How Does Blue Emu Oil Work

How Does Blue Emu Oil Work – You may have seen Blue Emu® or other brands of emu oils when shopping in the pain relief or skin care aisle. Emu oil is an over-the-counter ingredient that, depending on the formulation, is used for muscle pain, joint pain, digestive problems, and to promote healthy skin and hair. What is it and how does it work to relieve pain? Learn more about Blue Emu Oil and Cream for muscle and joint pain and other products that contain emu oil.

Emus are large, flightless birds from Australia that are now farmed around the world. Emu oil is collected from fat deposits under the bird’s skin. Aboriginal people in Australia have been using emu oil for over 40,000 years. They passed its use on to Europeans, who also began using it to relieve pain, help heal wounds, and as a sunscreen and insect repellent.

How Does Blue Emu Oil Work

Today, a number of commercial products use emu oil, including the Blue Emu brand. Emu oil can be treated as a cream, an oil, or taken orally in capsules. Some products are pure emu oil, while others are formulated with other ingredients.

The Top 6 Pain Relief Creams

There is a lack of research to support the effectiveness of emu oil, but certain studies have looked into some of the claims:

However, animal studies do not establish how emu oil might work in humans, and there is no scientific evidence that it reduces pain.

Emu oil can be effective as a moisturizer because the particles are smaller than many other creams and oils, so the emu oil particles can be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. Emu oil contains antioxidants and fatty acids, which can benefit the skin and digestive system. One study showed that emu oil improved itching from dandruff, but was less effective than hydrocortisone.

There are many products available that contain or are made from pure emu oil, which can be more expensive than other topical moisturizers or pain relievers. Blue Emu alone makes 10 different products. Blue Emu’s original formula does not list any active ingredients as established by the US. Foods and Medicines A, which are those that have an effect on the treatment or prevention of diseases, but contain glucosamine and aloe vera.

The Pros & Cons Of Blue Emu Vs Aromalief

Blue Emu’s Maximum Pain Relief Cream® lists trolamine salicylate as its active ingredient, which is a well-known topical treatment for muscle pain found in many over-the-counter products. Emu oil also contains terpenes, substances found naturally in plants that give them their smell and taste. Terpenes are found in cannabis and many aromatherapy products.

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The American Emu Association certifies products that meet its standards for authentic emu oil and has a quality control program for its members as well as guidelines for ethical and humane emu breeding.

Emu oil can be an effective moisturizer and is considered low risk when used as directed in capsule form for digestive issues or other concerns. It has not been confirmed whether it is effective as a topical rub against muscle pain, but it is a popular ingredient in many products.

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Blue Emu Topical Pain Reliever: Uses, Benefits, Risks

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Before using emu oil, it is important to understand what it is used for and what possible health benefits it has.

The bird is native to Australia, but is now found in many countries due to the growing popularity of nutritious emu meat and medicinal emu oil.

Ways To Use Emu Oil For Health And Skin Benefits

Emu oil is a bright yellow liquid consisting mainly of fat, which is collected from deposits under the bird’s skin.

Once the fats are collected, they are passed through various filters and processes until pure oil is produced. Different types of emu oil depend on different levels of filtration and processing.

Most emu oils will go through thorough processing to reduce bacteria and contaminants. Some emu oils are more refined than others, to create a higher fatty acid content.

Organizations like the American Emu Association have certification programs aimed at ensuring that the emu oil people buy is pure and that the emu is enjoying the best possible life.

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Extreme Emu Pain Relief Cream

Completely pure emu oil will always be fully refined. This is the type of emu oil that has been studied for its beneficial effects.

The use of emu oil comes from Australian Aboriginal culture. According to its oral history, emu oil has been used for more than 40,000 years.

The oil has been used to relieve minor pains, help wounds heal faster, and protect the skin from the elements.

European settlers soon adopted emu oil and many other natural remedies provided by Australian aborigines.

Blue Emu Leads Off With New Mlb Partnership

Since then, people have attributed many more benefits to emu oil, although evidence to support many of these claims is lacking.

, researchers noted that emu oil’s powerful anti-inflammatory effects may be beneficial in treating conditions such as:

Emu oil is easily absorbed by the skin. This can help lock moisture into the skin, making the skin less likely to crack or dry out.

It appears that emu oil can transfer this absorbable property to other compounds when mixed. This property may explain why emu oil is regularly mixed with moisturizers that contain other beneficial compounds.

Emu Oil For Skin: Your Guide To Its Benefits And Side Effects

Research also indicates that applying emu oil to the skin can help increase the number of healthy skin cells. Emu oil stimulates the skin to reduce the appearance of skin wrinkles and rejuvenate aging or sun-damaged skin.

, such as skin ulcers and seborrheic dermatitis. It can also help with alopecia, rosacea, hypopigmentation and shingles.

Due to its analgesic effect, antioxidant levels and ability to penetrate deep into the skin, emu oil can be applied to minor wounds, cuts, bruises or burns.

It can help relieve the pain of minor wounds, and the antioxidants can help protect the skin from further damage.

Emu Oil: Benefits, Side Effects, And Dosage

Applying emu oil to the skin before going outdoors can help repel insects. This is due, among other things, to substances called terpenes found in the oil.

Many insects are disoriented or repelled by terpenes, and applying the oil to exposed skin can keep insects away.

In 2004, researchers found that hamsters that consumed either emu oil or olive oil had significantly lower cholesterol levels than those that received coconut oil in their diet.

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In people who had ulcers, applications of different levels of emu oil had a protective effect. In some cases, the oil even reduced the size of the wounds.

Blue Emu Original Super Strength Cream Odor Free, Value Size

This can result in soreness, congestion, dry, cracked skin, and pain. These symptoms can be severe enough to cause some new mothers to stop breastfeeding.

Researchers found that when nursing mothers used an emu-based cream for a 24-hour period starting shortly after birth, the areola and nipple were more hydrated.

Before feeding the baby, the woman should clean the nipple and breast with a warm cloth to remove residual oil. This is because emu oil has not been shown to be safe for babies and children. It is also possible to be allergic to emu oil.

Aborigines have used emu oil for thousands of years for its anti-inflammatory effects and skin benefits.

The Benefits Of Emu Oil For Dogs

Although many topical creams claim to be effective for dry skin, arthritis, and inflammation, most creams and lotions consist of large particles that cannot penetrate the skin.

However, emu oil consists of smaller particles, which allows it to carry many healthy compounds to the deep layers of the skin.

Some people may experience skin irritation when applying emu oil directly to the skin as a topical ointment.

To prevent this, a person should apply a small amount of emu oil to a small patch of skin, such as the back of a hand. If an allergic reaction occurs, they should stop using the oil.

Buy Blue Goo Cracked Heels & Dry Hands

It may also be important to consider the source of emu oil. Emus thrive when they have plenty of room to roam and are able to eat a rich diet.

Low quality living conditions can lead to lower quality oil. It is best to buy oil from a reputable source, especially since the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate its production.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should talk to their doctor before using emu oil. It is important to see a doctor

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