Hydro Majestic Accommodation Deals

Hydro Majestic Accommodation Deals – The Hydro Majestic is an iconic historic hotel overlooking the beautiful Megaron along the edge of the 1.1 km long World Heritage listed Blue Mountains.

Hydro Majestic is an iconic and historic hotel that stretches over his 1.1 km on the edge of the spectacular World Heritage listed Blue Mountains, overlooking the beautiful Megalong Valley.

Hydro Majestic Accommodation Deals

Escape to the world-famous Blue Mountains and step back in time to rediscover the beauty of the Hydro Majestic. Located just 1 hour and 45 minutes from Sydney, Hydro Majestic features Art Deco accommodation and is an unparalleled escape to Old World luxury and grandeur.

Inside The Hydro Majestic Hotel After A $30million Makeover

With 82 rooms, the Hydro Majestic Blue Mountains offers a variety of accommodations to suit the needs of all guests. Hydro Majestic’s accommodation is divided into five wings. Belgravia Main Building, Belgravia Gallery Wing, Halgravia Wing, Majestic Wing and newly renovated Del Monte Wing. Art Deco guest rooms in each wing of the hotel are designed to reflect the Blue Mountains with the rich heritage and old-world charm of this iconic hotel.

Pure bliss when you wake up to the sunrise. When you reach the top of the snow, there is a surprise. A sense of adventure when driving through the red plains. Rejuvenating comfort as you step into an alpine creek. A connection as you taste the local fragrant leaves. A sense of belonging when you return to your favorite vacation home. Freedom to crash into the waves. Discover the endless senses a visit to NSW inspires.

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Destination NSW recognizes and respects Aboriginal peoples as the state’s first people and nation, and recognizes indigenous peoples as traditional owners and occupiers of New South Wales’ land and waters.

High Tea At Hydro Majestic

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