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Hot Rod Tyres Australia

Over 1,500 tires in stock, book, ride, deal and ride on new rubber within the hour!

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Designed to provide incredible grip when accelerating and turning, the Michelin Power One Championship allows faster lap times than our previous competition tires, the Michelin Power One front tire provides incredible handling and stability especially when braking, the rear tire provides excellent grip. without delay

Good longevity means you can have fun without blowing your budget. Good catch thanks to the competitive ingredients. Up to 52% larger patch number reduces pressure to use track. 2CT Front Technology: Hard compound in the middle to resist hard acceleration and braking, and soft shoulders for more grip on corners. 2CT + hard rubber under soft rubber for more stability when cornering, especially under strong forces.

The Michelin Power RS ​​racing tires offer an incomparable look and a unique experience for riders. The rear tire race improves the driving force required for lean and provides the correct response through turning.

Michelin Scorcher Adventure

The rear tire has been optimized to apply pressure to the contact patch. The Michelin Professional Casing (MICHELIN ACT+) promises the entire performance of the brand to ensure flawless straight lines and stability.

Factors that determine the quality of a motorcycle tire include grip and handling as well as ability during turning, braking and acceleration. Michelin came out on top in all of these areas in the MTC test.

The use of a single plate means a weak crown, while the shoulders are bound by bending over the plate. Stem

TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS: The new MICHELIN Power RS ​​is a sports tire and like all types of motorcycle tires, Michelin recommends that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for road use. For those of you who like to go to the track from time to time, we recommend a suitable pressure for such use. Recommended minimum coolant pressure: Front: 2.1 bar / 31 psi Rear: 1.9 bar / 28 psi

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Getting Dusty With Japan’s Hot Rod Dirt Racers

Improved Performance PDF – Michelin Pilot Power 3 2CT + on the rear tire improves stiffness and stability: High compound under soft compound for more cornering stability – especially when accelerating from turns and dry Reliability in the environment – All -new compound for maximum wet grip: 4.5 seconds faster per lap on wet roads than MICHELIN® Pilot® Power 2CT tires -slick tread design optimizes contact patch for excellent dry grip: Better than MICHELIN® Pilot ® Power 2CT on dry tracks 4 More than seconds

Whatever the situation, feel safe! The Pilot Road 4 is a congratulatory touring game from Michelin: with the Michelin Pilot Road 4 on your bike, you can ride with more confidence, rain or shine.

Faster stopping – Thanks to the new XST+ sipes, the MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tires stop faster in the wet than any other tire in the range. But don’t just take our word for it. Independent tests prove it.** The Michelin Pilot 4 tire stops 17% faster than its neighbor on wet roads and 24% faster on wet surfaces such as crosswalks or paint lines. All this means that riding in the rain should be enjoyed with ease and comfort, and less stress. Lasts longer – Thanks to advanced 2CT technology, the new Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires last 20% longer than Michelin Pilot Road 3 tires. In the long run, this adds up to fewer tire changes and lower total cost of ownership. Grip the road in almost any condition – All new silica-charged rubber compounds have been developed for the Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires. These compounds are specially designed to provide excellent grip on a wide range of road surfaces including paint lines and curbs, making it easy for you to ride with confidence in almost any situation. Stem

Pilot Road 4 “GT”: Suitable for heavy/powerful bikes Whether you ride your GT-Class solo, 2-up or with luggage, you will appreciate the extra stability provided by MICHELIN’s new 2AT technology. With MICHELIN 2AT technology, the heavy touring bike will feel comfortable and stable both in a straight line and in a corner. The new MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 GT tire has been successfully assembled on the BMW R 12000 RT and will be equipped with 40% of its new models. Additional Pilot4 “Trail”: Two sport bikes are available in sizes suitable for two sport motorcycles, offering you better handling, better handling and greater road mileage.

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Tire Cooper Cobra Radial G/t 295/50r15 105s A/s All Season

The MICHELIN Pilot Road 2 has won every comparison test by Moto Revue and Motorrad since its launch and was voted the best motorcycle tire of 2009 by RIDE readers. MICHELIN’s 2CT dual-compound technology gives it unmatched grip. it can be beaten not in the shirt* and it lasts twice as long. Stem

The new benchmark in sports touring tires Michelin Pilot Road 3 surpasses the performance of the legendary Michelin Pilot Road 2 tire with unmatched wet grip, exceptional durability thanks to the revolutionary X-Sipe technology that does not Beatable Tread Life technology from the new generation of Michelin 2CT dual-com that increases wear and life More thanks to the full depth sipes of the XST past

The Anaki III excels in handling and whether ridden alone or with a pillion, the durable tires and strong steering provide excellent performance. A new expression in terms of durability in the trail segment: at least 25% longer life than the Metezeler Tourance EXP/EXP M¹, a special design that gives your bike a touch of class. Stem

Finally, the Pilot Street Radial is a radial designed for 250 cc and up, combining excellent overall performance with excellent handling over time. It’s top of the range in a grip coat to ensure a smooth ride and a winning fit. Stem

Ford Slot Mags Rims 13” Chrome Steel Wheels Slotted Hot Rod Custom 4x108pcd X2

Independent tests conducted in the USA on a Harley-Davidson® Electra Glide® Classic prove this: Michelin Commander II rear tires can last 25,000 miles! This is almost double that of the main competitors, Metzler ME 880 and Dunlop D407/408. The lifespan of the future Michelin Commander II is longer!

A new standard in cruiser tire life: authorized third-party tests* show that the MICHELIN Commander II rear tire lasts almost twice as long as its main competitors* Advanced technology Upgrades: A powerful, powerful tire that helps provide better response and handling. the rear Aramid tread on the tire resists centrifugal development, while also saving weight which provides complete stability even at high speed. The new rubber construction is designed to provide exceptional grip on wet or dry roads, with exceptional durability. A new look: special tread design, premium sidewall and improved tread pattern for better water displacement and grip on wet roads. Testing MICHELIN Commander II, Metzeler ME880 and Dunlop D407/408 with sizes 130/80 B 17 (front) and 180/65 B 16 (rear) on public roads by the Texas Test Fleet in 2011. Individual results may vary depending on the type of motorcycle and operating conditions. Stem

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The Scorcher 11 radial tire is specially developed for the Harley-Davidson V-Rod, Sportster, Fat Boy and all street models. Stem

Our flagship high performance tire, the MICHELIN Scorcher 11 is made from high quality materials such as aramid fiber used in the aviation industry. It’s light and powerful but also incredibly stable at high speeds for a soccer player.

Sold! Lot 101

To stay close to the beauty of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, our engineers have developed a silicone-rich rubber compound. This performance technology provides excellent grip on wet surfaces. It also offers a lifetime warranty.

The Scorcher 31 line was recently approved for use with the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide, Road Glide, and Street Glide. Original tire for almost all Sportster and Dyna models. Stem

Our engineers have created this high-quality tire using a strong and efficient material: Aramid fiber, famously used in the aviation industry. Extremely light and resistant, this material provides responsiveness and maximum stability even at high speeds.

The Scorcher 32 is the official Harley-Davidson Fat Bob tire with a unique design for the legendary model. Scorcher-32 Size Size: 130/90-B16 Front &

It’s The Little Things: A Deuce In Japan

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