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Huntleys Your Money Weekly – About two years ago, I published a blog post called 8 Ways to Be Super Cheap, all about money-saving tips. While the people in that post are some of the cheapest people from the TV show, I wanted to ask what people actually do to save money and tips for saving money.

By sharing what we do, perhaps we’ll all be less embarrassed about our best money-saving tips and find new ways to save money.

Huntleys Your Money Weekly

Doing one or all of the things listed below can allow you to change your life for the better, such as paying off debt faster, improving financial habits, achieving your dreams sooner, and more. Moreover.

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Have you ever thought about changing your look or doing something drastic to save money while doing this? These money saving tips show you exactly how to save money on your look and they are so much fun!

Shave your head. “I cut my hair to save money. As a single mom, I shaved my hair to save time and money. 17 years later, I still shave – mostly because I’m used to it and don’t have too much money. . When I think about growing up, I think about how much money I’ll start spending.” – Alaya Linton

Help you get more days without makeup by not washing your face. “When I was in college, I didn’t remove my makeup but every 2-3 days. I just put it on my face every day to prolong its life. That way, I didn’t have to buy makeup at the store. medicine as usual. Now I’m scared to put it on and I’m grateful my face didn’t look the same!” – Roxanne Gilmore

Sign up for a site like Ebateswhere and you can earn FREE CASH REFUND the same way you would spend regular online. All you do is click on the store you want to shop at (they have many like Kohls, REI, Toys R Us, etc) and shop as usual. Ebates does a commission for referring you to the store you just bought from, and they’ll give you a portion of it back as a thank you. Also, when you sign up through my link, you get $10 in free cash. My Ebates Review: Money Saving Tips – Use Ebates for Free Cashback

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Take off your hat and gown on graduation day. “When I graduated from San Diego State University, I found out that I had to pay $60 to rent my graduation cap and gown. I didn’t have the money (and didn’t plan to invite my family into the house) so I dressed up instead. I felt stupid for graduation, honestly the only person who didn’t dress up as a graduate, and I’ve regretted it ever since. But I saved 60 bucks! – Chris Huntley

Cut your own hair. “When my budget was tight during college, I stopped getting professional haircuts. Instead, I buy quality hair clippers from Sally’s Beauty Supply, watch YouTube tutorials, and teach myself how to cut my own hair at home. The shame is that I continued to cut my own hair at home after graduating from college to save money. I went almost 7 years without a professional haircut! (And no, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone haha)” – Eden Ashley

“This is definitely a shameful thing. About 12 years ago, I didn’t set foot in the mall for about 2 years. I was and still am a single mom so money is definitely tight. I have a good pair of shoes because my other shoes are worn and broken so I have to throw them away. So, as a young woman single for 2 years, she has never shopped, worn a pair of shoes, and never had her hair done at a salon (as a black woman, my hairdo is a big problem. I’m not sure about the others). Another time.) That period taught me what the “olds” often tell us – “don’t act like what you’ve been through.” I definitely went “of course” and figured it out. –

Hold your shoes together with Scotch tape. “I broke one of my shoes, and that’s the only pair I have. I didn’t want to buy another pair so I glued it back with duct tape. It lasts a month or so. –

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“We waited for the hotel cleaner to leave the cart, then we didn’t get all the shampoo, conditioner… Only four or five bottles at a time.” -Millason Paige Forster Daily

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Carry your contacts for a long time. “Ok, this sucks but I wear my contact lenses for 2-3 weeks for 4 weeks to make them last longer. I don’t even wear glasses (which is usually fine but if I get an eye infection I’ll have an eye infection). serious problems)” – Brittany from Equipping God Women.

How much do you spend on rent, rent, etc.? With the money saving tips below, you can save money at home in a variety of ways.

Live in super cheap living conditions. “I live in a cramped house with a couple and another man. I soon learned that they themselves are extremely frugal and do not use their AC or heat. Winters in Chicago are brutal and warmth is essential. I had a lot of terrible sleepless nights and worst of all, I felt taken advantage of. I pay to live in a house where I am absolutely miserable, and they never thought to tell me they don’t use heat or AC. Oh, they had a newborn a month or two after I moved in, which was pretty scary. But, while in college, I did what I had to do to save money. Rent is very cheap” – Alexis Schroeder

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Move the whole family into your parents’ basement. “For the three years we worked to pay off our $144,000 student loan debt, my family of six lived rent-free in my husband’s unfinished basement. We had to put in one room. shower “stairs” to complete the plumbing.. My 6’7″ husband couldn’t even stand upright in the shower. It’s the same every day. He should be banging his head in the shower! But now that we’re debt-free, the sacrifice is worth it!” – Stephanie Jones

Save money on rent by having fun housemates. “I rented a room in a house with four other boys, whose bands practiced every night until about 2am. Oh and I share a room with Il. In my wardrobe. My Il Man is not. I stayed for a year, and the rent was only $200 so yes I managed to save a few bucks! At the time, the rent for a room was about $500. – Lauren Wheatley

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My favorite way to travel is to stay on short-term rentals like Airbnb (which gives you a $20 Airbnb coupon code for your next stay). Also, if you have a lot of people on vacation with you, you can split a house much cheaper than getting a hotel room for everyone. Read my Airbnb review for the many upsides of using an Airbnb Plus coupon code for your next stay!

Go to the bathroom in a bottle or jar instead of going to the toilet. This is one of the cheapest. The woman has a working toilet, but has a room where she wants to save water. To do this, she placed a basin next to her toilet that she usually uses in the toilet. Another incident was a man who only flushed the toilet once a week. It doesn’t matter what happens in the shower, he waits a week to wash it off.

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Make your own toilet paper. I recycle toilet paper…yes I do! Living in an RV full-time saves you the hassle of a black tank, but it also saves you money! “- Margaret Heaton

Turn off AC power even when there is heat. “During the summer, I refused to turn on the AC. My electricity bill in July was so high that I wanted to try and save some money by not using my air conditioner. I did that for a month. I slept a lot on the tile floor because it was colder than my bed. Reduced my bill from $450 to $200 that month! ” – Ryan Wilkins

Chill water bottles instead of using AC. “I kept cold water bottles in bed at night in the NYC winter because I was.

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