Ideas For Male 16th Birthday Party

Ideas For Male 16th Birthday Party – I had so much fun planning a big, double birthday party for my twins. After spending weeks in the “Pinterest rabbit hole” uploading picture after picture of party decorations, themes, food, decorations and more, I whittled it all down and made a party plan!

Since the birthday was for a boy and a girl, I didn’t want it to be confused with the Sweet Sixteen with lots of pink, so I chose neutral colors of sea green, royal blue, white and silver.

Ideas For Male 16th Birthday Party

My first DIY idea was to use different size “16” numbers for decoration. I bought the blank wooden figures at my local store. Then I pulled the photos from our albums, and copied them at a reduced size – (or, you can print the photos from your computer onto copy paper and reduce the size). I put photocopies on each large number and scaled them down to cover the whole number. Using scissors I cut the edges and then applied the Mod Poge glue, following the instructions on the bottle and drawing on each number. After it dried, I hung the numbers on the party wall and later took them home as a nice keepsake.

Michelle Paige Blogs: 16th Birthday Driving Party Celebration

I painted little numbers and glued them to the frame and put some photos through the years. Finally, I painted two more numbers and hung them on the tables.

The center of the garage was used as the main area for the color theme. I created a tablescape with boxes, boxes, cake stands, mugs, turned them upside down and put all the decorations on top.

Chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes from my local bakery made it easy and I bought artificial candles to put on her cake (my son is a math guy).

Party room. Every party needs a big room that doesn’t cost a lot of money. How about free? I cleaned everything out in my garage and put it in our backyard for the weekend. I sweated and mopped the floor until it was clean. We rented some tables, folding chairs, tablecloths in a different color, and of course a small sofa for the “lounge area”. This doubled our party space!

Cool Ideas For Your Son’s 16th Birthday Party

To keep the party private and private, we also hired a small party tent to access the garage. Here is the view from the inside out. The tea light “candles” are battery operated lights that I bought at my local thrift store. I put them on all the tables.

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Balloons are customizable and can give your party the final, special touch. Instead of a “picture stand” or “picture wall” I had our local balloon company make a “picture wall” on one side of our garage. It was amazing!

After all, what does every teenager really want for their birthday party? A simple, regular image gallery? No her, unique SnapChat Geotag/Geofilter? Yes.

In the end they played and ate for hours! I don’t have to throw them big birthday parties until they turn 21!

Sweet 16 Party Ideas That Seriously Rock

Recipe “Re-Post” for 2015 This delicious dish is one of my most requested dishes and is perfect for parties, watching football or neighborhood potlucks. It’s my first “re-post” since I started my blog so enjoy! Happy new year! My college roommate was from Venezuela and her mother made delicious food when we visited on the weekend. I managed to master one of her recipes and have been cooking it ever since. These hot dogs are easy and taste so, so, gourmet. They are great for working at parties. Keep them warm on the stove or in a small slow cooker on low for your guests to eat. Fancy Hot Dog Appetizers 1 yellow onion, chopped or chopped 2 tablespoons yellow mustard 8 tablespoons ketchup 2 tablespoons sugar ¼ teaspoon pepper 2 packets (size) of good quality Take hot dog ingredients into pieces. Put aside. On medium heat, cook the onion until translucent

My homemade coffee cake recipe doesn’t require actual coffee, but it’s delicious. Well,  I’m tired of another recipe in the delicious Back in the Day Bakery cookbook and this coffee cake is moist, light and has a sweet crumb in the middle (no coffee). It takes time, so remember to follow the instructions for all the details. Enjoy! BITDB Coffee Cake Streusel Ingredients ¼ cup packed brown sugar ½ cup unbleached all-purpose flour 1 ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon ¼ teaspoon fine sea salt 3/4 cup chopped pecans (optional) 3 tablespoons cold unsalted butter, cut into cubes ½ Ingredients cake cake flour (not self-rising) 2 tablespoons baking powder, ½ teaspoon non-aluminum baking powder ½ teaspoon sea salt ¼ teaspoon ground cardamom (I used pumpkin spice to make it less spicy) 12 tablespoons (1 ½) sticks) unsalted butter, at room temperature 1 ½ cups sugar 3 large eggs, Room t16 delicious – boys’ party 16 delicious! My innerparty planner really came out with my son’s 16th birthday. “Mom, I don’t want a pretty sixteen-year-old girl. No pink, no bling. I’m a man.” So I went to the party store, eager to start my planning. Rosa. All over. It was NR 16

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The party store left me uninspired, so I turned to the internet for ideas, which left me equally disappointed. What to do when everything is pink for the sweet 16? Boys don’t like pink! They need their license – ahhhh, bingo! I started with his favorite colors, orange and blue and took it from there.

I created her invitation by creating a fake driver’s license using Microsoft Word. You don’t need a fancy plan; I used a photo I had of a mountain and put it as a background watermark, played with some fonts and cut and pasted his photo on top. Disclaimer: I am in no way telling you how to create fake IDs. These are party invitations, so don’t even get me started!

Th Birthday Party Ideas

The centerpieces were easy as I just cut a bunch of oranges and I have a big hydrangea bush in the foreground which usually blooms on my birthday in August. I ordered silver 16 spray online from Putira Nesu.

I put pictures of my son on the table from each of his birthdays 1-15 in silver frames that I picked up at the Dollar Tree.

Napkins were printed for the event with their name in their favorite colors by For Your Party, and everyone loved the license plates with each guest’s name on them! The great thing about these number plates is that you have ANY name printed on them, they are not cheap plastic, but metal, and there is no shortage. The impossible is possible at Blue Sabre.

The candy buffet was a huge success! It was budget friendly because I already had a lot of clear glass containers and picked up a few more at Dollar Tree or Michaels with a 50% off coupon. Candies I bought in bulk at the local grocery store in their favorite colors.

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Sweet 16 Party Ideas For Boys Driver’s License Theme, Best Sweet 16 For Boy

Don’t forget to decorate the cake – I took the invitation I made at my grocery store’s bakery and they made an edible picture out of it.

Never too old for goody bags, I included a DVD I had made on my computer for my son growing up. His friends and family were featured in the video and I put photos to his favorite music. Everyone at the party loved it! DVD titles can be customized with anything you can dream up and the instructions on how to do it are on the title page. The actual CD labels are Avery and are available at any office supply store. Also in the goody bags were fortune cookies that read, “Happy 16th Birthday Austin” from My Lucky Fortune. One of the biggest splurges was M&Ms with his name and picture on them. Best of all though, you can make your own at My M&M’s. The cover of the satirical magazine “Car and Driver” with his picture on it completed the goody bag – only $5 per cover downloaded from Fake Magazines.

It was a great, inexpensive party. Most of all, my oldest, big, sixteen-year-old son, kissed me on the cheek and said, “Wow mom, thank you. I love you.” Can it get any better than that? My post contains affiliate links (a.k.a. shortcuts to products I know you like and use). When you buy one of these items, you’ll make a small commission (so I can find more fun products to share with you!) Don’t worry, none of this will affect your price. Consider me your concierge for finding these items quickly without much searching! Learn more here.

A boy’s 16th birthday takes on a world of its own when it comes to planning a party and deciding whether or not to start.

Sweet 16 Party Ideas And Themes For A Memorable Party

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