Holistic Massage And Acupuncture Parramatta

Holistic Massage And Acupuncture Parramatta – For the best massages and alternative treatments in Parramatta, be sure to book in at the Holistic Massage and Acupuncture Centre.

This stunning haven of peace is the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of Westfield. As soon as you walk in, you’ll forget where you are and immediately relax with the wonderful scents and soothing sounds.

Holistic Massage And Acupuncture Parramatta

They are experts in all types of massages. This includes reflexology, an incredible foot massage that will send you to levels of deep relaxation you’ve probably never experienced before. They are also incredibly talented in using acupuncture, cupping and ear candling to holistically treat a wide range of conditions.

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The staff were adamant that you CANNOT book and pay online, they only relented after making me sit there when they called their boss. They were rude, tried to give me only half the service I ordered and paid for – had to argue with five different people before they relented. And knowledge of the English language is not acceptable.

My 30 minute hot stone massage was excellent – enjoyed every minute and will be back. The only downside was that they didn’t know about my online booking at 11am and were confused for 30 minutes as they advertised 45 minutes at the venue. When checking out they also asked me for the payment I made online, they didn’t know this could happen either so I had to show my bank statement and they had to phone to confirm they received the payment. Other than these issues I will be back as the massage was great and I felt so relaxed!

My partner and I experienced a full body massage from the ladies at Hollistic Massage. We were quite impressed. They always found a tight spot and we feel pain, but relief! Definitely worth the money!! Thank you. We will be back!

He showed up early for the appointment. I waited a few minutes only to be told that the acupuncturist was not available and was not answering the phone. No offer to postpone or anything like that. Poor service and will not be wasting my time againBiofeedback7 venuesChakra Healing2 venuesChinese Medicine8 venuesChiropractor5 venuesCounselling26 venuesCouples Counselling7 venuesDry Needling10 venuesEar Candling10 venuesElectrotherapy1 venueGua Sha1 venueHomeopathy8 venuesHypnotherapy6 venuesIV Therapy1 venueKinesiology3 venuesMoxibustion10 venuesNaturopathy7 venuesNutritionist6 venuesPhysicalReflexology venues4 venues4 venues

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Crystal Therapy Australia

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Conkineville (Erskeville) 89a Erskineville Rd, Erskineville Rd, Erskineville 2043Acupuncture, Chinese MedicineCall for booking CBD Health Sydney103/ 343 George St, Sydney 2000Acupuncture, Chinese MedicineCall to book John Huang Acupuncturist50 King St, Sydney 2000 in book George Acupuncture/ Sydney Freelandc103 All Acupuncture10 ureC30all Acupuncture 2000AcupunctureCall to book R Acupuncture Register and tr additional Chinese Medicine Inc.351 King St, Newtown 2042Acupuncture, Chinese MedicineCall to book Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinic,98 Burwood Rd, Burwood Rd,4 Burwood Cidnece Medicine13 Chinese Medicine Books Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine13 Stanmorec2, 178 Acupuncture Moxibustion, Reflexology Call to you book NM Acupuncture and TCM17 Hardie Ave, Summer Hill 2130 Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine Call

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