Hotels Melbourne Southern Cross Station

Hotels Melbourne Southern Cross Station – In 1962 the Southern Cross Hotel opened on Exhibition Street and international flights arrived in Melbourne.

From today’s perspective It’s hard to imagine the scale and impact of the most famous airline of the 20th century: Pan American Airways.

Hotels Melbourne Southern Cross Station

The company was founded in 1927 by two former U.S. Air Force officers and had a small start. Their first contract was a postal route between Florida and Cuba. Passenger service in Central America began the following year.

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But Pan Am president Juan Trippe has big ambitions. Trippe’s expansion strategy consists of three strategies: aggressively attack competitors’ airlines; (Or buy these airlines), invest in state-of-the-art aircraft. and his political connections which he used to monopolize popular routes

Under Trippe Pan Am’s leadership, it grew rapidly. From a local network of aircraft known as ‘Clippers’ to the first transatlantic flight in 1940.

Jet planes arrived after World War II, ushering in a new era of aircraft: bigger, faster, and more range.

Advanced aircraft open up new routes And the large size makes the number of passengers more. Savings of that size make airfares cheaper.

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Air travel which previously was only part of the journey Now a viable option for many, international travel has become more common and the leisure and tourism industry has grown exponentially to accommodate a large number of new customers.

People who follow this new trend Travel abroad regularly by plane named Jet set.

Pan Am is closely related to these developments. Logos and uniforms are symbols. The airline has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world. which is associated with elegance and adventure.

The company’s growth continued through the 1950s and 60s; The Boeing 707 arrived in 1958, the Douglas DC8 in 1960.

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One of its subgroups is hotel chains. InterContinental Hotels and Resorts, launched in 1946 by Trippe, is similar to its main airline. InterContinental It began in South America before expanding throughout the world.

With its own hotel line, Pan Am is able to offer another innovation: vacation packages with combined flights and accommodation.

This event has attracted international attention. and has proven to be a catalyst for change. Many of Melbourne’s major buildings were built in the 19th century.

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The local government felt the city had an old look and was rushing to modernize it. in exploitation and in the absence of a meaningful inheritance law Many old buildings are easily destroyed. and the architectural heritage of those buildings is lost. (You can read more about this here.)

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In June 1956, Pan Am Senior Vice President John Murray visited Melbourne to inspect the location of the new InterContinental.

Murray looked at three places. eventually settled on the block between Jobs and Burke Street. This site used to be the location of the Eastern Market. This is a popular flower and retail market that declined in popularity after World War II.

An agreement was reached between the city of Pan Am. local investor and city council Melbourne company will build a hotel which after that will be performed by InterContinental

The design of the new building will be partners as well. Los Angeles-based architect Welton Becket & Associates collaborates with local firm Leslie M. Perrot & Partners.

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Both governments and airlines demand a clear design. Architects will not be disappointed. The plan they created will see an 11-story building housing a 435-room hotel (making it the largest building in Australia) alongside a glass-enclosed shopping mall that will house high-end retailers.

It is a striking and modern building. Not like anywhere else in Melbourne The new hotel will be named ‘The Southern Cross’ for its local vibe.

Construction began in 1961 and was completed the following year. The building was officially opened on August 24, 1962 by the guest of honor, Prime Minister Robert. Australia’s Menzies

The coverage is bright news. and highlighting the hotel’s modern design and features. Air conditioning and TV are included in all rooms. Both rooms were unusual at that time.

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The ‘Mayfair Room’ features 19th-century appliances and gas stoves (some taken from the Old Eastern Market), the ‘Culibah’ restaurant has traditional art, and the downstairs ‘tavern’ is designed like a pub. Traditional English style with dark atmosphere.. Wooden panels and LED light partitions.

“This new building is completely different. how can i explain In serious exhibitions, the Southern Cross stands out like an import from the Gold Coast or Florida. The bedroom looks very comfortable. As a special concession for Australians We can open the window opposite the air conditioner. The corridors on the ground alternate between blue and gold. The room has 7 different color tones as you walk through the shops. There is a courtyard inside. far from the chaos of the road In the center there is a garden and a statue of a waterfall. It really is its own city, on the fairway.’ – Keith Dunstan, ‘Walkabout’ Magazine, July 1962.

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Rock bands have grown rapidly in popularity over the past two years. But they were promoted to global superstars in early 1964 when they appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. An estimated 70 million viewers attended their performances. and the stadium concerts were all sold out.

But more than their success as musicians. The band was associated with a type of hysteria that followed them. ‘Beatlemania’ is represented by an excited crowd of teenagers, crying, screaming, trembling that they almost caught their eye.

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The Beatles landed at Essendon Airport. It was then Melbourne’s main airport. On June 14, 1964, a crowd of about 5,000 people turned to watch John Paul George and drummer Jimmy. Nichols ashore

Ringo, who is sick and doesn’t play in Australia. joined the band on the same day

The band was booked into the Southern Cross Hotel and a huge crowd of about 200,000 gathered in the surrounding streets. Most of them waited an hour since early in the morning.

Huge police force ready to control the crowd. but try to maintain order The barrier built on Exhibition Road to clear the entrance to the hotel was blown away by the wind. There are many trees climbing trees or on the car for better visibility.

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After arriving in a sealed car through the employee’s entrance The Beatles suddenly appeared on the balcony of the hotel just minutes away. They laughed at themselves. and mocking the Nazis, saluting the crowd below. favorite joke

‘During the ‘Great Stirring’, the lounge floor of the Australian-American club was like a bodily battlefield. bruises on the body Bruises on the feet and legs and cases of hysteria were laid on blankets and carpets on the floor. and placed them on the armchairs that line the walls. Many lost consciousness when they were brought in, while others wailed in pain or panicked dancing. The unconscious walked over the heads of the crowd to keep them safe.

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Everything calmed down as the Beatles retreated inside. The band was tired from traveling. Their tour schedule is non-stop. and went to bed at 9 p.m. A small crowd Keep an eye on the exhibition street all night.

After they left The sheets they had used at the Southern Cross Hotel were cut into pieces and sold out, and the money was donated to charity.

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Asked at a press conference a female journalist, Sinatra (also present at Festival Hall) said: On a platform where all Australian journalists are journalists.

The anger at these words immediately arose. Local union where members need transport and logistics. It was suggested that they would not support Sinatra’s expedition unless an apology was made.

The struggling singer escapes The Southern Cross when the story collapses and ends up in a hotel in Sydney as talks are revealed to bring back the tour as scheduled. Peace was eventually brokered by the intervention of Bob Hawke, then ACTU leader.

Other celebrity guests at The Southern Cross include Judy Garland, Rock Hudson, John Wayne and Marlene Dietrich. Prince Charles and Princess Diana traveled to Australia shortly after the wedding. also stay at this hotel

About & History

Southern Cross is chic and modern. A bag of universal sophistication It is popular with local tourists as well. Melbourne visitors even local people They all tried to share the glamor that was reflected.

Beginning in the 1970s, both the TV Logie Awards and the AFL’s Brownlow Medal Count are often held at Southern Cross. They are also used for Liberal Victorian election night celebrations.

Independent Victorian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser announced his electoral victories in 1975, 1977 and 1980 in the Southern Cross Ballroom. His ardent supporters are more than hosting nights at hotels.

As Melbourne’s international presence continues to grow, Other luxury hotels Also being built in Southern Cross, it faces competition from The Hyatt, Hilton, The Langham and others.

The Southern Cross Hotel

The modern 1962 building design now looks outdated. Even kitsch, architecture historian Lewis Miles. which was written in 1990, called it ‘garish’.


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