House Trucks For Sale Nz

House Trucks For Sale Nz – Golden Bay artist Jay Horton is selling his 1978 J5 Bedford “home truck” on Facebook for $45,000. He describes it as a work of art that turns heads.

“It’s unique, it’s colorful, and it has a whole vibe to it — kind of a counterculture feel,” he said.

House Trucks For Sale Nz

Horton has mostly parked it in one or two places – including near the scenic Abel Tasman National Park – in the three years he’s owned it, but says the truck is going on a “big gypsy mission”.

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That means the 9-tonne truck will “fill” the “car-killing” Mount Takaka between Nelson and Golden Bay, Horton said.

“You really deserve someone who is really good but wants to go big,” he said.

Horton bought the truck three years ago when he broke up with his wife, but is now “reluctantly” selling it to move to a bigger place for his two children.

Despite its size, owner Jay Horton says the truck drives well and pulls up hills with its 7-liter engine. Provided by Jay Horton

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“It’s one of the most beautiful homes on wheels I’ve ever seen and one of the best built I’ve ever seen … or heard of,” he said.

It includes a lounge area that can be expanded when the truck is parked, a fully functional kitchen with plenty of tables, a wood-burning stove, and a loft above the truck cab that fits a king-size bed and is big enough to stand up.

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“One of the best things is that everything is right at your fingertips and it’s really easy to stay warm,” Horton said.

“On a really cold morning, you get out of bed and turn on the really small heater…

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“Although it has a very nice little fireplace, I actually don’t use the fireplace very often.”

It also continues a love affair with trucks that he has had since he was about 12, when his family moved from Canada to New Zealand in the 1990s.

They were all crammed into an old Austin truck from the 1930s that wasn’t running but “just slowly composting.”

And while his own children have enjoyed his newest truck, it’s time to sell it, he said.

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Horton suspended the truck’s registration and the new owner must also have a commercial truck driver’s license for the truck over 9 tons.

Horton thought the truck should pass the certificate of fitness easily as nothing has changed since it was last on the road in 2016. I’m a fan of trucks and after a night at Wacky Stays in Kaikoura I came home and googled truck stays. on the North Island and found Waitomo Farmstay and Gardens. At the end of March we booked a night in their large caravan with a rusty Thames Trader cabin and higgeldy-piggeldy designed living space behind.

The interior of the truck is full of honey colored wood and has a nice sized kitchen and a couple of couches to sit on. As the truck is now the ultimate… Read more

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Wacky is the right word to describe the collection of wacky accommodations and farm parks that make up Wacky Stays in Kaikoura. We spent the night in the Bedford motorhome from 1951, which also has a yurt, a colonial car, a tipi and a farmhouse. I’ve always wanted to stay in a pickup truck (and to be honest ride off into the sunset in one) so this was a bucket list item for me.

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The truck was built by a couple in Nelson who ended up living in it full time before… Read more

If you want to see some houses on wheels up close, check the dates of the traveling Original Gypsy Fair and Extravaganza Fair.

Home and business on wheels, so cool, traveling with The Extravaganza Fair – Porch Precision – Precision Barbercraft & Body Piercing Studio….

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