray nozzle to low pressure and use the Karcher Multipurpose Cleaner. Start with the lowest part of the shutters. Allow the detergent to work for a few minutes to completely loosen the dirt, but do not allow it to dry. Finally, remove the dissolved dirt with a soft-bristled cleaning brush and wash off the detergent and dirt with the Vario Power Spray.

For more than 70 years, Kärcher has been perfecting the art of high-pressure cleaning and offering it to customers.

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